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De Haske Bläserklasse Trumpet 1

Yamaha Bläserklasse


Essential elements, Trumpet in B, Incl. Play along CD

Hage Musikverlag Trompeten-Fuchs Vol.1

Lernbuch für Trompete


The ingenious and funny Trumpet School, Stefan Dünser, Playful step-by-step instructions for trumpet, New, but non the less proven methodical way,...

Hofmeister Verlag Arban Schule für Trompete

Schule für Trompete


Complete school for Trumpet, By Jean-Baptiste Arban, Also suitable for cornet, flugelhorn and tenor horn, 260 Pages, ISMN M-2034-1050-8, Hofmeister...

De Haske Hören Lesen Schule 1 Tr

Schule für Trompete in B


Volume 1, With playback and practice CD

Hage Musikverlag Trompeten-Fuchs Bd.2



The ingenious and fun trumpet school, Playfully and enthusiastically Volume 2 continues the methodological and didactic line from Volume 1, The...

Musikverlag Heinlein Praxis Trompete

Instrumental Course


Rhythmuslehrgang D1, Prüfungsanforderungen Trompete D1, Tonleitern und Dreiklänge D1, Etüde ( Getchell ), Marsch ( Stegmann ), Melodische Studie...

Schott Brass Master Class



The method for all brass players, The logical way to unlimited safety, endurance and height, With DVD, Of Malte Burba, Generator I, physically,...

Richard Stegmann Elementare Trompetenschule 1

Elementare Trompetenschule 1


Traditional trumpet tutor, Also suitable for Eb cornet, alto horn, French horn and tenor horn, Bilingual German and English, Richard Stegmann

Musikverlag Rundel Basics Plus For Trumpet



Basics Plus for 1 or 2 trumpets (and other brass instruments in the violin key), By Wolgang Guggenberger, In German and English, Mouthpiece...

Editions Bim Stamp Warm-Ups Studies Tr

Etudes for trumpet and other brass wind instruments


Playoffs and etudes, By James Stamp, For trumpet in Bb and C as well as other brass blowing instruments, In German, English and French

Charles Colin Music Lip Flexibilities Trumpet



For trumpet, Advanced embouchure training

De Haske Hören Lesen Schule Gesamt (Tr)

School This band also contains valuable bonus material, which is carefully adapted to the method. Each part is characterised by cool pieces in different styles, e.g. Pop, Rock and Swing, which correspond to the degree of difficulty achieved


For trumpet, Complete edition including 3 CD`s Bonus-CD

Carl Fischer Clarke Technical Studies Tr



In German, English and French, Publisher number O2280

Hage Musikverlag Trompeten-Fuchs Bd.3

Trumpet School


The brilliant and fun trumpet school by Stefan Dünser, The third volume of the trumpet Fuchs is to contribute to the advanced trumpeter from the...

De Haske Écouter Trompette 1

Trumpet Etudes in B


Trumpet Vol.1, For individual and group lessons, With lots of pieces from pop, rock, swing and more, 56 pages, In French, With Play-Along-CD

Horst Rapp Verlag Trompetenschule 1 für Anfänger

Trompetenschule Band 1


For beginners, By Horst Rapp

Schott Brass Master Class Training

Lesson Book for Brass Instruments


Supplementary volume to the Brass Master Class method (Article 199589 and Article 409463), Training program for all brass players, By Malte Burba,...

Billaudot Editeur Arban Grande Méthode Trumpet

Instructional Book For Trumpet


By Jean-Baptiste Arban, For trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn and saxhorn, Supplemented and revised by Maurice André and Michel Ricquier, EAN...

Musikverlag Schweizer Trompete Lernen Vol.1

Instructional Book For Trumpet in B-


Trumpet School for Beginners - Volume 1, By Robert Schweizer, For children from 7 to 9 years, but also for teenagers and adults, DIN A4, Ring book...

De Haske Hören Lesen Schule 2 (Tr)



Volume 2, For trumpet in B, Incl. playback and practice CD

De Haske Easy Steps 1 Trumpet

School For Trumpet


Incl. 2 CDs plus CD-ROM, CDs with accompaniment and partial demonstration versions, CD-ROM with piano accompaniment and trio for printing as well...

Schott Trompete Spielen Hobby 1

Trumpet Lesson Book


The modern trumpet schoolbook for young people and adults, is a modern trumpet method that provides the content in a motivating, varied and easily...

Schott Jazz Method Trumpet

Instructional Book for Trumpet


Jazz textbook, By John O'Neill, Improvisation, musicianship, technique, Step-by-step instructions, Specially written pieces in the style of New...

De Haske Fitness for Brass



Training for brass players, Basic exercises for advanced trumpeters, cornetists or flugelhorn players, Exercises for technology, breath support and...

Horst Rapp Verlag Trompetenschule 2 für Fortgesc



For advanced students

Musikverlag Schweizer Trompete Lernen 2

Trumpet Learning - Made Easy 2


Bb trumpet, The systematic trumpet school part 2 building on the first part, Theory and practice, Continuation of the first volume, Composition of...

Polymnia Press Also sprach Arnold Jacobs



A methodological-didactic guide, For brass instruments, Compiled by Bruce Nelson

Helma-Musikverlag Der Trompeten-Trainer

Beginners school for trumpet


By Gerhard Freiinger, Harald Sowa and Franz Wagnermeyer, 2nd Edition, With Etudes, Scale Studies and Duets, ISBN 9990001158866, publishing no....

Schott Jazztrompete Kreativ 1

GradebookIt offers an extensive and detailed jazz trumpeter with detailed explanations and exercises, numerous notes and a play-along CD, a wealth of well-structured exercises, information and suggestions.


With technique, stylistics, build-up training, By Herbert Hellhund, With CD

Editions Bim ASA Methode Trumpet

Sheet Music for Trumpet


For trumpet or other brass instruments in the violin key, This comprehensive work on low-pressure blowing is intended to be the quickest way to...

Streetlife Music Trompete spielen macht Spaß

Trumpet Lesson Book


Learn and play with Play-Along CD, Tricks and tips, Approach exercises, Instrument exploration, Play-along recordings on CD, Andean melody, Amazing...

Richard Stegmann Elementare Trompetenschule 2

Teil 2 von Richard Stegmann


The continuation of the first part, Also suitable for Eb cornet, alto horn, French horn and tenor horn, Bilingual German and English

FSW Verlag Trumpet Pro

School for trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn and tenor horn


For trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn and tenor horn, By Gerhard Freiinger,Harald Sowa and Franz Wagnermeyer, In standard notation, Medium to high level...

Edition Dux Jazz Club Trumpet

Scores Book


Learn to play jazz, 10 Pieces, Solos, chords and rhythms are advertised, With second voice, All editions of the series can be combined, Score...

Hal Leonard Bebop Licks for Bb Instruments



Bebop Licks for Bb Instruments, For musicians who want to learn a solid foundation in jazz, A unique exercise book, so to play like the masters of...

Alfred Music Publishing Vizzutti Trumpet Method 2



Technical studies, Harmonious Etudes, Medium heavy for the advanced

International Music Company Kopprasch 60 Studies f.Trp

Etudes and Exercises for Trumpet


60 Etudes, For trumpet, Part 1

Alfred Music Publishing Vizzutti Trumpet Method 1

Trumpet Method Book This extensive, new trumpet method offers a fantastic selection of medium-difficulty exercises and etudes in all keys.


The ingenious and funny Trumpet School, Stefan Dünser, Playful step-by-step instructions for trumpet, New, but non the less proven methodical way,...

Voggenreiter Das Trompetenbuch

Trumpet School Book


The trumpet book, The new standard work for trumpeters!, From the basics of the music and the theory of music, to the correct approach, the playing...

Hal Leonard Trumpet Aerobics

Exercise Book for Trumpet


By Kevin Johnson, For beginners and advanced players, A 52-week workout (1 Lick per day) to enhance, improve and maintain important skills on the...

Aco-Shop Brass Mysteries

Brass Technical LiteratureThe most recent publication in the literature for brass instruments comes from the pen of André Carol (andrecarol.de), a trumpeter who is at home in all musical genres and has worked internationally with many well-known artists.


By André Carol, Glossy Cover, 55 pages, Spiral bound, Music

De Haske Bläserklasse Trumpet 2



Yamaha Bläserklasse, Essential elements, Trumpet in B, Incl. Play along CD

De Haske Hören Lesen Schule 3 (Tr)

Trompeten Schule Band 3


With playback and practice CD

Voggenreiter Trumpet Basics

Music book


The beginner course for trumpet, You learn everything about tone generation and the first notes, the right breathing technique and the basics of...

Flexibrass Flexitüden

Etudes for Trumpet


For trumpet in Bb or C, First exercises for the flexibass trumpet mouthpiece "The lower lip holds, the upper lip swings", By Michael Koch, 22...

Boosey & Hawkes Arban Cornet Method

School for Cornet


Complete edition, Also suitable for all other brass instruments in treble clef, From basic exercises to solo pieces, ISMN 979-0-060-01036-1,...

Zimmermann Verlag Fingering Chart Trumpet

Fingering Chart For trumpet


For trumpet in B and C, Also suitable for Flugelhorn and Cornet à Pistons, By Horst Eichler

Belwin Breeze Easy Vol.1 Trumpet

Trumpet Etudes


Breeze Easy, Method Vol.1, For Trumpet, The Breeze-Easy series includes instrumental lessons for individual and group lessons, Written by John...