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De Haske Bläserklasse Trombone 1

Music School


Yamaha wind instrument class, Essential Elements, Trombone, Incl. play along CD

Musikverlag Rundel Basics Plus Bass Clef



Basics Plus, studies for 1 or 2 brass instruments in the bass key (trombone, euphonium, tuba), By Wolfgang Guggenberger, In German and English,...

Hage Musikverlag Posaunen- Fuchs Bd.1

Trombone School


Study method for clever trombone foxe and those aspiring to become one, From Stefan Dünser and Bernhard Kurzemann, Incl. CD

Musikverlag Heinlein Praxis Posaune

Educational Book for Trombone


For trombone, For instrumental tests D1, D2, D3, According to the examination regulations of the Nordbayrischen Musikbundes

Carl Fischer Arban Method for Trombone



Study method for trigger/valve trombone and baritone horn (bass clef), Exercise pieces, Etudes, With annotations to improve intonation, speed and...

De Haske Hören Lesen Schule 1 Pos C

School Band 1


For trombone, In C bass clef, With playback and practice CD

Charles Colin Music Lip Flexibilities Trombone

Etudes for Trombone


Complete edition, Increasing difficulty, Warm-ups, Increase of the intervals, Lip trills, Extension of the range, EAN 9990050899772, Verlag-Nr....

Musikverlag Schweizer Posaune Lernen Vol.1

School for Trombone


Volume 1 of the Systematic trombone school for beginners, By Andreas Mössinger and Robert Schweizer, Also suitable for self-study, In the...

Hage Musikverlag Posaunen-Fuchs 2



Trombone Fox - Band 2, Playfully, the methodical-didactic line from volume 1 is continued in volume 2, Including CD with playbacks to many...

De Haske Écouter Trombone 1

School for Trombone


Trombone Vol.1, School for trombone in the bass key, Suitable for individual and group lessons, With lots of pop, rock, swing and more, With...

Richard Stegmann Elementarschule für Zugposaune

Elementary school for slide trombone


Elementary school for slide trombone and baritone, The traditional slide trombone school or baritone, German language

Editions Marc Reift Method For Bass Trombone

School for Bass Trombone


By Branimir Slokar and Armin Bachmann, Average difficulty, Spiral bound, EAN 9990050782241, In German, English and French

Advance Music Essence Of Blues Trombone

Blues School for Trombone


10 Solo lessons, By Jim Snidero, Appropriate scale exercises, Hints for studying, Suggestions for your own improvisation, With chords, For...

Editions Bim Warm Ups & Technical Trombone


Yamaha wind instrument class, Essential Elements, Trombone, Incl. play along CD

Advance Music Jazz Conception Trombone

Exercise Book for Trombone


By Jim Snidero, 21 solo etudes for jazz phrasing, interpretation and improvisation, Standards and blues chord changes, Increasing difficulty, 48...

De Haske Hören Lesen Schule 2 (Tromb)

School for Trombone Band 2


In C bass clef, With playback and practice CD

De Haske Hören Lesen Schule 3 (Tromb)

Listening and Reading 3 (Trombone)


Educational book for trombone in C, Volume 3, With playback and exercise CD

Edition Dux Jazz Club Trombone

Teaching and Play-Along Music Book for Trombone


Learn to play jazz, By Andy Mayerl and Christian Wegscheider, Solos, chords and rhythms are written out, With second instrumentation, All editions...

AMA Verlag Die AMA-Posaunenschule

Instructional Book


The AMA trombone school By Jürgen Kessler, Revised new edition, Trombone instructional book for beginners, Program of legato-natural exercises,...

De Haske Hören Lesen Schule 1 Pos B

Educational Book for Trombone in B in the Violin Key


Volume 1 of the series "De Haske Hearing, Reading & Playing", Listening exercises, songs and original compositions, Prefix and offset characters,...