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Streetlife Music E-Gitarre spielen macht Spaß

Electric Guitar Made Easy


With many well-known electric guitar hits on play-along CD to play along with!, Super simple playing instructions with notes, tablatures and...

Edition Dux Schule Für E-Gitarre

Electric Guitar Book


Learn guitar with the greatest hits and riffs in rock history, By Michael Langer, In notation and tablature, With chord diagrams and pictures of...

Weinberger Musikverlag Schule Der Rockgitarre 1

Guitar School


Standard work for self-study and teaching, No prior knowledge necessary, Everything essential is explained in the book and can be tried on...

Schott Griffbrett-Theorie



Basics of rock and jazz from the guitar, Exercises of varying difficulty, In standard notation and tablature, In German language, Incl. CD,...

Hal Leonard Gibson Learn & Master Guitar

Guitar Workshop


Gibson Learn & Master Guitar, Set of 10 DVDs, 5 play-along CDs and textbook with over 100 pages, In English

Wise Publications Little Black Book Of Scales

Book Of Scales for Guitar


Comprehensive collection with hundreds of scales, In tablature and notation, With finger sets and helpful tips for all guitarists, 304 Pages, In...

Jenschmedia Spielend E-Gitarre lernen

School of Electric Guitar


Comprehensive electric guitar school for beginners, By Thomas Leisen, No prior knowledge required, Workbook with DVD, Over 8 hours of additional...

Voggenreiter Blues You Can Use

Complete Course For Aspiring Blues GuitaristAn easily understandable course helps in the development of rhythm and soloing techniques. With examples in many blues styles.


21 Complete solos, Blues chords, chord progressions and riffs, Turnarounds, Sliding scales and solo techniques, String bending, How to use the...

Hal Leonard Guitar Aerobics

Exercise Book for Guitar


By Troy Nelson, A 52 week workout (1 Lick per day) to expand, improve and maintain guitar techniques, For beginners and advanced, In English,...

Doblinger Musikverlag Rockodil 1

Instructional Book for Electric Guitar


Electric guitar from the beginning, By Robert Morandell and Christoph Gruber, For children from 7 years, Colorful guitar strings for easier...

Hal Leonard Guitar Method Lap Steel Guitar

Textbook for Lap Steel Guitar


Comprehensive guide - especially for beginners, By Johnie Helms, With lots of entertaining songs and hot licks by country music veteran Johnie...

Voggenreiter Peter Bursch's Rock Gitarre

School for Guitar


Incl. CD to play along, Incl. DVD with videos of the most important playing techniques and tricks, In tablature, With chords, In German language

AMA Verlag Fischer Rock Guitar Basics



For acoustic or electric guitar with a focus on electric guitar, Basics, Single-Touch Single Note Riffs, Two-length diads, Triangle Triads,...

Voggenreiter 10 Minuten Gitarre

Exercise Book for Guitar


By Phil Capone, Short and efficient exercises for acoustic and electric guitar, Optimised workouts, Exercises for right hand and left hand, All...

AMA Verlag P. Fischer Rock Guitar Secrets

Rock Guitar Secrets


By Peter Fischer, Incl. CD, 160 pages, Playing techniques, Solo- and improvisation concepts, Exercises, Licks, Jam tracks

Alfred Music Publishing John Petrucci Rock Discipline

Instructional book for guitar


In notation and tablature, Incl. CD with demo recordings, 83 pages, ISBN 9781576234747, Verlag-Nr. 00-REHBK010CD, In English

Hage Musikverlag Guitar Training Metal

Exercise Book for Guitar


Training programme for electric guitar in metal, By Daniel Schusterbauer, Essential playing techniques, Effective practice with little time...

Schott Rock & Pop Gitarrenschule 1

Rock & Pop Instructional Book for Guitar


By Gerald Weiser, Volume 1 of the lessons for beginners, Both for electric guitar, as well as for steel-string and concert guitar, With chord...

Edition Dux Jimmy! Der Gitarren-Chef Vol.1

Electric Guitar Exercise Book for Children


For children from 6 to 12 years old, Volume 1 from the series "Jimmy! The guitar boss", By Rue Protzer, For solo and rhythm guitar, Note theory and...

Hal Leonard Guitar Method Jazz-Guitar

Jazz Guitar Song Book


Principles of accompaniment and improvisation, Chords and chord sequences, Scales and licks, intros and endings, Technology, equipment and sound,...

Hal Leonard Fretboard Mastery

Fretboard Mastery


Master the guitar and open up all unknown regions on the fretboard, Troy Stetina's Fretboard Mastery makes you familiar with the entire guitar neck...

Schott Rock's Cool Guitar


Basics of rock and jazz from the guitar, Exercises of varying difficulty, In standard notation and tablature, In German language, Incl. CD,...

Hal Leonard Rhythm Guitar 365: Daily

Exercise Book for Guitar


By Troy Nelson, 365 daily exercises to learn, improve and strengthen the rhythm guitar technique, An exercise for each day of the year, Suitable...

Alfred Music Publishing Garantiert Bluesgitarre lernen



Beginner's course for acoustic and electric guitar, Systematic method, The Beatles, ZZ Top, Gary Moore, and many more, including Eric Clapton, BB...

Backbeat Books The Jazz Guitar Handbook

Instructional Book for Jazz Guitar


Step-by-step instructions for playing the jazz guitar, By Rod Fogg, Provides the musical theory essential to jazz guitarists, From the basic...

Schott Pentatonic On Guitar

School for Electric Guitar


Explanations and exercises for the creative play with the five notes of the Pentatonic, Explanation of famous riffs and licks of rock history, In...

AMA Verlag Köchli Slide Guitar Styles

Slide Guitar Styles


By Richard Köchli, Including CD

Berklee Press Country Guitar Styles

School for country guitar


2nd Edition, Method for learning the different country guitar techniques, By Mike Ihde, ISBN 9780876391945, Publishing no. HL00254157, 176 Pages,...

Voggenreiter Bursch Rock Gitarre Spezial

Instructional book for electric guitar


By Peter Bursch, Tips, tricks and exercises in trendy sounds and playing techniques, In tabulature - without notes, 112 pages, ISBN...

Weinberger Musikverlag Schule der Rockgitarre 2

Guitar Exercise Book


Standard work for self-study and teaching, Written in German language, CD and tablature book included, Pink Floyd, Blink 182, Linkin Park, Sting,...

Alfred Music Publishing Garantiert Skalen Lernen

Scales Textbook For Guitar"Guaranteed to learn scales for guitar" is not a further scalable collection, but a guide for the guitar fretboard with a comprehensive methodical approach to learn scales and arpeggios on the guitar.


By Bernd Kiltz, Octaves, arpeggios, transitions, tensions, shapes, For pentatonic, major scale and their modes, minor scales, harmonic major,...

Voggenreiter More Blues You Can Use

Second Part of The Complete Course for Blues Guitarists


With 23 professional backing tracks on CD to play along., Rhythm techniques, Solo techniques, Chord substitution, and many more, Notes and...

Hal Leonard Metal Rhythm Guitar

School of Electric Guitar


Includes metal guitar styles like grunge, alternative rock, pop, punk, thrash, hard rock, classic metal and more, Volume 1, By Troy Stetina,...

Hal Leonard Play Like Jimi Hendrix

Guitar Song Book


This songbook contains 15 of the highlights of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix, Arranged for guitar, With instructions on songs, licks, riffs, styles,...

Fidelius Verlag Der Weg zur Jazzgitarre

Exercise Book for Jazz Guitar


For improvisation, accompaniment, chord melody and forms, By Dino Wurtinger, This book provides an introduction to as many subject areas of jazz...

AMA Verlag Sagmeister`s Jazzgitarre

Text Book


For Acoustic and Electric Guitar, The harmonic minor scale, The melodic minor scale, II-VI in Dur, II-VI in minor, The turnaround or I-VI-II-V,...

Hal Leonard Funk/R&B Guitar

School for Funk and R&B Guitar


Creative solos, grooves and sounds for funk/R&B guitar, From Thaddeus Hogarth, Exercises, licks and techniques, Play in the style of Kool and the...

Voggenreiter Bursch`s Blues Gitarrenbuch

Gitarre Book


Without notes, All songs explained as simply as possible, Your first blues handle, Your first blues solo, The 12-bar blues, The blues stop...

Hal Leonard Country Guitar Method

School of Country Guitar


By Greg Koch, Basics of rhythm and lead guitar in the style of Chet Atkins, James Burton, Albert Lee, and many others, In notation and tablature,...

Alfred Music Publishing Garantiert E-Gitarre Lernen



Melody / solo and chords, Sounds and Equipment, Rock styles like Pop Rock, Rock'n'Roll, Classic Rock, New Rock, Latin Rock, Blues, Funk, Hammer-on...

Berklee Press Guitar Sweep Picking & Arpeg.

School of Electric Guitar


From Joe Stump, Sweep pickings and arpeggios are among the most useful hard rock and shred techniques, The techniques can also be used in other...

AMA Verlag P. Fischer Blues Guitar Rules

Blues Guitar RulesIn 10 chapters all about the blues guitar: from delta and country to rock and modern to jazz and fusion blues. Revised new edition. In addition to the Peter Fischer books and his video, the CD Jamtracks Vol. 1 is available.


Including CD, By Peter Fischer, 168 pages, Revised new edition, Chapter 5 - Easy & Early Blues styles, Chapter 16 - Jazz Blues Licks and Lines,...

Hal Leonard Metal Lead Guitar Vol.1

School for Metal Lead Guitar


Volume I, By Troy Stetina, In tablature - without notes, Intermediate level of difficulty, 64 Pages, English language, Includes demo recordings...

Voggenreiter Das E-Gitarren Handbuch

Handbook for Electric Guitar


By Rod Fogg, Modern playing techniques and music styles, From basic to advanced solo techniques, Over 100 exercises and pieces, In notation and...

Hal Leonard Blues Guitar Soloing

Textbook for Guitar


"Blues Guitar Soloing", By Keith Wyatt, A complete guide to learning blues solos, Techniques, concepts and styles, With online audio access (code...

Hage Musikverlag Guitar Training Blues

Instructional Book / DVD


For solo and rhythm guitar alike, Incl. CD with play-alongs, Incl. Video DVD with licks, riffs and techniques in detail-accurate recordings,...

Berklee Press Blues Guitar Technique

Textbook for Guitar


By Michael Williams, Classic blues rhythms, Blues solo techniques, In the style of blues greats like B.B. King, T-Bone Walker, Albert Collins,...

Hal Leonard Total Rock Guitar

Rock Guitar School


A complete school to learn the rock guitar playing, For lead and rhythm guitar, For all rock styles, Learn open chords, power chords, barre...

Artist Ahead Musikverlag Rockabilly Gitarre

School for Rockabilly Guitar


Rockabilly licks and techniques, By Lars Schurse, Play guitar like the great rockabilly heroes of the 50s, This guitar training school offers a...

Hal Leonard Blues You Can Use 2nd Edition

Textbook for Blues Guitar


Method for learning the blues solo and rhythm playing, By John Ganapes, 2nd Edition, Includes various styles like Texas, Delta, R & B, Early...

Hal Leonard 25 Authentic Blues Guitar

School of Electric Guitar


The best blues and blues based licks, riffs and techniques, Presented by Dave Rubin, In notation and tablature, With scales, open chords and open...

Voggenreiter In Vivo Guitar

Instructional Guitar Book with CD


By Abi von Reininghaus, Everything about improvisation, harmonics, playing techniques and learning strategies, Makes for fun reading and opens up...

AMA Verlag Fischer Masters Rock Guitar 1

Masters of Rock GuitarBased on the tricks and licks of 20 of the guitarists whose styles have influenced the past 40 years of music, Peter Fischer shows the development of the rock guitar. In addition to the Peter Fischer books and his video, the CD Jam tr


Including CD, By Peter Fischer, 160 pages, Content:, Technical exercises, Blues and early rock period, The "Classic Rock" period, The new...

AMA Verlag Hear And Read Guitar

Instructional Book


Ear training and sheet playing training program for guitarists, 12-Level exercise plan, The scales, Breaks, Intervals, Rhythm dictations, Listening...

AMA Verlag Kumlehn Rock Guitar Harmonies

Instructional Book for Guitar


The basics for every guitarist, 208 pages, Including CD, Tetrachords, Arpeggios, Slash Chords, Voicings, Standard Open Tunings, Transpose, Chord...

Hal Leonard Django Reinhardt The Best Of

School for Jazz Guitar


A school to learn jazz guitar playing in the style of Django Reinhardt, In notation and tablature, Including demo recordings (free downloads), ISBN...

Acoustic Music Let's Rock E-Gitarrenschule

Instructional Book


For beginners and amateurs, All the techniques you need to rock in a band, Many pieces, exercises and solos exclusively with distortion sound, With...

AMA Verlag Masters Of Rhythm Guitar

Masters of Rhythm Guitar


By Joachim Vogel, 153 pages, More than 200 grooves for the rhythm guitar, From 22 of the most important guitarists of all styles of rock to pop...

Weinberger Musikverlag Schule der Rockgitarre Plus

Guitar Exercise Book


Ideal complement to the standard work for self-study and teaching, Intended as a supplement to the first volume, but also on some topics of the...

Hal Leonard Guitar Method Blues Guitar

Instructional Book for Blues Guitar


Basic rhythm and lead guitar, In notation and tablature, With chord details and fingerprints, ISBN 0634033891, Publishing number HL00697326, 48...

Hal Leonard Goldmine: 100 Jazz Lessons

Electric Guitar Book


By John Heussenstamm and Paul Silbergleit, Advance your guitar skills with the Goldmine series! Extensive exercises, tips and instructions in...

Tunesday Records 50 Blues Licks Buch / DVD

Electric Guitar Book


Learning blues guitar solo for advanced electric guitarists, By Jörg Sieghart, Based on the modular principle, the author has put together 50...

AMA Verlag Kumlehns Neues E-Gitarrenbuch

Kumlehn's New Electric Guitar BookThe basis of playing the electric guitar: attitude, power chords, sound shaping (hammer on, slides, bending etc.), picking, riffs and licks. With lots of exercises and songs.


By Jürgen Kumlehn, Including CD

Wise Publications Justinguitar.com Blues Lead

Instructional book to learning the guitar


By Justin Sandercoe, Learn 18 blues solos, In his unique style, Justin Sandercoe imparts his knowledge on lead guitar solos for blues music, A...

AMA Verlag M.Sagmeister Arpeggien Jazzgit

Book with CD


Arpeggia jazz guitar, By Michael Sagmeister, 152 pages, Introduction, Harmonization of the C major scale (three-string), Arpeggio positions,...

AMA Verlag Progressive Rock Guitar

School for electric guitar


Playing techniques and concepts for the prog rock guitar, By Markus Steffen, ISBN 978-3-89922-247-0, In German language, Includes CD with demo...

Hal Leonard Steve Vai's Guitar Workout

Textbook for Electric Guitar


For the Guitar World January 1990 issue, Steve Vai partnered with Dave Whitehill to sketch and transcribe his practice routines, Never before has...

Mel Bay Basic C6th Nonpedal Lap Steel

School for Lap Steel Guitar


Made famous by the legendary Jerry Byrd, the C6 tuning [CEGACE] offers many advantages and versatility for the pedal lap steel guitar, The tuning...

Hal Leonard The Guitar Of Brian Setzer

Tips and exercises for the rockabilly guitar


From the series "Hot Licks", In standard notation, With tablature, Medium difficulty, ISBN 9781540025043, publishing no. HL00269775, 56 Pages,...

Anton Korenjak E-Gitarre Der leichte Einstieg

Electric Guitar Exercise Book


By Philipp Zellot and Anton Korenjak, 32 Increasingly challenging units for learning the electric guitar, Over 135 songs, tabs and YouTube videos,...

Hal Leonard Rhythm And Blues You Can Use

Textbook for R & B, soul and funk style for guitar


By John Ganapes, For both lead and rhythm guitar, In English, 18 Lessons, Riffs and licks, Basic chordal / scale theory, Syncopation, Different...

Tunesday Records E-Gitarre Fingerfertigkeit

Exercise Book for Finger Technique


By Jörg Sieghart, For advanced electric guitarists (rock guitar and other styles), To improve their playing technique and their ability to play,...

Hage Musikverlag Guitar Training Rock

Guitar Training


Rock, Guitar Training is the perfect technique training for all rock guitarists who want to go further, Various topics are covered in three...

AMA Verlag Vogel Jazz Guitar Basics

Jazz Guitar Basics


By Joachim Vogel, Incl. CD

AMA Verlag Play Funk & Soul Guitar

Play Funk & Soul Guitar


By Jürgen Kumlehn, CD included, Song 1, Song 2, Song 3, Song 4, Song 5, Get On Your Feet - Gloria Estefan, Sex Machine - James Brown, Sir Duke -...