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Schott World Of Percussion Djembe

School for Djembe


In German language, Incl. CD, Creative with hand-to-hand technique play, flam, signal, echauffement, How to play a solo, Bass drums

African Percussion Djembe

Textbook for Djembé


By / with Ibro Konate and Sylvia Franke, Introduction to percussion with the Djembé from Westafrika, For beginners and advanced, Including 2 CDs...

Leu Verlag Djembe Vol.1 Freies Spiel



Free play on the djembe, Basics, tips and exercises, CD with exercises and Djembé solos, For beginners and advanced

Mel Bay Séga Sidibé: Djembé Solos

Textbook for Djembe


By Séga Sidibé, one of the last guardians of the traditions of the Djembe masters from Mali, Theoretical foundations of the Djembe game, A...

AMA Verlag Djembe Spiel

Djembe PlayDJEMBÉ-PLAY - What is the aim of this course? Is it possible to learn this instrument, which has been unknown for a long time, simply and quickly? What new ideas and visions are there for DJEMBÉ-PLAY?


School for beginners to advanced, For individual lessons and group lessons, With CD, 88 Pages