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Voggenreiter Keyboardtabelle


For 4/4 cello, Made from transparent, self-adhesive vinyl, Easy to fix to the fingerboard, Coloured lines arranged in a scale pattern show the...

music2me Piano Sticker

Sticker for Piano Keys


Sticker for "the white keys" on piano and keyboard, 2 Octaves - from c to c '', Colour separation of bass and treble clef, Information about the...

Don't Fret Don't Fret Cello 4/4

Fingerboard Marker Sticker


For 4/4 cello, Made from transparent, self-adhesive vinyl, Easy to fix to the fingerboard, Coloured lines arranged in a scale pattern show the...

Edition Dux Quintenzirkel



Recognize all keys, Cadences in major and minor, For piano, keyboard and guitar, Practical turntable shape

TonGenau Klaviatur Piano

Piano Helper


With notation, key names and octaves, By Bernhard Rauchbauer, For keyboard, 29 White keys and 21 black keys, Written in German language

Voggenreiter Grifftabelle für Gitarre

Fingering Chart for GuitarWith over 4,000 chords, it's the perfect reference guide for all guitarists looking for the most common rock, pop, and jazz styles. In addition chapters on playing technique, chord synonyms, power chords, chord derivations and lit


By Norbert Opgenoorth and Jeromy Bessler

Hal Leonard Ukulele Chords

Grip Chart for Ukulele


By Ron Middlebrook

Bosworth Notenchecker Gitarren Akkorde

Notecracker guitar chords


A small fan with 70 double-printed sheets, On the front and back, different contents are shown or explained, The front shows different chord types...

Quickstart Verlag Magic Chords Guitar



By Michael Schymik, Harmony circle with instructions, "Magic Chords" is an indispensable tool for composers and improvisers, The compass with...

Bernd Jagla Fretboard Navi for E-Guitar

Playing Assistance for Electric Guitar


4 Chord templates (each in three parts) directly on the fingerboard up to the 12th fret, Ideal for beginners and advanced players who want to...

Wise Publications Little Black Book Chords

Study book for learning chords on the guitar


The Little Black Book Of Chords, Contains over 1100 guitar chords!, With useful tips that can be implemented by all guitar players, Explanations on...

AMA Verlag Der AMA-Quintenzirkel

AMA The Circle of Fifths


For guitar, Highlights important harmonic interrelationships, which is well reflected and recognised by using this wheel, With pictures for...

Cabot Books Publishing Irish Bouzouki Chord Bible

Chord collection for the Irish bozouki


1728 Chords, 60 Different chord types in all keys, For the Irish bouzouki in GDAD tuning, ISBN 9781906207229, DIN A4, 110 Pages, In English language

Voggenreiter Ukulelen Grifftabelle

Ukulele Fingering Chart


Over 1600 chords in standard C and D (a-D-Fis-B), All chords are presented in clear diagrams and organized by frets, so that the desired chord can...

Bosworth Gig-Bag Buch Griffbilder



In colour, The handles are shown in standard notation, as a fretboard photo and a grip image (points with fingering), The chords are presented...

Cabot Books Publishing Tres Cubano Chord Bible

Chord collection for Tres Cubano


1536 Chords, For Tres Cubano in C and D major tuning (Cuban and Puerto Rican), ISBN 9781906207533, 114 Pages, In English language

Voggenreiter Mandolinen-Grifftabelle

Fingering tables for mandolin


The most important chords and scales for mandolin, Over 1,000 chords, Clear diagrams, Scales, Chord synonyms and chord / scale tables, Paperback,...

Zimmermann Verlag Grifftabelle Kontrabass

Fingering Chart for Double Bass


With main and intermediate layers as well as thumb main and intermediate layers, Includes photos of typical hand positions, Foldable "fingerboard"...

Schott Saxophon- Spicker

Saxophone Cheat Sheet


The handy fingering chart for all saxophones, All the main fingerings at a glance, From the first note to professional fingering, Always ready...

Voggenreiter Fotogrifftabelle Gitarre

Photographic fingering charts for guitar


The most important chords as a basis, Tips on playing techniques, Power chords, Chord scales, Representation of chords in diagram and picture form,...

Alfred Music Publishing Grifftabelle Saxophon

Bilingual Fingering Chart


For soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, With trill table, top tone tables with flageolotones and useful information about approach, care,...

Wise Publications Notecracker Ukulele Chords

Ukulele Chords


70 Practical reference cards that are printed on both sides for quick access to chord diagrams, All major chords are represented in clear diagrams...

Bosworth Notenchecker Blues Chords

Notecracker Blues chords for guitar


A small fan (dimensions approx. 8.5 x 3 x 2.5 cm) with 70 double-printed sheets, on each of which different contents are shown or explained on the...

Wise Publications Tenor Banjo Chord Book

Fingering Book for Tenor Banjo


Practical reference book with fingering tables, All important chords in all 12 pitches, For C-G-D-A mood, 47 Pages

Schott Querflöten-Spicker

Flute Cheat Sheet


The handy fingering chart for flute, The most important fingerings at a glance, From the first note to professional fingering, Always handy - made...

Alfred Music Publishing Grifftabelle Klarinette

Bilingual Fingering Chart


For the Boehm clarinet, With trill table, approach and care tips, Alfred's fingering chart for Boehm clarinet is the bilingual (German and...

Edition Dux Klaviatur/Keyboard

Keyboard Praactice


Piano keyboard from A" (contra-octave) to a"" on sturdy white cardboard, 7 Octaves, 4 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86849-851-6, With representation of the...

Cabot Books Publishing Renaissance Lute Chord Bible

Chord collection for renaissance lute


1728 Chords, For renaissance lute in GCFADG tuning, ISBN 9781906207458, DIN A4, 110 Pages, In English language

Cabot Books Publishing Domra Chord Bible

Chord collection for domra


2880 Chords, For domra in GDAE and CGDA tuning, ISBN 9781912087600, DIN A4, 110 Pages, In English language

Voggenreiter Die Basstabelle

Chord tables for four-string bass


Over 1,300 chords, Fretboard diagrams for the major and minor pentatonic, Major and minor scales in all keys, Chord synonyms and chord / scale...

Hal Leonard Incredible Scale Finder



1300 Scale scale for major and minor, Pentatonic, The seven most important modes, Diminished, melodic and harmonic minor keys and more, In all 12...

AMA Verlag Gitarrengrifftabelle

The AMA Guitar Fingering ChartThe comprehensive chord repertoire for rock, blues, metal, jazz, etc ..


By Jürgen Kumlehn, 120 Pages, To work with the fingering chart, C, Db / c #, D, Eb / D #, E, F, F # / Gb, G, From / G #, A, Bb / A #, B, Power...

Hal Leonard Ukulele Chord Finder

Ukulele Chord Finder


An easy-to-use fingering chart with over 1000 chords for ukulele

Voggenreiter Grifftabelle für Banjo

Fingering Chart for Banjo


Over 1300 Open G, Standard C, Open D, Bluegrass, Traditional Folk, Jazz, Rock, Pop or Blues chords, The ideal reference book for banjo players of...

Musikverlag Quickstep Ukulele Spielen Kompakt



compact Ukuleles play, Chords, rhythms and tips

Wise Publications The Jazz Guitar Chord Gig Bag

Accord Index For Jazz Guitar


With over 1000 jazz chords, Handy and compact layout, Quick and easy finding of chords, Logical arrangement of the almost innumerable harmonic...

AMA Verlag Bassgitarren-Grifftabelle

Bass TablatureChord fingering images for bass with details of the correct fingering and chord structure


By Jacki Reznicek, 112 Pages, Structure of the chord table, Symbols and numbers the handle images, Chord symbol notations, Chord shapes, Chord...

AMA Verlag Die AMA-Keyboard-Grifftabelle

Keyboard Fingering Chart


Notations for chord symbols, Enharmonic equivalents, The chord and tone names B, Bb and H, Voicings, The wide position, Polychorus, The "add2...

Voggenreiter Open Tuning



Open Tuning - for many guitarists a source of inspiration and expansion of their creative possibilities, From Open D to Quartet Tuning - this book...

Hal Leonard Mandolin Chord Finder

Chord Chart for Mandolin


With over 1000 mandolin chords, Pocket-sized

Voggenreiter Git-Grifftabelle Linkshänder

Guitar Fingering Chart for left-handers


The basic guitar chords for left-handers, In clear handle diagrams and with additional photos shown-finally no looking up in "mirrored" fingering...

Schott Gitarren Spicker

Fingering Chart for Guitar


With fingerings, Several alternatives for each handle, Open chords for song accompaniment, Power chords

Musikverlag Quickstep Gitarrenakkorde kompakt

Fingering charts for guitar


Includes fingering for the most important guitar chords, In all keys, Suitable for approaches in playing that are similar in style and genre

Alfred Music Publishing Piano Chord Dictionary

Piano Chord Dictionary


Includes over 600 chords and chord voicings in all keys, In a handy format, Easy-to-follow reference guide for pianists and keyboard players,...

Bernd Jagla Metal & Rock Navis

Fingering Charts for the Guitar Neck


4 Navis (each in three parts) for the metal and rock solo guitar, The most popular metal and rock scales / scales for improvisation, All fingerings...

Voggenreiter Lost Chords Grifftabelle

Fingering Chart for Guitar


The most important chords with one or more empty strings, By Jeromy Bessler and Norbert Opgenoorth, Fuller and stronger sounding chords with...

Musikverlag Quickstep Grifftabelle für Saxophon



For soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, Handles and tips for soprano, With care tips

Bosworth Notenchecker Banjo-Akkorde

Chord Table


Notecracker Banjo Chords are the ideal learning aid and thought support for your pocket, A small fan (dimensions approx. 8.5 x 3 x 2.5 cm) with 70...

Schott Keyboard- Spicker

Keyboard Spicker


The handy fingering chart for all keyboards, All important chords, even difficult chords, easily set, Clear "how to play" presentation, With...

Cabot Books Publishing Baritone Ukulele Chord Bible

Chord collection for baritone ukulele


2160 Chords, For baritone ukulele in DGBE tuning, ISBN 9781906207311, DIN A4, 110 Pages, In English language

Bosworth Notenchecker Mandolinen-Akk.

Chord table


Notecracker Mandolin Chords are the ideal learning aid and thought support for the trouser pocket, A cover and back sheet made of hard cardboard...

Hal Leonard All Scales All Position Guitar



Construction and playing of guitar scales, Understand scales, Develop scales of every kind in every position, Diminished and chromatic scales,...

Zimmermann Verlag Grifftabelle Violoncello

Music Book


With fingering chart, For violoncello

Wise Publications Notecracker Guitar Chords

Notecracker for Guitar Chords


Notecrackers are small reference guides with facts, tips and entertainment on musical topics, They give instructions on things like chords and...

Cabot Books Publishing Octave Mandolin Chord Bible

Chord collection for octave mandolin


2160 Chords, For Octave Mandolin in GDAE tuning, ISBN 9781906207274, DIN A4, 92 Pages, In English language

Zimmermann Verlag Fingering Chart Trombone

Fingering Charts


Slide position charts for (tenor) trombone, Includes F-attachment, By Martin Göss, Book is in the German and English language

Wise Publications Notecracker Mandolin Chords

Fingering Charts


These fun and portable learning cards can fit in your pocket and are great as a quick reference, either at home or on the go, Each Notecracker...

Hal Leonard Ultimate Ukulele Scale Chart

The Ultimate Ukulele Scale Chart


The ultimate reference book on scale charts, Includes 120 of the most commonly used scales, Easy reference diagrams, Covers the basics of harmony...

Hal Leonard Jazz guitar chord Dictionary

Chord Dictionary


Traditional notation, Fretboard diagrams, Tablature for every chord, Over 1000 chords, Diatonic chord exercises, Multiple versions of barre and 7th...

Edition Dux Ukulele Chords And More

Fingering Charts for Ukulele


For ukulele in C tuning (GCEA), By Richard Kleinmaier, Over 700 chords with fingerings and notation, Cadences, Jazz turnarounds, Jazz progressions,...

Cabot Books Publishing Cavaquinho Chord Bible

Chord collection for the cavaquinho


1728 Chords, 68 Different chord types in all keys, For cavaquinho in DGBD tuning, ISBN 9781906207397, DIN A4, 81 Pages, In English language

Cabot Books Publishing Mandocello Chord Bible

Chord collection for Mandocello


1728 Chords, For Mandocello in CGDA tuning, ISBN 9781906207250, DIN A4, 112 Pages, In English language

Cabot Books Publishing Cittern Chord Bible

Chord collection for the cister


3024 Chords, For cisterns in GDAEB, GDADA and ADADA tuning, ISBN 9781906207427, DIN A4, 110 Pages, In English language

Cabot Books Publishing Venezuelan Cuatro Chord Bible

Chord collection for cuatro Venezolano


1728 Chords, For cuatro Venezolano in traditional D6 tuning, ISBN 9781906207328, DIN A4, 110 Pages, In English language

Cabot Books Publishing Requinto Chord Bible

Chord collection for requinto


1728 Chords, For requinto in ADGCEA tuning, ISBN 9781906207755, 112 Pages, In English language