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Voggenreiter Poster Harmonielehre



The most important relationships of harmony in clear graphics, Quintenzirkel, The major scales and modes, Chords and their inversions, Sketch, The...

Voggenreiter Poster Bass Guitars

Info Poster For Bass GuitarContains not only the major scale and its modes, the natural, melodic and harmonic minor scale, the blues scale and the major and minor pentatonic, but also "exotics" like the semitone / whole tone scale.


Large format DIN A1 (84 x 59.4 cm portrait) plano / rolled.

Voggenreiter Poster Guitar Chords

Chord Chart Poster for GuitarThe most important basic chords in all keys as a poster. With this basic equipment every song can be accompanied. Whether at home or in the practice room: The indispensable tool for guitarists


The simple chords in all keys, In clear large format Din A1, Bessler / Opgenoorth

Voggenreiter Poster Musiklehre



Musical notation and master tones, the main clefs, intervals, note values ​​and rests, as well as the sounds and their location on the...

Voggenreiter Poster Violin

Info Poster For Violin


Large format DIN A1 (84 x 59.4 cm landscape), Plano / rolled

Voggenreiter Poster Querflöte

Flute Poster


With fingering chart, The ideal complement to Flute Schools

Voggenreiter Poster Trumpet

Trumpet Poster


The right attitude, approach, daily exercises, detailed fingering chart

Voggenreiter Poster Keyboard



Key Keyboard Basics, Din A1 (folded to Din A5)

Voggenreiter Poster Ukulele

Ukulele Poster


With vocal chart and overview of the notes on the fretboard, ISBN 978-3-8024-0820-5, DIN A1

Voggenreiter Mundharmonika-Poster

The Basic Knowledge for Diatonic and Chromatic Harmonica!


The notes on the diatonic and chromatic harmonica in different scales, The major scales, Large format A1 (59.4 x 84 cm portrait)

Voggenreiter Poster Classic Guitars



Large format DIN A1 (84 x 59.4 cm Landscape) plano / rolled.

Voggenreiter Voggys Instrumenten-Poster


Large format DIN A1 (84 x 59.4 cm portrait) plano / rolled.

Voggenreiter Poster Saxophone

Compact Knowledge for Saxophonists!


The tones on the saxophone, Grip and fingering, Game technology, Large format A1 (59.4 x 84 cm landscape)

Voggenreiter Blockflöten-Poster


Large format DIN A1 (84 x 59.4 cm portrait) plano / rolled.

Voggenreiter Poster Kropp Blues Harp

Educational Poster for the Blues Harp


Dieter Kropp, Major scales and chords on the example of the C-Harp, Tables for the cross-Harp game and the various positions on the Harp, ISBN...