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Acoustic Music Baglama Saz Method

Coursebook for Baglama (Saz)


A systematic manual for the fingering technique (selpe) of the baglama (saz), By Erol Parlak, Description of the various playing techniques, Photo...

Hal Leonard Sitar Method - Deluxe Edition

School for Sitar


This method is intended for everyone who is just learning to play the sitar, Comprehensive and easy to understand beginner's guide as an...

Schell Music Saitenklang Harfe

School for Diatonic Folk Harp


Playable from small harp / from 19 strings, By Monika Mandelartz, Basic explanations and advanced explanations on how to play, 50 Pieces from...

Musikverlag Preissler Musizieren Maultrommel Set

Jew's Harp Coursebook


Make music on the Jew's harp, Set with coursebook, CD and Jew's harp, Instructions for playing the Jew's harp, Includes CD and an original "Black"...

Edition Peters Bratsche spielen 1

Coursebook for Viola


Introduction for adults, Volume 1, By Christine Galka, The band offers a varied mix of practical exercises and tried-and-tested repertoire from...

Musikverlag Preissler Musizieren Auf Der Maultrommel

Music Book


Techniques and history of the instrument, The origin of the Jew's harp, A simple instrument full of surprises, The mouth is our resonant body, The...

Hal Leonard Irish Bouzouki Method

School for Irish Bouzouki


For Irish bouzouki in GDAD tuning, By Roger Landes, In notation and tablature, 48 Pages, Written in English, Including demo recordings (free...

Zimmermann Verlag Meine Harfe

Course for Harp


For Irish harp without pedal, Tyrolean harp with single pedal and concert harp with double pedal, By Egbertine Korfmacher-de Vente, Posture and...

Hal Leonard Teach Yourself Folk Harp

Course for Harp


DIN A4, Ring book binding, 80 Pages, HL00722251, ISBN 9780936661421, Written in English

Musikverlag Preissler Kleine Saitenspiel Zither 1

Coursebook for Zither


"Das Kleine Saitenspiel, Ein Lehrgang Für Zither, Folge 1" (Playing the Strings, a Course for Chord Zither, Part 1), By Peter Suitner, For Munich...

Mel Bay Teach Yourself Lever Harp

Textbook for Hook Harp


By Laurie Riley and Beth A. Kolle., Step-by-step instructions for hook harp, For beginners, Explanation of all basic techniques and melodies, With...

Mel Bay The Complete Balalaika Book

Course for Balalaika


Extensive balalaika coursebook, By Bibs Ekkel, With informative preface, A short history of balalaika, Basics of musical notation, Tunings of all...

Fingerprint Saz - Das neue Konzept

Coursebook for Saz


New concept with tablatures, By Ulas Hazar, This "Saz Manual" provides basic knowledge about the Saz and the notation for the instrument is...

Bischoff Verlag Orgelschule Friedhelm Deis 1

Organ Coursebook


Set of book and CD volume 1, For beginners, By Friedhelm Dies, Direct introduction to organ playing, Exact details of fingerings, Explanations of...

Schott Baglama spielen Selpe-Technik

Coursebook for Baglama / Selpe Technique


By Kenan Tülek, The simple method for modern teaching, Selpe Basic Techniques of pence, picking and tapping, Technical exercises, Studies for...