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Alfred Music Publishing The Zen of Screaming (DVD)

Vocal Instruction on DVD


Guide to learn the powerful singing / screaming in rock and heavy metal music, The DVD is intended to help vocalists learn how to strengthen their...

Alfred Music Publishing The Zen of Screaming 2 (DVD)

Vocal Instruction on DVD


Volume 2, DVD full of performances and practical tips, In English

Audio Workshop Orchestral Library Toolbox DVD

Tutorial DVD


German-language training course dealing with virtual orchestral sounds, Technical basics when dealing with orchestral libraries, Extensive...

Traumzeit Verlag Didgeridoo lernen (DVD)



The complete learning course on DVD, Presented by didgeridoo teacher, David Lindner, Easy to understand, comprehensible and moderated in a casual...

Audio Workshop Big Room & Vocals Tutorial DVD

Room & Vocals Video Tutorial DVD


Within the scope of the tutorial, a complete track from the musical genre Big Room & Vocals is produced by the music producer and DJ Dominik de...