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Bjooks Patch & Tweak

Textbook on Modular Synthesizers


The new book about modular synthesizers, their makers and masters, By Kim Bjørn and Chris Meyer, Foreword by Suzanne Ciani, Edited by Paul Nagle,...

Alfred Music Publishing The Zen of Screaming (DVD)

Vocal Instruction on DVD


Guide to learn the powerful singing / screaming in rock and heavy metal music, The DVD is intended to help vocalists learn how to strengthen their...

Schott World Of Percussion Djembe

School for Djembe


In German language, Incl. CD, Creative with hand-to-hand technique play, flam, signal, echauffement, How to play a solo, Bass drums

Wizoo Publishing Ratgeber Beschallung und PA



Sound and PA, Thomann Special Edition, Live sound simply explained, Basics of acoustics, The components of a PA in detail, PA practice for halls up...

GC Carstensen Verlag Das PA Handbuch

The P.A. manual


Practical introduction to the professional sound systems, Detailed, easy to understand and practice-oriented., All aspects of public address...

Hal Leonard Slap Bass DVD

Educational video DVD


The ultimate slap bass program, Includes booklet with bass notation and tablature

Edition Peters Orchester Probespiel Tuba

Sheet Music


Orchestra audition, tuba / double bass tuba, Based on statistical surveys of the German Orchestral Association e.V., Orchestral excerpts that are...

Fred Russell Publishing Metal Bass David Ellefson

Bass Workshop


Metal Bass - The Rock House Method, DVD set, Speed, thrash & old school, Presented by legendary bassist David Ellefson of Megadeth, With the guitar...

Emanuel Treu Finanztipps for Musiker


The modern piano school for young people and adults, Part 1, 119 pages, The fingering, The keyboard, The key ABC, Test no. 1, The Clef,...

Alfred Music Publishing The Zen of Screaming 2 (DVD)

Vocal Instruction on DVD


Volume 2, DVD full of performances and practical tips, In English

Drumport World Percussion Handpans and Sound 1

Teaching DVD to Handpans


By David Kuckhermann and Colin Foulke, Starts with the basics, Step-by-step approach for different rhythms, Creating rhythmic and melodic...

Markus Setzer Discover Your Groove 1.0 DVD



With original autograph of the artist, Electric bass course for the home, With notes and tabs! For beginners and professionals, For all styles! 20...

Hudson Music Jaco: "The Film" Blu-ray

Film biography of Jaco Pastorius


2 Discs, Produced by Robert Trujillo (Metallica) in association with Passion Pictures, With interesting interviews and statements by artists like...

Markus Setzer Discover Your Bass 1.0 DVD



Discover Your Bass 1.0, Beginner bass course for home by and with Markus Setzer, No prior knowledge required; it starts with a tone per beat to...

GC Carstensen Verlag Mischen wie die Profis



Mixing Like The Pros - The Handbook for Sound Engineers, By Bobby Owinski, 2nd Edition, 373 Pages, In German language, ISBN 978-3-910098-44-2, 5....

mitp Verlag Mixing Secrets

Informational book for learning mixing in a home studio


By Mike Senior, Avoid typical rookie mistakes by learning the techniques of successful sound engineers and start to mix charts-quality tracks, Tips...

Emanuel Treu Erfolgreich, aber rasch


The modern piano school for young people and adults, Part 1, 119 pages, The fingering, The keyboard, The key ABC, Test no. 1, The Clef,...

Wizoo Publishing Behringer X32 Guide

Product Guide Behringer X 32


Thomann Special Edition, By Oliver Holzwarth, This guide will deepen your knowledge and provide practical tips not published so far, The practical...

Zimmermann Verlag Schule für Panflöte

Method for Panpipe


For panpipe / syrinx in G major, Range G to G", By Frederick Stock, Includes many exercises and small playable pieces, 127 Pages, ISMN...

African Percussion Djembe

Textbook for Djembé


By / with Ibro Konate and Sylvia Franke, Introduction to percussion with the Djembé from Westafrika, For beginners and advanced, Including 2 CDs...

PPV Medien Uli Eisner Mixing Workshop

Mixing WorkshopThe Mixing-Workshop is aimed at the FOH during live use as well as on the mixers of studio recordings. Uli Eisner provides simple and illuminating explanations, instructions for the procedure, and many tips and tricks from his long-standing


By Uli Eisner, Guidelines for PA and home recording, Includes 2 CDs

GC Carstensen Verlag Mastern wie die Profis

Informational book "Mastern wie die Profis" (Master like the professionals)


The must-have handbook for sound engineers, A systematic introduction to the art of mastering, Music mastering is the last chance to put the final...

AMA Verlag Meine Kleine Bongo-Schule

AMA My Little Bongo School


KA-BA, Gimmicks 1, KA-LE-BA -, KA - BA-SCHI, KA - SCHI, KA-LE - SCHI, Gimmicks 2, Solo, flam, swirls and other games, Adult notes and bongo duet,...

Cajon-Direkt Cajon (DVD)



An introduction for beginners and advanced players, In eight chapters, the cajonist Willi Platzer shows not only the basics and basic rhythms of...

PPV Medien Synthesizer



By Florian Anwander, Overview of the parameters for creating a synthesizer sound, With audio samples on CD, In German language, Filter, Audio...

GC Carstensen Verlag Das Effekte Praxisbuch



Optimum use of effects, effect devices and plug-ins, Fundamentals of analogue and digital signal technology, Applications in the studio and on...

Schlagwerk Lehrkurs Cajon (DVD)

Video DVD Training Course


To learn Cajon playing, This educational film explains the handling and style of the Cajon and demonstrates its versatility through numerous...

AMA Verlag Guitar Effects

Guitar Book on the Functionality and Application of Effect Devices


Focusses on the use of effects with a lot of examples of listening and setting, Important information for before the first purchase, Many practical...

Yamaha Midi-Files Schritt für Schritt

Workshop on DVD


MIDI Files Step by Step "Addendum", Practical tips with standard MIDI files, Edit and optimize MIDI files, Edit MIDI files directly in the...

Edition Dux Oriental Rhythm Collection



For percussion instruments, With CD / DVD, By Rüdiger Maul, In German and English

Mel Bay You Can Teach Yourself Pan

Textbook for Panpipe


An excellent introduction to learning the panpipe, ISBN 978-078-669-336-8, 96 Pages, In English, Includes online audios and videos (code is...

Voggenreiter Bongo Basics

Bongo School


Bongo Basics, by Pitti Hecht, Playing Technique Guide with photos, Detailed exercises, Many rhythm examples, The bongos are at home in every...

Echo Musikverlag Michlbauer Methode Vol.1

Textbook for Styrian Harmonica


Part 1, By Florian Michlbauer, For all standard harmonica models - 3- and 4-row, all tunings, major and minor, With grip notation, Easy difficulty,...

Knöpferl-Musikverlag Schule Steirische 4 Fingersatz

School for Styrian Harmonica


Handlng guide with new learning method for beginners/re-entries, By Peter Thurner and Joseph Rupprechter, The Knöpferl-School guarantees success...

Leu Verlag Djembe Vol.1 Freies Spiel



Free play on the djembe, Basics, tips and exercises, CD with exercises and Djembé solos, For beginners and advanced

Audio Workshop Orchestral Library Toolbox DVD

Tutorial DVD


German-language training course dealing with virtual orchestral sounds, Technical basics when dealing with orchestral libraries, Extensive...

Drumport World Percussion 1 Framedrums

Teaching DVD for Frame-Drums


By David Kuckhermann, Teaching DVD for beginners on the frame-drum, From basic to advanced hitting techniques like Rolls, Snaps and Split-Hand,...

PPV Medien Musikrecht - Die Antworten

Music Law - The Answers


Completely revised 7th edition, Understandably and compactly the most important questions around the topic of music right, Without a big paragraph...

Mel Bay Séga Sidibé: Djembé Solos

Textbook for Djembe


By Séga Sidibé, one of the last guardians of the traditions of the Djembe masters from Mali, Theoretical foundations of the Djembe game, A...

Voggenreiter Pitti Hecht`s Percussion DVD

Percussion DVD


The internationally renowned percussionist, Pitti Hecht introduces you to over 160 percussion instruments from all over the world with their most...

PPV Medien Effektpedale

Guitar Special: Effektpedale


Knowledge about the individual effects, History of effects, as well as the main types, Construction of a pedal-board, Application of a pedal-board...

Edition Dux Congabuch

School for Conga


By Martina Prutscher, For beginners and advanced, Basics - Exercises - Rhythms - Ensemble - Coordination - Fills/Solo, More than 50 rhythms and 20...

AMA Verlag Master of Percussion



For Afro-Cuban percussion, Includes DVD + CD!, This material contains the most popular Afro-Cuban and Caribbean rhythms, Versatile use in...

Bärenreiter Händel Sonaten Oboe


The modern piano school for young people and adults, Part 1, 119 pages, The fingering, The keyboard, The key ABC, Test no. 1, The Clef,...

Hal Leonard Fast Track Bass Vol.1 DVD



Fast Track Bass Vol.1, Presented by Eric Wills, This DVD is an interesting and new teaching method to learn to play the electric bass that you just...

Traumzeit Verlag Didgeridoo lernen (DVD)



The complete learning course on DVD, Presented by didgeridoo teacher, David Lindner, Easy to understand, comprehensible and moderated in a casual...

PPV Medien Effektpedale 2


The modern piano school for young people and adults, Part 1, 119 pages, The fingering, The keyboard, The key ABC, Test no. 1, The Clef,...

Wiley-Vch Erfolgreich im Musikbusiness

Manual for the Music Business


By Christoph A.G.Klein, This practice-oriented book highlights all aspects of the music business, GEMA, GVL and artist social fund, Legal topics,...

AMA Verlag Samba Percussion

Introduction to Samba Batucada


By Charly Böck, For small ensemble (Tamborim, Surdo, Agogó, Ganza), Congas in Samba, Repinique, Large ensemble with Caixa and Tamborim, Timba...

Voggenreiter Keyboardtabelle


The modern piano school for young people and adults, Part 1, 119 pages, The fingering, The keyboard, The key ABC, Test no. 1, The Clef,...

Rheinwerk Verlag Play! Handbuch for YouTuber

Textbook for YouTube


By Christine Henning, Hendrik Unger and Anne Unger, All the important information needed to turn an idea into a successful YouTube channel, With...

PPV Medien Praxis im Musikbusiness

The Practice of the Music Business


A well-founded insight into today's music practice, From demo tape to CD, Annotated model contracts, etc., By Robert Lyng, Hardcover, Revised 12th...

PPV Medien Selbstvermarktung für Musiker

Reference bookSelf-marketing for musicians:


Being distribution without a record contract, Strategies for band conception, Online presentation, Self-distribution and guerrilla marketing, In...

Schott World Of Percussion: Conga



The new percussion school for beginners - find your beat! Each book is rounded off by a CD, which has been recorded by the author herself, World of...

Backbeat Books Vintage Synthesizers - 2nd Ed


The modern piano school for young people and adults, Part 1, 119 pages, The fingering, The keyboard, The key ABC, Test no. 1, The Clef,...

Audio Workshop Big Room & Vocals Tutorial DVD

Room & Vocals Video Tutorial DVD


Within the scope of the tutorial, a complete track from the musical genre Big Room & Vocals is produced by the music producer and DJ Dominik de...

Roadrock International Slap Bass In 6 Weeks - Week 5



E-Bass course in 6 parts, This course is designed to reach your realistic goals in 6 weeks, Each week offers you techniques and concepts that are...

Roadrock International Slap Bass In 6 Weeks - Week 3



Slap Bass in 6 Weeks - Week 3, Electric bass course in 6 parts, Each week offers techniques and concepts that are easy to understand and play, to...

PPV Medien Effekte & Dynamics


The modern piano school for young people and adults, Part 1, 119 pages, The fingering, The keyboard, The key ABC, Test no. 1, The Clef,...

Roadrock International Slap Bass In 6 Weeks - Week 6



E-Bass course in 6 parts, This course is designed to reach your realistic goals in 6 weeks, Each week offers you techniques and concepts that are...

AMA Verlag Djembe Spiel

Djembe PlayDJEMBÉ-PLAY - What is the aim of this course? Is it possible to learn this instrument, which has been unknown for a long time, simply and quickly? What new ideas and visions are there for DJEMBÉ-PLAY?


School for beginners to advanced, For individual lessons and group lessons, With CD, 88 Pages

Bjooks Pedal Crush

Reference book about effect pedals


By Kim Bjørn and Scott Harper, Concepts, purpose, history and creative possibilities of certain effects and pedal types, With numerous interviews...

Streetlife Music E-Gitarre spielen macht Spaß

Electric Guitar Made Easy


With many well-known electric guitar hits on play-along CD to play along with!, Super simple playing instructions with notes, tablatures and...

Mapac Choir Folder Black

Choir Folder


Inside pockets and pen holder, Insert window for name tags, Ten cords, Hand strap on the back

Heinrichshofen's Verlag Fridolin Vol.1

School for Acoustic Guitar


Volume 1 of the 'Fridolin' series, By Hans Joachim Teschner, For young guitarists aged 7 years and older, Suitable for individual as well as group...

Edition Dux Bass Unlimited

Workbook for Electric Bass


By Andy Mayerl, Revised edition 2015, Grooves, examples and exercises, Theory and slap bass part, Many topics of the musician's everyday life, In...

Schott Klavier Spielen Hobby 1

Piano School With CD"Playing piano - my favourite hobby" is aimed at young people and adults who want to include music to their free / leisure time and are looking for an easy-to-understand, educationally thought-out guide.


The modern piano school for young people and adults, Part 1, 119 pages, The fingering, The keyboard, The key ABC, Test no. 1, The Clef,...

Star Marching Folder 145/25 Black

Marching Band Notepad


Portrait format (approximately 15 x 19.5 cm), With 25 plastic sleeves (size approx. 13.8 x 19.2 cm), With transparent pocket for name tag, Spiral...

De Haske Bläserklasse Trumpet 1

Yamaha Bläserklasse


Essential elements, Trumpet in B, Incl. Play along CD

Musikverlag Heinlein Theorie D1 CD Edition



Theory D1, CD included

Alfred Music Publishing Stick Control Snare Drummer

Exercise Book for Drums


The classic - often referred to as the "Bible of the drummer", By George Lawrence Stone, With exercises for snare drum to improve control, speed,...

Horst Rapp Verlag Fröhliche Weihnacht Trumpet

Christmas Carol Book for Trumpet


46 Songs for Christmas Time for trumpet in B flat, tenor horn, baritone and/or euphonium in violin clef, By Michael Loos and Horst Rapp, As solo,...

Ricordi Lustige Blockflöte 1 Deutsch

Recorder School / SY 2500


By Richard Voss, School for soprano recorder in German fingering, For preschool and school start age

De Haske Bläserklasse Clarinet Oehler 1



Yamaha Bläserklasse, Essential elements, Clarinet in B, Oehler System, The complete method for music schools and brass orchestras, Incl. Play...

De Haske Hören Lesen Schule 1 A-Sax

School for Alto Saxophone


Volume 1, With playback and practice CD

Sheet music captures the measures and meters, chords and character of every music composition, from classical music to punk rock. With the advent of the Internet, digital sheet music has become a big hit with musicians around the world.

The Web is filled with both hard to find classical scores as well as musical musings from mainstream musicians throughout history.

With the ease of downloading printable music sheets, budding and accomplished musicians now can have their fingers on the pulse of digitized music.

Download Sheet Music Takes The Internet By Storm

Do you know what one of the most popular items people download? Sheet music.

With search engines being all the rage these days, downloadable sheet music is one of the most overlooked but booming music businesses on the Internet today.

Sheet music is a musical composition traditionally made in printed form, for voice, piano, guitar or any other instrument. In the early 19th century, music sheets were printed with engraved plates and as you can imagine, music sheets were extremely inconvenient then.

A Closer Look At Sheet Music Online

Perhaps there is no bigger company in the online sheet music industry today than Sunhawk.com, a sheet music company based in Seattle. Sunhawk's proprietary Solero music viewer allows musicians to purchase music scores from a massive library of classical and popular songs, and then play back the music on their computers.

What is truly amazing about Sunhawk's technology is the downloader's ability to choose more than a hundred musical instruments, to modify the tempo of the music, and even change the color of the music notes on screen.

Sheet music is not only more convenient online, but more affordable as well. Sunhawk, like many Internet music retailers, have reduced the costs of sheet music products by as much as 30%. Most of their musical scores, in fact, are available to download for only $5.

The result is an increased demand for sheet music. Even Warner Bros. partnered with Sunhawk to deliver its music scores.

The ease of downloading sheet music, in fact, hides the complex technology it uses to provide this service. Sunhawk provides encryption technology for its downloadable files, one of the most sophisticated in the industry.

Each music sheet downloaded is embedded with a unique code that takes part in the protection of rights of musical composers and artists.

Digital Sheet Music Makes Masters Of The Mediocre

With the click of a button and access to a printer, musicians can download sheet after sheet of their favourite scores - from gospel to Christian, from bluesy guitar rifts to piano concertos. The world of music has never been more accessible.

Many aspiring musicians are hailing the digital music revolution as a real boon to their musical careers. With the ability to find music that matches their abilities and musical styling, musicians can learn at their own pace.

In addition, the new generation of digitized music sheets allows musicians to download individual sheets.

Now musicians no longer have to buy entire books to be able to play the one song in which they are most interested. The ability to choose from countless sheets of printable digital music will allow up-and-coming musicians to diversify their musical range and exposure.

Say good bye to the traditional music book, digitized sheets are the future. Get sheeted and download your favorite scores today!

Download And Play In Five Minutes

With digital sheet music, we can now download our favorite musical scores in a digital form and print and play them as we want. We can store the digitized sheet music in searchable databases, even change the scores if we have musical talent.

The best thing about digitized music is that it is available for all musical instruments, and for all kinds of music.

A music lover need not scour libraries or second hand sheet music marts to locate the composition she wants. The musical composition can be sourced digitally from the hundreds of music sites on the net.

Digital Sheet Music Is As Easy As Pie

It is now possible to download the best musical compositions written for the piano, guitars, saxophone, violins, or any other instrument. It is also possible to download and play the compositions of famous composers, and get sheet music written in historical times.

Most sheet music sites charge a small fee to provide these compositions in a digital form. A few sites provide them free, but then the free range of digitized music is limited.

The digital technology used is simple. Sheet music is converted into a Pdf file, and all that's needed is a copy of Acrobat Reader, a free tool available on the net, to use the digitized music sheets.

Some develop their own applications transmit digital sheets. For instance, Musicnotes.com asks its users to install the Musicnotes Viewer to read the sheet music that they have downloaded. But Sheetmusicplus.com is always our favorite.

It is not only the music lovers who have benefited from the digitization of sheet music. The music industry too has found a valuable source of revenue. It now charges royalty for each composition that is digitized and sold on the net.