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JBL CBT70J Column Speaker

Passive Column Speaker


Frequency response 60 Hz - 20 kHz

Fender Indio Blonde BT Speaker

Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Classic Fender design, Compatible with Bluetooth V4.2, aptX, AAC, SBC, Battery life up to 20 hours, Duo Sound System, USB port for charging...

Seeburg Acoustic Line GL24 xov

Passive High Power Line Array System


For defined voice and music production, Passive crossover, 9x M10 fly points, 35 mm speaker flange, 2 Handles on the back

the box PA 302 A

Active 2-Way Full-Range Speaker


Bi-amping, Switchable low cut at 120 Hz, Mic / line XLR input with 2-band EQ, XLR output, 3x Rigging points with M8 thread on top, Includes 1 pair...

LD Systems Maui 11 Sub Bag

Protective Cover


For Maui LD 11 subwoofer

LD Systems Stinger Sub 18A G3

Active Subwoofer


Active bass reflex subwoofer with 1 x 18" speaker, Integrated Class D power amplifier, Switchable high cut at 80 Hz, 100 Hz and 120 Hz, Switchable...

HK Audio L5 112 X Linear 5

Passive Multifunctional Speaker


1x 12"+ 1" driver with 1.75" voice coil, 500 Watt at 8 Ohm (1000 Watt program, 2000 Watt peak), 100 - 18,000 Hz (+/- 3dB), 129 dB max. SPL,...

Yamaha C 115 V

Full Range Speaker


250 W (Noise), 500 W (PGM), 1000 W (Max), 1.1x 15" / 1 x 2", Impedance 8 ohms, Components 1 x 15" Speaker 1 x 2" HT driver, 2-way system, Frequency...

HK Audio Elements E110 Sub AS

Active 10" Subwoofer


Suitable for Elements System, Built-in 1200 W Class-D Power amplifier with 2x 600 W Poweramp, RMS-Limiter, Subsonic Filter, Parallel port for E435...

HK Audio Premium PR:O 12 Stand Bundle

2x HK Audio Premium PR:O 12


Fullrange Speaker, 128 dB max., Stand flange mount, 2 Handles, M8 Rigging points, Black structure lacquer

dB Technologies LVX P15 White

Passive 2-way full-range speaker


Can also be used as a 40° monitor, 36 mm Tripod flange, M8 fly points, Speak-on connectors, Weather-proof housing

KS audio Session

2x KS audio CB 18


Active 18" bass reflex subwoofer, Built-in 1200 W amp for the subwoofer + 2x 400 W for the corresponding KS C10 top, Output for matching Slave Sub...

LD Systems SAT 442 G2

Installation Column Loudspeaker for Wall Mounting


Speaker terminals, Includes wall mount

LD Systems SAT 62A W G2

Small Active Speaker


6,5" / 1", 50 W RMS, 6,5" Woofer with 1" Kapton tweeter, XLR/jack Combi input


Active 12" Speaker


12" Woofer and 1.25" compression driver, Built-in DSP with display with FIR Filtering, 135 dB peak SPL, 2 XLR/jack Mic/Line inputs, XLR Output

QSC K12 Outdoor Cover

Protective Cover


Suitable for the QSC K12 and K12.2, Made from nylon fabric, Allows access to the connection panel

JBL Eon One Transporter

2-Piece Protective Cover for EON ONE System


Consisting of protective cover and a skateboard, Side cable pocket

EV Zx1i-90 White

Passive Loudspeaker


8"/ 1" Driver, 200/ 800W @ 8 Ω, 90° x 50° CD horn, Binding posts in/ out, Plastic housing (PP), Wall mount included

LD Systems GT 15A Sub

Active Bassreflex Subwoofer


1x 15" Speaker, Class D Power amplifier, Multiplex housing with vinyl coating, Connection panel with 2x XLR/Jack Combo In, 2x XLR Out, 2x XLR Sat...

the box CL 106/112MKII Power Bundle

2x the box CL 112 Sub MK II


Active 12" Subwoofer, Internal crossover, PU Coated, Butterfly handles, Transport wheels, Price for two

Apart MASK4C black

Hi-Fi Speaker Set


2-way system, Max SPL 92 dB, Weatherproof ABS plastic housing, Incl. clickmount holder

Behringer Eurocom CL108T-WH

100V Installation Speaker


Waveguide rotatable, Passive crossover with overvoltage protection, Built-in transformer for ELA applications (25/50 / 100W, 100V), Includes wall...

Celestion G12 EVH 15 Ohm

12" Chassis


Ceramic magnet, Suitable for a hole with Ø 283 mm, Weight 3.6 kg, Made in England

LD Systems SAT 62A G2

Small Active Speaker


6,5" / 1", 6,5" Woofer with 1" Kapton tweeter, XLR/jack Combi input

EV ZLX 15P Stand Bundle

2x EV ZLX 15P


Active 15" Loudspeaker, 1000 Watt Class D amplifier, 15" woofer and 1.5" compression driver, Built-in DSP with Display, 250 Watt continuous and...

HK Audio Dust Cover PR:O 18S/18A

Protective cover


Fitting for PRO 18S and PRO 18 Sub A

the box pro Achat 110 M WH

PA speaker


10" Neodymium bass and 1" compression driver (woofer with 3 "voice coil), Multifunctional housing, Tripod flange mount, M10 rigging points,...

Behringer X Air XR18 Bundle 3

Behringer X Air XR18


18-Channel Digital Mixer, Remote controlled via built-in router with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and multi-channel USB audio interface, 16 Mic/Line XLR/Combo...

Adam Hall 3405 Bar Handle

Bar Handle for Edge Mounting


Powder coated

LD Systems Front Grille for DAVE8XS BK

Front panel


Suitable for the satellites of the DAVE8XS system

Beyma 12 G 40

Mid-range Speaker


Class D Power amplifier, EQ Presets for PA, DJ, monitor or vocals, Built-in 2 channel mixer with XLR, jack or RCA input, Built-in Feedback...

dB Technologies DVA MS12

Active Suspendable 12" Subwoofer


Class D Amplifier

Apart OVO8P-W White

Active Speakers


8" Woofer + 1" silk dome tweeter, XLR and RCA input, 2-Band EQ, Includes wall mount

Beyma 12P1000nd



12" Low-mid chassis, 96dbA/w/m, 30 Hz 2.5 kHz (-10 db), High-quality aluminium diecast chassis, Excellent price/performance ratio

Mackie SRM 650

Active Multifunctional Loudspeaker


Class D Power amplifier, EQ Presets for PA, DJ, monitor or vocals, Built-in 2 channel mixer with XLR, jack or RCA input, Built-in Feedback...

LD Systems Stinger 12 G3

Passive Loudspeaker


Passive 12" + 1" monitor/ full range loudspeaker, BMS tweeter, Terminal with 1x speaker twist input and 1x speaker twist output, 12 mm Plywood...

KS audio CPD W2

Active 2x 15" bass reflex subwoofer


PWM bridge, FIR filtering, Delay up to 40 metres, Network connection, XLR analog input or AES / EBU with automatic switching, Power Twist input,...

dB Technologies SYA 12 Set

2x dB Technologies Sub 615


Active Subwoofer, 1 x 15 "Bass reflex subwoofer, 2 XLR inputs, 2 XLR outputs, 56-bit DSP with 2 presets, Stereo crossover, Dynamic limiter, M20...

Jensen P10R Alnico Vintage 4Ohm

Alnico Vintage Guitar Speaker


4 Ohm, Can be installed in Bassman, Bandmaster, Dual Professional, Concert, Harvard, Princeton, Super Amp, Vibrolux (1961)

Eminence Texas Heat 16 Ohm

Guitar Speaker


Ferrite magnet, Sound especially suitable for American rock and southern rock

Jensen NEO 12-8 Ohms

Neodymium Speaker


100 Watts, 8 Ohms, Full and warm sound without any metallic highs

Jensen P12N Alnico Vintage 16Ohm

12" Guitar Speaker


Alnico Vintage Series

Apart CMBB

Surface or flush-mounted housing


White for CM6E / CM6T / CM20T / CM608

JBL Eon 612 CVR Bundle

JBL Eon 612


Active Full-Range Loudspeaker, Equipped with 12" woofer and 1.5" tweeter, 4 Presets, additional settings possible via Bluetooth (no audio via...

EV SX100+E

2-Way Full Range System


65° x 65° CD horn, Flange mount, Speaker twist in/ out connectors, Plastic housing (PP), 5-Year manufacturer's warranty




Power Twist input and output

the box pro WSP 135-6

Wall-Mounted Speakers


For various applications, 6W/ 3W/ 1.5W @ 100 V, RAL 9010, Light resistant, Shockproof, Connection via quick push terminal

Behringer Eurocom CL108-WH

Passive 2-Way Speaker


Rotating waveguide, Includes wall bracket

Jensen C10R Vintage Ceramic 8 Ohms

Electric Guitar Speaker


Clear as a bell, clean sound with a good amount of grittiness via overdrive or distortion, Made in the USA

Eminence JS-1250 Josh Smith

Guitar Speaker


Combines the Eminence Tone Pot's basses, the Wizard's clean heights, and the natural dirt and shine of the Red Fang Alnico for an extremely...

Monacor Speaker Foam MDM-35

Speaker sealing tape MDM-35


10 meters self-adhesive seal (2mm x 20mm), Deep black rubber foam, Highly flexible, Permanently elastic, As a support for speakers and metal front...

Behringer B112W

Active Loudspeaker


Built-in Bluetooth streaming, 1000 Watt peak, 2-Way, "Wireless ready" for Behringer digital wireless system (available on option), Extreme...

dB Technologies FC-BHM B-Hype Mobile Cover

Protective Cover


For dB Technologies B-Hype Mobile

EV Zx3-90B

Passive Multifunctional Box with Monitor Bevel


DVX3121 12-woofer, ND2 1-neodymium driver (2 voice coil, 1 horn outlet), 600/ 2400W @ 8 Ω, 90° X 50° CD horn, Speaker twist in / out, Stand...

the box PA108 Bundle

the box PA 108


Passive Full Range Speaker, SPK connector, High-quality, highly effective cast aluminium chassis and oversized audio crossover components, Does not...

the box Miniray Slave Sub

Active Subwoofer


180° Phase reverse switch

dB Technologies B-Hype 10 Bundle I

dB Technologies Sub 615


Active Subwoofer, 1 x 15 "Bass reflex subwoofer, 2 XLR inputs, 2 XLR outputs, 56-bit DSP with 2 presets, Stereo crossover, Dynamic limiter, M20...

Behringer WB210 Wallmount Black

Wall Mount


Suitable for B210 / B210D

Behringer B112MP3

Active Speaker with MP3 Player


12" Woofer and 1" compression driver, 2 Mic/Line Inputs, Built-in MP3 player to play files via USB stick, 2-Band EQ, Additional Line output, Pole...

the box Pyrit 10

Passive High Power Full-Range Speaker


Double stand flange (0° and 5° down), Built-in feet for monitor application, M8 Rigging points

Nova Visio Vs 12 MK II

Passive Full Range Speaker


For PA and monitor application, 7 x ANCRA (comp.) tracks for flown applications, Integrated flange mount, 15 mm birch plywood enclosure

Solton AART-SAT Active Digital PA

Active Digital PA SetConsisting of:


Subwoofer with integrated power amp for sub with 500/ 1000 Watt and power amp for 2x top with 2x 200/ 400 W, M20 threaded adapter, 2 Handles, 4...

FBT Vertus VT-S 604

Stand Flange


CLA 604 A

FBT Vertus CLA 406.2 A


Class D Power amplifier, EQ Presets for PA, DJ, monitor or vocals, Built-in 2 channel mixer with XLR, jack or RCA input, Built-in Feedback...

QSC KS 212C Cover



Suitable for QSC KS212C subwoofer, Durable and weatherproof nylon, Padded, With cable compartment, Transportation strap

FBT StageMaxX 12MA

Active 2-way coaxial monitor speaker


Bi-amped, DSP with 4 presets

LD Systems Stinger Sub 15A G3

Active Subwoofer


Active bass reflex subwoofer with 1x 15" loudspeaker, Integrated Class D power amplifier, Switchable high-cut at 80 Hz, 100 Hz, and 120 Hz,...


Active 21" Subwoofer


4.5" Voice coil, DSP with selectable presets, Adjustable delay, NXL23-A / NXLL24-A compatible (stacking)

LD Systems Curv 500 AVS

Compact and Modular Plug and Play Array System


Discreet appearance for inconspicuous applications, DSP based multi-band limiter, Beam angle 110° horizontal x 10° vertival, 10" Bass reflex...

ANT Greenhead Easy Bundle

ANT Greenhead 18S


Active Subwoofer, With stereo crossover, GND-Lift, Link / X-Over and polarity switchable, 36 mm Pole mount, Wooden cabinet

Apart OVO8-BL Black

Wall Speakers


8" Woofer, 1" Tweeter, 8 Ohms, 115 dB (max), Includes rear cover for horizontal mounting

the box pro Achat 112

Powerful Coaxial Horn-Loaded Speaker


SPL 104dB / (1W / 1m), 135 dB / peak, Dispersion 55 ° x 40 ° (H x V, nominal), Textured black paint, High stand flange mount, Aeroquip rail on...

Celestion A-Type 16 Ohm



Suitable for a hole cut with Ø 283 mm, Ceramic magnet, Voice coil 1.75 "

Eminence Texas Heat 8 Ohm

Speaker for Electric Guitar


Ferrite magnet, Power capacity:150 W RMS, Sound especially suitable for American rock and southern rock