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Soundcraft Ui16

16-Channel Digital Mixer


Tablet/PC/smartphone controlled, With integrated stagebox and DSP, Integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet, Soundcraft preamps and soundcraft mixer...

Behringer MX882 V2

8-Channel Splitter / Mixer


8 in 2 mixers or 2 in 8 splitters, All channels can be operated independently in different modes, Also usable as 6 in 6 - prepress or DI box,...

Behringer RX1202FX

12-Channel Rack Mixer


8 XLR inputs, 2 Stereo inputs (jack), 2-Band EQ and Clip LED per channel, 1 Monitor path, 24-Bit effects processor with 100 presets, Headphone and...

Swissonic ZM 4

4 Channel 4 Zone Mixer


4 Microphone/line inputs (with 15v phantom power), 4 Zone line outputs, Aux input, Telephone paging, 2-Band EQ per channel

DAP-Audio IMIX-7.3

7-Channel Installation Mixer


3 Zones, Master EQ

Alesis Multimix 10 Wireless

19" Rack Mixer with Bluetooth


Suitable for bars, mobile racks and studios, 4 Channels (mono) with 6.3 mm jack/ XLR inputs, Phantom power and TRS inserts, 2 Channels (stereo)...

Denon DN-312X

12-Channel Rackmixer


6 XLR inputs with D & M Professional HDHQ microphone preamps, 3-Band equalizer, 6 mono (3 stereo) RCA inputs, 6.3 mm jack microphone monitor...

Behringer DS2800

Signal splitter


2 Inputs, 8 Outputs, 2 Audio signals to 4 separate zones or a single signal up to 8 possible, XLR line inputs, Level control and 5 segment LEDs per...

the t.mix Rackmix 821 FX USB


Tablet/PC/smartphone controlled, With integrated stagebox and DSP, Integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet, Soundcraft preamps and soundcraft mixer...

DAP-Audio IMIX-5.3

5 Channel Installation Mixer


3 Zones, Master EQ


Mic / Line Mixer With Effects Loop


8 Stereo input channels, Controller for input levels, Panorama and effect send on each channel, External effects loop with send and return control,...

Tascam LM-8ST Line Mixer

19 "Line Mixer


8 Stereo inputs with line level (6.3 mm jack, balanced), Additional Mic / Line input in channel 1 (XLR, balanced), 2 Stereo outputs (ST1 and ST2 /...




6 Channels, 3 Balanced XLR inputs, mic/line switchable, 3 Stereo RCA inputs, Volume control and clip LED for each channel, Switchable 15V phantom...

DAP-Audio Compact 8.1

8-Channel Installation Mixer


8 Combined mic / line inputs (XLR / RCA), Master EQ with Mid Sweep, Phantom power, Selectable high pass filter, XLR master output (balanced)

Tascam MZ-223

Built-In Mixer for Permanent Installation


Offers 2 mono and 5 stereo channels, which can be divided into 3 stereo outputs and mixed, Level meter and talkover function, Channel fader and PFL...

DAP-Audio Compact 9.2

9-Channel Installation Mixer


2 Zones, Channel displays that indicate the input source, Gain settings on the back, Main EQ settings on the back, 3 x Combi XLR / jack microphone...

Tascam MZ-372 Mixer

Installation Mixer for Permanent Installation


Front microphone input XLR, Level control, 3-Band EQ, Fader and LED level meter per channel, Talk over function, Stereo headphone output 6.3 mm...


Mic / Line Mixer


With stereo outputs, 8 Mono channels, 8 Independent input channels, Controls for input levels and panning on each channel, Balanced XLR- and...

DAP-Audio IMIX-7.1

7-Channel Installation Mixer


3 Master outputs, Master EQ

LD Systems MS 828

Line Splitter / Mixer


Line mixer 8 in 2, and splitter 2 in 8, 6 Mono inputs, 2x XLR main inputs, 2x XLR main outputs, 4x XLR in/out, 2x Stereo jack in/out, Adjustable...

Rolls RM-67

19" Rack Mixer


With 3x XLR microphone inputs, 4x RCA stereo in, +12 V of phantom power can be switched on per each channel, Input padding, Gain per channel, Auto...

DAP-Audio IMIX-7.2 USB

7 Channel Installation Mixer


2 Zones, Displays on the channels that indicate the input source, 2 Integrated USB audio interfaces (48Khz 16bit Plug & Play for Windows and MAC),...

Rolls RM-82



8 XLR microphone inputs, Input level with trim controls, Equaliser (treble and bass reduction), Each channel features individually switchable +48 V...

the t.mix Source Mix 18R

Microphone / Line Mixer


8 Separately controllable mono input channels, 8 Balanced XLR and 6.3 mm jack inputs, Tone control per channel, 1 Balanced 6.3 mm jack output,...

Tascam MZ-123 BT


Tablet/PC/smartphone controlled, With integrated stagebox and DSP, Integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet, Soundcraft preamps and soundcraft mixer...

DAP-Audio Compact 6.2

6 Channel Mixer / USB Player


2 Zones, Mic input with Comp / Limit, USB player with pitch control, Display with ID3 text

the t.mix Source Mix 52R

Zone mixer


With 5 zones and 2 stereo sources, All inputs and outputs are implemented as XLR, Mono / stereo switchable per zone

Phonic PM801

8-Channel Rack Mixer


With EQ, 8 Terminal connections and 8 unbalanced 6.3 mm jack line inputs, Phono pre-fader and phono aux bus to connect additional units, Mute...

Rolls RM-64

Four Zone Mixer


2x XLR microphone input, 4x RCA stereo input, 4x XLR zone output, Automatic ducking (talkover) in each microphone channel, Zones volume separately...

Rolls RM-65b

19" / 6 Channel Rack Mixer


6x XLR microphone inputs, 6x line in/ insert (jack), 36 V of switchable phantom power on every channel, Gain on every channel, Effects send and...

Rolls RM-69

19" Rack Mixer


2x XLR microphone inputs, 4x Line inputs RCA L/R, 12 V phantom per microphone input, Microphone input 1 can be plugged into the front as well as...

Tascam MX-8A

8-Channel Matrix Mixer and USB Audio Interface with DSP Processor


16/24 Bit / 44.1/48 kHz, Controllable via Ethernet, RS-485 and RS-232C, Up to 50 presets can be saved, 8 Analogue microphone / line inputs, 8...