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Active DI Box (Battery/ Phantom Powered)


Output with ground lift, Galvanic isolation

Millenium DI-E

Passive DI Box


In metal housing, Max. input level +10/ +50 dBu, Ground/ lift switch, With integrated switchable resistor network for extremely high input level...

Palmer PAN 04

Passive DI Box


Direct injection, 2-Channel, PAD switch (0dB/-30dB), Jack as an input connector, Balanced XLR output, 5 year warranty

Millenium DI-33

Active DI Box (Battery/Phantom)


XLR/KLI in, KLI link pad -20 dB, XLR out, Ground lift, PAD, Galvanic isolation, Sturdy metal housing with corner protectors, Battery with 1x 9 Volt

Palmer PAN 01

Passive DI Box Direct Injection


1-Channel version, PAD switch (0dB/-30dB), Jack as an input connector, Balanced XLR output, 5 Year warranty from manufacturer

Behringer DI100 Ultra-DI

Active DI Box


XLR/ jack input, Jack link output, XLR output, With galvanic isolation, -20/ 40dB Pad (up to 3000 W), Operatable via battery (9V) or phantom (15-52...

Radial Engineering Pro D2

Passive Stereo DI Box


2 Independent ProDI channels, 15 dB pad, Ground lift, Ideal for stereo sources such as keyboards, drum computers and digital recorders

Two Notes Torpedo Captor 8 Ohms

Loadbox/Attenuator/Speakersim/DI Box


All-in-one solution, For making perfect recordings of guitar and bass sounds, on stage and in the studio, Reactive load resistance, -20 dB power...

Klark Teknik DI 22P

Passive Stereo DI Box


Especially suited to multimedia applications, Midas transformer, Neutrik XLR outputs, 15 dB pad switch, Ground lift, Sturdy, compact aluminium...

Behringer DI20

Active 2-Channel DI boxActive 2-Channel DI-Box / Splitter, with whose help signals with high impedance - e.g. from guitars and basses - can be connected directly to a mixer or recording system.


Jack input, XLR Out, -20 / 40dB PAD (up to 3000 W), Operable via battery (9V) or phantom (15-52V), With the ground switch ground loop can be...

Radial Engineering J 48

Active DI Box


Merge function, - 15 dB pad, Low cut, Phase reverse, Ground/Lift, Operates with 48V phantom power

Palmer Pan 16

Passive 8-Channel DI Box with up to 16 Inputs


Mono summation over switchable merge in every channel, Switchable pad -10 dB, -20 dB, -30 dB, Switchable gnd lift per channel, XLR and link out per...

Behringer DI800 Ultra-DI Pro v2

8-Channel DI-Box with Optional Mains/Phantom Power Supply


Servo balanced circuit for absolutely linear frequency response, Connection to amplifier outputs up to 3000 W possible, Ground lift, Switchable...


Reamping box


The Daccapo Box ensures optimal adjustments of impedances and prevents ground loops through the use of a transformer, The signal to the amplifier...

Radial Engineering USB-Pro

USB Stereo DI Box


For audio streaming with laptop or PC, 24 Bit/ 96 kHz, USB Input (Type B), 2x XLR male out, Adjustable level, Switchable mono sum, 3.5 mm Stereo...

Radial Engineering Pro AV2

Passive Stereo DI Box


2x 6.3 mm Jack for instruments, 3.5 mm Jack and RCA connectors for -10dB consumer hardware, 2x Balanced XLR out

Palmer PLI 04

Passive 2-Channel DI Box


2x Jack in, 2x RCA in, 1x 3.5 mm Stereo jack in, 2x XLR Balanced out, Especially for hi-fi equipment and PCs, 5 Year manufacturer's warranty

Radial Engineering Pro DI

Passive DI Box


15 dB pad, Ground lift, Jack in/out, XLR out, Specifically for active acoustic and bass guitars

Klark Teknik DI 10A

Active DI Box


Suitable for instruments and multimedia applications, Midas transformer, Operation with +48 V phantom power or built-in 9 V battery (not included),...

Millenium Pocket DI 2

Passive 2-Channel Dual / Mono DI Box


2 Inputs 6.3 mm jack, 2 Link outputs 6.3 mm jack, 2 XLR Outputs, Ground / lift switch, PAD switch (-20 dB / - 40 dB) suitable for keyboard,...

Two Notes Torpedo Captor 16 Ohms

Loadbox/Attenuator/Speakersim/DI Box


All-in-one solution, For making perfect recordings of guitar and bass sounds, on stage and in the studio, Reactive load resistance, -20 dB power...

Behringer HD400

2-Channel Hum Suppressor


Simple, fast and reliable removal of hum and noise, Safe and effective interruption of ground loops, Automatic conversion of unbalanced to balanced...

Klark Teknik DN 100 Active DI

Active DI Box


Replaceable sleeve, Jack in/ out, XLR in/ out, Phantom power required, -30 dB Pad, Ground lift

Rupert Neve Designs RNDI

DI Box


Superior phase coherence, Rupert Neve custom transformer, Input headroom of +21.5 dBU, Power supply 48 V phantom power, Ground lift, Instrument and...

Radial Engineering JDI Stereo

Passive Stereo DI Box


6.3 mm Jack input, 6.3 mm jack thru, XLR output, Switchable -15 dB pad, Switchable ground lift, Jensen transformer, Robust metal housing

Behringer DI4000

DI Box


6.3mm Jack and XLR connectors, Professional, active 4-channel DI box, Level converter

Radial Engineering Pro 48

Active DI Box


Jack in/thru, XLR out, - 15 dB pad, Ground/lift, Operates with 48V phantom power

Palmer PLI-02

2-Channel Isolating Transformer in Cast Aluminium HousingIsolating transformers / line isolation boxes are used between line-operated devices to prevent ground loops that cause hum. However, they can also be used for the conversion of unbalanced to balance


2 Channel isolating transformers in cast aluminum casing, per channel:, Ground Lift switch for both channels, 5 Year warranty

Palmer PLI 04 USB

Active 2-Channel DI Box


Type B USB input for audio transmission with laptop or PC, 1 Adjustable headphone jack with 3.5 mm stereo jack, Switchable monosumming, 2 Balanced...

Radial Engineering JDI

Professional Passive DI Box


Jack input, Jack thru connection, XLR output, Switchable -15dB pad, Merge function to combine 2 line signals to 1x XLR out, Switchable speaker...

Palmer PLS-02 Line Splitter

Line Splitt Box "1 in 3"


2 Channels, In die-cast aluminium housing, Ground lift switch, 5 Years manufacturing guarantee

LD Systems LDI 02

Active DI Box


XLR/KLI in, KLI link pad -20 dB, XLR out, Ground lift, PAD, Galvanic isolation, Sturdy metal housing with corner protectors, Battery / phantom power

Radial Engineering SB-1

Active DI Box


Specially for acoustic guitar, 48 V Phantom, Jack input, Jack output, XLR output, Switchable 15 dB pad, Switchable 180° phase, Metal housing

Palmer PAN 02

Active DI Box


1 Channel, Operatable with battery or phantom power, Pad switch (0 dB/ -30 dB), Input jack link, Balanced XLR output, 5 year manufacturer's warranty

Millenium DI 66

Active Stereo DI Box (Battery)


KLI link pad +20 dB, 0 db or -30 dB switchable, 2 XLR outputs, Stereo or mono switchable, Ground lift, Galvanic isolation, Sturdy metal housing...

Radial Engineering SB-2

Passive DI Box


Especially for bass and keyboard, Mono summation for stereo sources via in and through socket, Jack input, Jack output, XLR output, Switchable 15...

Radial Engineering J 48 Stereo

Active 2-Channel DI Box


Jack In and Thru, XLR out, Switchable low cut, -15 dB pad and phase reverse, Ground lift, Requires 48 V phantom power

Klark Teknik DI 20P

Passive Stereo DI Box


Midas transformer, 2x 6.3 mm jack inputs, 2x -15 dB pad switch, Ground lift, Neutrik XLR outputs, Sturdy, compact aluminium housing with...


Passive 2-Channel DI-Box


Converts 2 unbalanced signals (2-pin - 6.3 mm jack) into balanced (3-pin - XLR), With ground-lift function, Adjustable volume of the input signal,...

BluGuitar BluBox VSC

Professional Impulse Response Speaker Simulation in DI Box Shape


With a virtual collection of the most popular loudspeakers in the history of music, First-class sounding solution for the direct connection of any...

Palmer PAN 03 Passive

Passive 4-channel DI box


Transformer balanced XLR outputs, Ground/Lift switch, 5 Year warranty

Radial Engineering SGI

Studio Guitar Interface


For bridging long cable paths between guitar and amp, Consists of 2 modules (Input - Output), XLR in/out + Jack in/out, Incl. 15 V DC power supply

Palmer PDI-09

Guitar DI-Box


Incl. speaker simulation, -15 dB for transmission booster to about 10 W, -30 dB for larger amplifier to 200 W, No battery needed, 5 Year warranty

Radial Engineering Pro RMP

Re-Amping Box


Playback of recorded tracks through amplifiers and guitar effects, Allows creative, new sound design, Makes repeated recording during recording...

Radial Engineering Pro-D8

Eight-channel stereo DI box


For keyboards and a player device, 2x Jack in per channel, Insert and thru, 15 dB Pad per channel, XLR out, Switchable GND Lift per channel, 180°...

Palmer PAN 03

Active DI Box


4 Channels, XLR output is also available as a parallel port on the back, Max. output voltage is +10 dBu with phantom power, Transformer balanced...

ART Cleanbox Pro

2-Channel level converter


To convert two unbalanced channels into two symmetrical channels and vice versa, Noise and low-distortion circuit, XLR connectors for balanced...

Radial Engineering JCR

Studio Re-Amping Box for Bass / Guitar Amps


1 x XLR in, 1 x Jack in, 1 x Jack out, Phase reverse, Ground lift, Switchable mute, Adjustable level, Robust metal housing

Radial Engineering SB-5

Passive 2-Channel DI-Box


Specially for laptops, Reduces humming noises, Integrated 3.5 mm stereo jack cable (1.5 m), 2x 6.3 mm Balanced jack out, Mono summed XLR out,...

Radial Engineering IC-1 IceCube

Line Insulator


Eliminates hum and buzzes by ground loops in the frequency range 20 - 18.000 Hz, XLR input and output, Switchable GND / lift, Compact and sturdy...

ART Dualxdirect

Active Dual DI Box


Can be operated via phantom power or 9V battery, The incoming signal via the high-impedance, unbalanced jack and balanced XLR connectors is...

Palmer PAN 04A

Active 2-Channel DI-Box


2 Jack inputs, 2 Jack link outputs, 2 Balanced XLR outputs, Balanced XLR mix output, Switchable ground lift per channel, Operation with external...

Radial Engineering Trim-Two

Passive Stereo DI Box


With adjustable input level, 2x 6.3 mm jack inputs, 2x RCA inputs, 1x 3.5 mm stereo jack input, XLR L/R output, Switchable Ground/Lift, Robust...

Radial Engineering Re-Amp Kit- Reamping Kit

Radial Re-Amp KitIncludes the following devices:


Including plastic case

GFI System Cabzeus Cab Sim/DI

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Powerful speaker simulator and D.I. pedal, 2 Independent channels, Add a short delay to a channel, Mix two simulation channels, Independent volume,...

Fire-Eye Red-Eye Instrument Preamp

Instrument Preamplifier


Fully analogue, handmade DI unit with high input impedance, Footswitchable boost with volume control to amplify solos, High fidelity, low noise and...

Radial Engineering EXTC-SA

Guitar Effect Router


Balanced re-amper, XLR in / out, Jack in / out, 2x jack loop in / out, Send and return separately adjustable, Wet / Dry adjustable, 180 ° Phase...

Radial Engineering Pro Iso

Stereo Signal Converter


Converts balanced signals (XLR) into unbalanced signals (jack / RCA / mini stereo), Switchable GND / lift, Controllable output level, Robust metal...

Behringer Ultra-DI DI400P

Passive Di-Balanced Box


Direct connection of instruments to amplifiers and mixers, Allows long cable paths without loss of sound in the high frequency range, Jack input,...

Millenium dimode

Passive Stereo DI Box


Ideal for mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, mp3 players, etc., Ground lift switch, Pad switch (-15 dB)

Palmer PLI-05 Isolation Box

2-Channel Isolating Transformer


In die-cast aluminium housing, Jack inputs and outputs, Ideal for clearing interference from stereo signals, 5-Year manufacturer's warranty

Countryman DI Type 85

Active DI Box


Powered by battery or phantom power, Latch input, XLR output, Output with ground lift switch, PAD -20 / -40 dB switch, Galvanic isolation

Rupert Neve Designs RNDI-S

Active Stereo DI Box


With Rupert Neve Custom Transmitter, Input headroom of +21.5 dBU, Power supply via 48 V phantom power, Ground lift switch per channel, Instrument...

Behringer GI100 ULTRA-G

Active Guitar DI Box


With a speaker emulation developed by Juergen Rath 4x 12", Jack input, Direct link out, XLR out, Galvanic isolation, -20/ 40dB PAD (up to 3000 W),...

Millenium DATI

Hum Eliminator


DATI (dual audio transformer / isolater), 2 Channels

Palmer PLI-01

1-Channel Isolating Transformer


Cast aluminum housing, Jack input and output, Ideal for dejamming of guitar racks, 5 year manufacturer's warranty

Palmer PAN 01 Pro

DI Box


Passive, 1-Channel, PAD switch (0dB / -30dB), Input Link as a jack, Merge function to convert 2 mono-signals to a balanced signal, Balanced XLR...

Palmer PLI-03

Line Isolation Box


2-Channel isolation transformer, Diecast aluminium housing, RCA inputs and outputs, Ideal for suppressing hum loops in hi-fi racks or eliminating...

Palmer PLI-06

Line Level Converter


Converts 2x unbalanced RCA in 1x balanced XLR male, Suitable for line devices, such as laptops, CD players etc. to microphone input of...

Radial Engineering JPC

Professional Active / Passive DI Box


Especially for PC sound cards and AV devices, RCA Thru connections, 2x 6.3 mm jack 3.5 mm stereo jack input with -10 dB, XLR L / R outputs,...

the t.racks TDI4

4-Way Passive DI Box


-30 dB, Ground lift switch per channel, Additional parallel XLR output on the rear, Gold-plated Neutrik XLR connectors, Made in Europe

Radial Engineering SB-6

Stereo Isolator


Eliminates hum caused by ground loops, For balanced and unbalanced signals, Linear frequency response from 20 - 20,000 Hz, 2x 6.3 mm Jack inputs,...

Radial Engineering JDI Duplex

Professional Stereo DI Box


With Jensen transformer, -15 dB Pad and Merge on each channel, XLR in/out, 180° Phase reverse per channel, Ground / Lift switch

Palmer PAN 08

Active DI box


Line isolation box or pickup amplifier, Unbalanced and balanced signal routing, Balanced outputs with 2 x XLR jack (front and rear), 20 dB pad for...

Mackie MDB-USB

Passive Stereo Direct Box with USB


High resolution 24bit / 96kHz interface, 2x balanced, low-impedance XLR outputs with ground lift, Output level control with mono switch, Headphone...