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QSC K 12.2

2-Way Full-Range Active Speaker


2,000 Watt Class D amplifier module, Multi-function display (45 mm x 25.4 mm) / 2 selection buttons, High-performance DSP, corrects non-linear...

JBL Eon 615 Stand Bundle

2x JBL Eon 615


Active 2-Way Full-Range Loudspeaker, 4 Presets, additional settings possible via Bluetooth (no audio via Bluetooth), Plastic case, With 36 mm pole...

Behringer B1800XP

Active Subwoofer


Eurolive series, Class-D digital amplifier, Integrated peak limiter, Internal crossover for mid / high speaker, Tunable and switchable bass boost...

the t.amp E4-130

Quadro Amplifier


For input channels 1 and 2 as well as 3 and 4 bridged use is possible via switch, Short circuit protection, Overheating protection, Limiter,...

RCF Art 310 MK IV

Passive Full-Range Speaker


Speaker Twist input and output, Plastic housing, Also usable as a monitor, Pole mount, 2 x M10 rigging points

Behringer Xenyx QX2442USB



24 Channel mixer with 60mm Faders, 10 Mic Inputs with 48 Volt Phantom power and 75 Hz Low cut, Compressor on each mic channel, Internal Klark...

Soundcraft Signature 16

16 Channel Mixer


12 Mono inputs, 3 Stereo input, 4 Band EQ with 1 band of swept mids, 4 Microphone channels with built-in dbx limiter (compressor), 4 Aux output,...

Gator GRR-8L

Double Door Hardshell Case


Made of plastic, Rackrail in front and rear, Pull-out trolley, Drawbolts, Metal frame, Recessed side handles

Allen & Heath Qu-16 Chrome

Digital Mixer for Live and Studio


16 Mono inputs via XLR or jack with AnalogIQ preamps, 3 Stereo inputs via jack, 4 Stereo FX returns, 16 Busses, AES Digital output, 4 FX Engines...


Protective-/transport cover


For JBL EON 612, Approx. 5 mm thick padding, Cutouts at the handles, Orange JBL logo


Reamping box


The Daccapo Box ensures optimal adjustments of impedances and prevents ground loops through the use of a transformer, The signal to the amplifier...

Sennheiser IE 4

In-ear earphones


For Sennheiser EW in-ear systems, Robust bass, Pronounced mids and highs, Cable length approx. 1.2 metres, Incl. 2x Silicon ear pieces

ANT B-Twig 8

Active Column Loudspeaker


Frequency response 50 Hz - 20 kHz, 120° Horizontal dispersion pattern, 3-Channel Mixer with 2 x Mic / Line (XLR / TRS Jack Combo), 1x Stereo (Aux...

Audio-Technica ATH-E70

3-Way In-Ear Headphones


External noise attenuation approx. 26 dB, Detachable cable, Cable length 160 cm, Angled 3.5 mm stereo jack plug, Incl. Transport bag, 3.5 mm to 6.3...

Westone UM Pro 30

2-Way in-ear earphones


For live use, 1 x Bass driver, 1 x Midrange driver, 1 x Tweeter, 124 dB SPL, 20 - 18,000 Hz, Up to 25 dB of ambient noise absorption, Black...

the t.bone IEM 200 - 606 MHz

UHF Stereo In-Ear Wireless System


With up to 961 frequencies, Use up to 16 systems in parallel, Stereo- Mix/Mono use, Switchable limiter, 9,5" Transmitter with internal...

Shure PSM 300 Premium K3E

UHF In-Ear Wireless System


Stereo transmitter with 24-Bit audio processing, Audio reference companding, Very wide stereo separation, MixMode function, Infrared transmission...

Jensen C12N Ceramic Vintage 8Ohm

Speaker for Guitar Amps


Ceramic magnet, 1.5" Voice coil, Vintage model, Used in Showman, Twin Reverb, Top-Of-The-Line and others

Fun Generation Party Set XL

Fun Generation PL 115 A


Active 2-Way Speaker, Equipped with 15" loudspeaker and 1" compression driver, 2-Band EQ, Integrated media player with display, SD Card slot, USB...

Shure EABKF1 M

Replacement ear tips


Includes cleaning tool

Stairville Marking Tape WH 33m

Marking Tape


Especially for labeling devices (mixing consoles etc.)

Celestion G12H-75 Creamback 16 Ohm

12" Guitar Amp Speaker


Ceramic Magnet Speaker, Made in England

DAP-Audio Compact 8.1

8-Channel Installation Mixer


8 Combined mic / line inputs (XLR / RCA), Master EQ with Mid Sweep, Phantom power, Selectable high pass filter, XLR master output (balanced)

Digital Sound 8922 Bundle

Digital Sound 8922


SPL Measuring Device, Hand device with Condenser-Microphone (spherical characteristic), Measuring range from 31.5 Hz to 8 kHz, 6 Ranges in 10...

LD Systems SAT 82A G2

Small Active Speaker


XLR/Jack combi input, Wall mount included

Fane Colossus 12MB

12" Loudspeaker


24 Channel mixer with 60mm Faders, 10 Mic Inputs with 48 Volt Phantom power and 75 Hz Low cut, Compressor on each mic channel, Internal Klark...

Sennheiser EK IEM G4 B-Band

In-ear bodypack receiver


Evolution Wireless Series, Charging contacts for optional BA 2015 (NiMH) rechargeable battery (battery is not included, must be purchased...

Visaton Damping Material

Damping Material


Damping for loudspeakers, Made of hygienically harmless polyester wool, With excellent damping properties, Ready to be handled, Sufficient for a...

RCF L18S801-8

18" Bass Speaker


24 Channel mixer with 60mm Faders, 10 Mic Inputs with 48 Volt Phantom power and 75 Hz Low cut, Compressor on each mic channel, Internal Klark...

Elacin ER20

Universal Hearing Protection


Includes a neck strap, 500 Hz / 10,7 db, 1000 Hz / 13,9 db, 2000 Hz / 17,7 db, 4000 Hz / 14,5 db, 8000 Hz / 18,6 db

Bose ControlSpace SP-24

Digital Speaker Management System


2 XLR inputs, 4 XLR outputs, 24-Bit DSPs, Frequency range 20 - 20,000 Hz, Configuration via PC via USB port, SP-24 Editor Software, Routing, Input...


2 Wall Brackets


For Control 2PS, With holder for power cable

Eminence Beta 15 8 Ohm



15" woofer, High performance woofer for all applications incl. electric bass

Adam Hall SLED 1 Ultra BNC

BNC Gooseneck Lamp


With 4 white COB LEDs, Flexible 300 mm gooseneck, On/off switch


2-Way Bass Reflex Built-In Ceiling Speaker


White, 5" Neodymium woofer and 1" Neodymium dome tweeter, RMS/Music power 60/120 Watt, 70/100V Transformer with power selection or 16 Ohm,...

Eminence Beta-10A



10" Woofer, 250 W, 8 Ohm, Playback behaviour specially designed for electric guitars, Equally suitable for bass guitars, vocals, club systems,...

Eminence Legend BP102-4

Loudspeaker for Bass


Ideal for Bass

Waves Impact Rack Shelf

Rack Shelf


Suitable for Waves Soundgrid Server

Millenium Bracket T-Piece SLS300

Bracket T-Piece


For Millenium SLS300, version 03/2018 and later

HK Audio Premium PR:O Set 15/18

2x HK Audio Premium PR:O 18 S


Passive 18" Subwoofer, Bass reflex system, M20 threads for pole mount, 2 Handles, High/Low-pass filter (150Hz), Black textured paint finish

LD Systems Maui 5 White

LD Systems Maui 5


Compact plug and play column system for monitor- and PA sound reinforcement, Discreet appearance for unobtrusive applications, Controlled via LD...

Dynacord Powermate 502

Compact Power Mixer


5 Mic/Line mono-channels, 3 Stereo channels, Compressor for microphone channels, 2 x 450 W (RMS/4 Ohm), Power amplifier switchable to 100 V, Amp...

DBX 234 Xs

Active Crossover


3-Way stereo, 4-Way mono, 40 Hz low-cut filter for both channels, Phase reverse switch on all outputs, Factor switches x10, Internal power supply,...

Soundcraft SI-Dante Card

Interface Card


Dante Card, With 2 RJ45 connectors, Suitable for SI Compact, Performer, Expression and SI +

Axxent D 800

Dual-ear intercom headset


Optimised speech intelligibility, High volume

Fischer Amps In Ear Amp 2

High-Quality 9.5" In-Ear Headphone Amplifier


Class A MOSFET headphone output with limiter function, Switch to the power amplifier for low impedance In Ear hearing systems and headphones with...

Apart Zone 4

4 Zone Amplifier


Input 3 x micro (2 + 3 with phantom power), 4 x line, Can be digitally controlled via a remote panel and serial via IR and RS-232., 19" 1U rack...

DBX Zone Pro 1261

Zone Mixer / Matrix System


Device is like the 1260 but without a display and controls    , 12 Inputs (balanced microphone / line, unbalanced line and digital SPDIF), 6...

QSC TouchMix Power supply

Power Supply


For QSC touchmix 8 and 16

Thon Top Tray

19" Rack Cradle


For mounting onto L-racks and hoods, Small mixing consoles, effect units, etc. that do not come in a 19" format can be mounted with the...

JBL 2412H Single Pack, 1"-Driver



1" Driver, For EON 1500, TR 125, TR 105, TR 126, TR 225, EON 10, EON 10 G2, MP 215, MP 410, MS 28, MS 105

B&C DE500-8 Ohm

1" High-End Driver


Titanium diaphragm, Aluminium voice coil, 44 mm, 100 W, 8 Ohms, Crossover frequency > 1.5 kHz, 12 dB/oct

Inter-M PA-6336

ELA Amplifier


4 Ohm outlet, Two-stage fan, 24 V Emergency connector, XLR In/out, Ground lift

Eminence Alpha-8A



Midrange, F(s) 73 Hz, Ideal for small PA systems, keyboards and guitar combos

Hicon Cinch HI-CM-18-Red

High-End RCA Plug


Real gold-plated solid pin, With Press clasp for best contact, For cable diameters up to 8 mm

Celestion Eight 15 16 Ohm

Speaker for Guitar


24 Channel mixer with 60mm Faders, 10 Mic Inputs with 48 Volt Phantom power and 75 Hz Low cut, Compressor on each mic channel, Internal Klark...

the box pro 8" Woofer TP 108 MA

Replacement Speaker


For the box per TP 108 MA, 8" Woofer

SKB 3I-0705-3GP1 GoPro

Transport Case


Suitable for GoPro cameras up to Hero 4 version and accessories (not included), Water resistant, Can be locked, Built-in pressure equalizing valve,...

Apart MA35-19

19" Installation kit


For MA 35 and MA 65 mixer amplifier

Furman P-3600 AR G

Voltage Regulator


With regulated 120 V output at mains supply of 100-127 and 208-240 V, With protection circuits and filters for clear sound/image processing, For...




Suitable for AKG HSD-271 and HSD-171 headsets, 6-Pin mini XLR plug to 5-pin XLR male plug

Maintronic MP602 x-mp3 Extensioncard

Expansion module


X-mp3 for MP602 multi-channel player, Prof. x-mp3 stereo player plug-in module, Balanced stereo out via stereo jack on the reverse

Fun Generation PL 15 Sub A

Active subwoofer


Adjustable low-pass filter from 40 - 150 Hz, XLR (L + R) Throu, Ground lift shape and phase switch, 36 mm Pole-mount flange, Felt cover

QSC KS 112

Active 12" Subwoofer


6th-Order Bandpass, 2000 Watt Class D amplifier module

Behringer A800

Studio Power Amp


Linear power amplifier for studios, events and Hi-Fi applications, Convection-cooled for silent operation (no fan), Protection circuits for DC...

Millenium Steel Box 6

6U Rack


24 Channel mixer with 60mm Faders, 10 Mic Inputs with 48 Volt Phantom power and 75 Hz Low cut, Compressor on each mic channel, Internal Klark...

LD Systems Maui 11 Mix

PA Set


Compact plug and play column system for monitor- and PA-applications, Unobtrusive optics for discrete applications, Integrated three channel mixer,...

LD Systems Dave 12 G3

PA Bundle


2x Class A/B Amplifiers, 2x XLR + 2x Cinch inputs, Ferritin tweeter and woofer, 15 mm MDF Housing with black texture paint, M20 Flange

Radial Engineering USB-Pro

USB Stereo DI Box


For audio streaming with laptop or PC, 24 Bit/ 96 kHz, USB Input (Type B), 2x XLR male out, Adjustable level, Switchable mono sum, 3.5 mm Stereo...

HK Audio PR:O 18/PR:O 15 D Bundle

2x HK Audio Premium PR:O 15 D


Active Full-Range Cabinet, DSP with Plug and Play without complicated menu structures, Integrated control of functions such as EQ, X-Over,...

Gator Speaker Stand Bag GPA-50

Tripod bag


Suitable for 2 speaker stands or 6 microphone stands, Big 50 " interior, Water resistant, Reinforced carrying handles

Westone AM Pro30

Universal In-Ear Earphones


SLED technology for the isolation of ambient noise, Suitable for live use and tape rehearsals, Three-way, Passive crossover, 124 dB SPL at 1 mW,...

LD Systems Road Buddy 10 HBH 2

Portable battery-operated Bluetooth speaker


With an integrated mixer, wireless microphone, and wireless headset microphone, Integrated Media Player with Bluetooth, a USB stick, and SD card...

LD Systems MEI 1000 G2 B5

UHF Wireless In-Ear System


Consists of 9.5" stereo transmitter MEI 1000 T, 1x pocket receiver MEI 1000 BPR and 1 x headphones, Up to 10 systems parallel, Mono / stereo,...

LD Systems Road Buddy 10 HHD 2

Portable battery-operated Bluetooth speaker


With integrated mixer and 2x wireless microphones, Integrated Media Player with Bluetooth, a USB stick, and SD card for MP3, WAV, and WMA formats,...