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Behringer SX2442FX

24-Channel Mixer


16 XLR mic inputs, XENYX Mic preamps, Neo-classic BRITISH 3-band EQ, 2 FX processors with 100 presets, Stereo 9-band graphic EQ, FBQ Feedback...

BMS 4590-8

2" Coaxial Driver


8 Ohm, 4 x M6, Pitch circle diameter 101.6mm, Extremely high quality mid-high driver from 500 Hz - innovative, high tech

Midas M32 Live Bundle

Midas M32 Live


Digital Mixing Console, 32 XLR Inputs with Midas preamps, 16 XLR outputs, 25 Mix buses, 8 DCA and 6 Mute groups, 8 Stereo effects, 40-Bit floating...

Monacor DN-1218 PAX

Two-way Crossover


For 8 Ohm loudspeakers, Max. input power 600 W

LD Systems SAT 442 G2 W

Installation column loudspeaker for wall mounting


Speaker terminals, Incl. wall mount

BMS 4591 8 Ohm

2" Driver


Plastic housing, MU Metal shielding, Speaker terminals, Wall mount included

the t.amp PSD-2 Connection Panel

Connection panel


1U Panel, 2x XLR input / output, 4x Speaker twist outputs, 4-Section cable system, 1.5 mm² Speaker cable

Soundcraft LX-7 II 24

Live Mixing Console


24 Mono, 2 stereo channels with new GB30 preamps and filters, 4-Band EQ with 2-fold parametric mids, 100 Hz impact sound filter, 2 Stereo returns,...

the box pro Achat Amprack L

Amp Rack


Consisting of:, 1x the t.racks Achat DSP 24, 1x power strip, 1x Achat connection panel, 1x Thon 5U Case, Completely wired and set up!

Yamaha MGP32X

32-Channel Mixing Console


24 Microphone inputs with + 48v phantom power and high pass filter, 4 Stereo inputs, 4 Aux Sends + 2 FX sends, 4 Group buses, 2 Matrix outputs, 1...

Yamaha MGP24X

24-Channel Mixer Console


16 Mic inputs with +48V phantom power and high pass filter, 4 Stereo inputs, 4 Aux sends + 2 FX sends, 4 Group buses, 2 Matrix outputs, 1 Mono...

the t.amp Amprack 2240 Bundle

the t.amp TSA 4000


Switched-mode Power Supply Amplifier, 2x 1500 W/ 4 Ohm, 2x 1000 W/ 8 Ohm, 1x 2865 W/ 8 Ohm (bridge mode), XLR input and output, Speaker twist...

JBL Crossover JRX 125



For JRX 125 cabinet, Complete, with connection panel

Behringer SX3242FX



32 channels, 24 XLR microphone inputs, XENYX microphone preamps, Neo-classic BRITISH 3-band EQ, 2 FX processors with 100 presets, Stereo 9-band...

Soundcraft Lx-7 II 32

Live Mixer


32 Mono and 2 stereo channels with new GB30 preamps and filters, 4-Band EQ with 2x parametric mids, 100 Hz low cut filter, 2 Stereo returns, 4...

Allen & Heath ZED-428



24 Mic/Line Inputs, 2 Dual Stereo Inputs, DuoPre Preamp with 69 dB Gain range, 6 AUX Sends, USB Send and Return, 4-Band EQ with 2 x semi parametric...

BMS 4590-16

2" Coaxial Driver


150 W RMS, 16 Ohm, 4 x M6, Pitch circle diameter 101.6mm, Extremely high quality mid-high driver from 500 Hz, Innovative, high tech

BMS 4592ND-16

Coaxial Driver


4 x M6, Pitch circle diameter 101.6mm

Bose PS 602P PowerShare

Power Amplifier


2 XLR/Jack combination inputs, 2 Speaker Twist outputs, Limiter

the box pro Achat Amprack M

Amp Rack


1x the t.amp TSA 4-700 Power amplifier with switched-mode power, 1x the t.racks Achat DSP 24, 1x power strip, 1x Achat connection panel, 1x Thon 3U...

Behringer X Air XR18

18-Channel Digital Mixer


Remote controlled via built-in router with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and multi-channel USB audio interface, 16 Mic/Line XLR/Combo jack inputs, 6 AUX /...

Bose S1 Pro System

Active All-in-One PA-System


Can be used as a stage monitor, practice amp, and as a primary music system, With Bose S1 Pro battery pack - rechargeable lithium-ion battery with...

Shure SE215-CL

Dynamic Sound Isolating In-ear Headphones


Dynamic MicroDriver for warm sound with dynamic bass, Shields over 90% of ambient noise, Suitable for in-ear monitoring as well as MP3 player,...

the box pro DSP 18 Sub

Active Subwoofer


Groundlift shape and phase switch, Switchable low-pass filter 90/120 Hz, M20 screw thread for spacing rod

the t.amp E-800

Stereo Amplifier


Short circuit protection, Protection against overheating, Limiter, Standby circuit

dB Technologies ES602

PA Complete Set


Can be used individually as a compact mono system or in combination with two es602 as a more powerful stereo system, Includes 1 height-adjustable...

LD Systems MEI 1000 G2

UHF Wireless In-Ear System


Consists of 9.5" stereo transmitter MEI 1000 T, body pack receiver MEI 1000 BPR, and earphones, Up to 8 systems simultaneously, and 160 selectable...

Behringer Xenyx 1202FX

12 Channel mixer with effect processor


4 Mic inputs with phantom power, 3-Band EQ, low cut and peak LEDs, 4 Stereo inputs, Internal 24-bit multi effect device, Master faders, Master out...

Stairville Stage Tape 400BK

Fabric Tape


All-purpose tape

Fun Generation Satmix 2.1

Active 2.1 PA System with DSP and Bluetooth


Consists of one active 10" subwoofer and two passive 6x 2.75" satellites, 4-Channel mixer integrated into the subwoofer, Music playback via...

Yamaha Stagepas 400BT

Mini-PA System Bluetooth Function


Consisting of 2x passive 2-way boxes and 8-channel power mixers, Power mixers and speaker cables can be stored in the boxes for transportation,...

JBL Control 1Pro Pair

Pair of 2-Way Small Loudspeakers with Wall Mount


Plastic housing, MU Metal shielding, Speaker terminals, Wall mount included

Behringer Powerplay P2

Headphone Amplifier


Very compact headphone amplifier for in-ear monitoring, XLR and jack input (combined, lockable), 3.5 mm Mini-jack jack for earphones, Built-in...

Millenium Multi Speaker Wallmount MSW1

Speaker Wall Mount


Tilt and swivel, Adjustable tilt, Suitable for 36 mm standard flange mount


Active DI Box (Battery/ Phantom Powered)


Output with ground lift, Galvanic isolation

Alpine MusicSafe Pro - Black Edition

Hearing Protection


Black Edition, 2-Fold Lamella-System, Medical and thermoplastic material for perfect fit and maximum comfort, Hardly visible in the ear, No...

the box Speaker 18-500/8-A



Aluminium die-cast chassis

Behringer PMP 4000

Power Mixer


16 Channel (8 Mono, 4 Stereo), Class-D Power amp technology 2x 800W/4 ohm (1600W bridged), 24-Bit multieffects processor, FBQ Feedback Detection,...

Swissonic Basic Router

Wireless Router


Dual Band (2.4 and 5 GHz), 1 WAN port, 4 LAN ports, Includes 9 V power supply

the box Speaker 12-280/8-W



Aluminium die casting

Gator G-Mixerbag-1306

Transport Bag with Accessory Compartment


Suitable for all mixers from the X-Air Series, 10 mm foam padding, Handles and shoulder strap, Also suitable for Behringer SD8 and SD16 Stagebox

Furman M-10x E

Power Conditioner 19" / 1U


Power filter and power distribution with 10 A maximum output current (2300 Watt), AC noise filtering to reduce radio frequency and electromagnetic...

EV ELX 115

Passive multifunction speaker


Equipped with 15" woofer / 1.5" compression driver, Tripod / Stand flange mount

LD Systems Maui 28 G2 Sat Bag

Nylon Bag


For the column elements of the Maui 28 G2 systems, With handle

Millenium MCT-20

Professional Cable Tester


LED error indicator, Battery testing LED, Logical and unambiguous LED indicator, Incl. measuring tips, CAT5 (ethernet)

the box Speaker 15-300/8-A



Diecast aluminum chassis

Fischer Amps AA - 2850 mAh

NiMH Battery


AA Mignon format, 1.2 Volt, No memory effect

Behringer VP1800S

Professional 1600 Watt 18" Subwoofer


Built-in speaker stand flange, 2 Speaker twist

Apart CM608

High Quality 2-Way Built-In Speaker


40/60 Watt sine wave/music, 8 Ohm, 6.5"/1" Coaxial system, Ideal for at home, in restaurants or in hotels, Can be used with a hi-fi amplifier

Swissonic SA 125

Power Mixer


100 V or low-resistant (min. 4 Ohm) loudspeaker connectors, 4 Microphone/ line inputs with 24V phantom power, Aux input, Line output, Sum EQ

Soundcraft Ui16

16-Channel Digital Mixer


Tablet/PC/smartphone controlled, With integrated stagebox and DSP, Integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet, Soundcraft preamps and soundcraft mixer...

dB Technologies DVA Mini Set M2M + M2S

Line Array Loudspeaker Set


Consisting of an active and a passive module, Built-in DSP with 8 presets, Input via XLR cable, Connection to passive speaker via the supplied cable

JBL Control 1 Amp Set

the t.amp E-400


Stereo Power Amplifier, With low rack installation depth of just 308 mm, 2 x 190 W at 4 ohms, 2 x 120 W at 8 ohms (@ 1 kHz, THD

the box Speaker 10-250/8-A



Aluminium die cast chassis

Swissonic PA 3

Installation Power Amplifier


1 stereo RCA input, 1 stereo RCA output, 1 XLR input and output, 1 Jack input and output, Binding post for loudspeakers 70 V / 100 V / 4 Ohm

Warnex Structure Paint Black 1Kg

Structure Paint,


Fast drying 1K aqueous paint with very good surface hardness, Black, semi matte

Flyht Pro Case Behringer X Air XR18


Plastic housing, MU Metal shielding, Speaker terminals, Wall mount included

Superlux HMD685A

Single-Ear Intercom Headset


For IS103 Intercom System, Closed, Dynamic, Noise isolation, 1.5 Meter connection cable with 4 pin XLR female connector

Midland G7 Pro Case Set 4

Intercom Case Set


By Alan Electronics, Comprising 4x Dual Band LPD/PMR handheld transceivers for professional and recreational use, 8 Channels, Hands free VOX...

JBL Control 1 Pro Ersatz Woofer



For Control 1 pro, Magnetically shielded

Neutrik NBNC75BLP9

75 Ohm Cable Connector


With black spout, CommScope 5565, Draka 0.8 / 3.7 AF, 755-801 (803, 804), Gepco VPM2000, Suhner S0426, Sommer 600-0451, 600-162 (F), Sommercable...

Celestion G12M-65 Creamback 8 Ohm

Speaker for Guitar Amp


Ceramic magnet speaker, Made in England

Behringer ZMX2600

Stereo Zone Mixer


2 Stereo and 4 mono XLR inputs, 6 Stereo zone outputs via XLR, with each featuring source 1 and 2 level controls, Stereo / Mono switch for each...

beyerdynamic DT-297-PV/80 MKII

Headset combo


Innovative goose neck for microphone arm, Incl. Windshield

Fane Sovereign 8-225



Plastic housing, MU Metal shielding, Speaker terminals, Wall mount included

HK Audio Spare Diaphragm PR:O 12/15

Replacement Diaphragm


Lucas Performer, ELIAS PX, Sica CD83.26

Neutrik Rean NYS 373-2

RCA Connector


Gold plated contacts, Made by Rean (registered Trademark of Neutrik AG), Price per piece

RCF HD 3216/T

Compact Horn Speaker


With high directivity and good speech intelligibility, Integrated high-pass filter, UV-stable, self-extinguishing ABS housing, IP 66 Protection...

Visaton EX 80 S

Electro dynamical exciter


For stimulating bending waves on plates, The unit can be attached to the surface of the plate by gluing or screwing

Visaton FRS 8M

Full-range speaker


30 W RMS, 8 Ohm, 88 db / w / m, 100 to 20,000 Hz (-10 dB), The high quality, moisture-impregnated metal chassis suited for use in column speakers...

Eminence APT80 V2



Extremely linear frequency response, 45 W RMS at 3.5 kHz, 85 W RMS at 5 kHz crossover frequency, 3.5 k - 20 k

Amphenol EP-5-12 Male

Professional Metal Connector


For fixing to cable, Robust metal housing, Durable thermoplastic insert with contacts made of a highly conductive copper alloy, For cables up to 12...

Soundcraft RM epm 8 / efx 8 Rackmount



For Soundcraft EPM 8 / EFX 8

the box pro Hochtöner DSP 115

Spare Tweeter


For DSP 115, 1 3/8" Screw connection

K&M Thumbwheel Alu BK

Knurled Aluminium Disc


Lock nut knurled for microphone stands