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dB Technologies HT-Ready 4 - Band 7

Handheld Transmitter


Suitable for the Ready 4 Mk2, Band 7, 16 Switchable frequencies

Sennheiser SL Tablestand & Receiver Set

Sennheiser SL Tablestand 133-S DW 3


Digital 1.9 GHz Wireless Tripod, Speechline series, Suitable for all Sennheiser 3-pole gooseneck microphones, Wireless charging via Qi Charging or...

LD Systems U508 CS 4

Wireless Conference System


4 Channels, 4x XLR balanced audio output, Audio output "Mix" XLR balanced, BNC antenna connector, 55 Channels in 6 groups, OLED display

LD Systems U508 CST

Call station base for U 500 conference systems


60 Channels in 6 groups, Gain control, High-pass filter, High-contrast OLED display, Different operating modes, Number of simultaneously open...

dB Technologies VH 519 Mini Jack

Mini Jack Plug


Stereo, Suitable for all db radio systems with bodypacks from the 850/860 series

Samson Airline Taschensender AL2 E3


Non-Diversity receiver with adjustable balanced jack output, Up to 30 hours of operation with one AA battery, HDAP Technology (High Definition...

Harley Benton AirBorne Instrument

2.4 GHz Wireless system


Set with Plug-N-Play transmitter and receiver, Integrated rechargeable 750 mAh lithium battery, Range up to 30 m, 2.4 GHz band, 24 Bit / 48KHz, 4...

AKG WMS 40 Mini Dual Vocal

2-Channel UHF Wireless System with Dynamic Hand Transmitters


Non-Diversity receiver with adjustable balanced jack output, Up to 30 hours of operation with one AA battery, HDAP Technology (High Definition...

Rode Wireless GO

Digital Audio Link for Videographers


System of transmitter and receiver in ultra-compact and lightweight design, 2.4 GHz band, Charging via USB-C socket, Up to 8 systems can be...

the t.bone TWS Headset 863 MHz

the t.bone TWS 16 PT 863 MHz


16 Channel UHF Wireless-System, 9.5" Diversity receiver, Bodypack (line/mic switchable) with 3-pin mini XLR connection (AKG compatible), 14...

Line6 Relay G10 Transmitter

2.4 GHz Plug and Play Wireless Transmitter


Suitable for G10 systems or as a supplement for the Spider V series from Spider V 60 with built-in Relay G10 receiver, Automatic frequency...

the t.bone Tour Guide Mini Receiver

Receiver for UHF guidance systems


16 Switchable frequencies in the ISM band (863 - 865 MHz), LCD display, Integrated lithium-polymer battery, Micro USB charging contact, 3.5 mm...

Sennheiser CL100

Connector cable


For EK 100, Screw-on mini-jack to XLR male unbalanced

Shure GLXD14/B98



Beta instrument series, Digital 2,4 GHz wireless-system, GLXD1 pocket transmitter, Beta98 H/C clip microphone, Up to 8 systems in parallel,...

XVive U3C Microphone Wireless System

Digital wireless microphone transceiver system


For use with condenser microphones, Works without battery or mains power, Integrated rechargeable lithium rechargeable battery, Range up to 20 m /...

Rode TX-M2

Wireless Microphone


Hand transmitter for RØDELink radio link, Charge and registration free 2.4 GHz band, Compatible with all RØDELink receivers, 1/2" Condenser...

Fun Generation BT Receiver

Bluetooth Receiver


Magnetic holder on the back, 2 Symmetrical 6.3 mm jack outputs, Includes power supply

AKG PW45 Sport Set ISM

UHF Wireless System


With bodypack and C 544 L headmic set, 9.5” Diversity receiver with integrated antennas, Adjustable output volume, XLR out, Bodypack operates...

Shure BLX24/PG58 S8

UHF Wireless System


PG Vocal series, PG58 handheld transmitter, Up to 7 systems simultaneously, Pilot tone, Microprocessor-controlled antenna diversity, Quick-Scan...

the t.bone Tour Guide TG 16 R

Receiver for UHF Transmitters


16 Switchable frequencies within ISM Band (863 - 865 MHz), Up to 3 parallel systems, Channel and power LED, Internal lithium battery, Charging...

the t.bone TWS 16 PT 863 MHz

16 Channel UHF Wireless-System


9.5" Diversity receiver, Bodypack (line/mic switchable) with 3-pin mini XLR connection (AKG compatible), 14 Frequencies from 16 switchable channels...

Rode RodeLink Filmmaker Kit

Digital Audio Radio Link for Videographers Incl. Rode Lavalier Microphone


2.4 GHz band, 128-Bit encryption signal, 8 Selectable channels, One-touch pairing, Latency, Power supply via microUSB connector or two AA...

Shure BLX14/P98H T11

UHF Wireless System


Beta instrument series, With BLX1 pocket transmitter and PGA98H clip microphone, Up to 3 systems simultaneously, Pilot tone,...

the t.bone free2b

Wireless transmission system


2.4-GHz plug-on system for dynamic microphones, Ready-to-use set consisting of transmitter and receiver, 2.4 GHz band suitable for worldwide...

Shure SB900A

Li-Ion BatteryService life for ULXD 1 mW and 10 mW up to 11 h, for 20 mW up to 8 h, otherwise approximately 30% more than AA batteries


3.7 V / 1320 mAh, PSM900 - only P9RA and P9RA+ - not P9R, PSM1000, SLX, FP, QLX-D, ULX-D, Axient Digital - AD1 and AD2 only - not ADX1 and ADX2

LD Systems LDWS100MH3

Aerobic Headset


For WS 100 radio systems, 3-Pin TQG plug

the t.bone Wireless Transmitter Holder

Bag for Wireless Transmitter


For beltpacks or transmitter boxes, For guitar belts up to max. 5 cm width

Swissonic Bluetooth Receiver

Bluetooth Transmission System


XLR output, Built-in battery, Includes USB micro charging cable

Shure GLXD24/Beta58

Wireless System


Beta Vocal Series, Digital 2,4 GHz Wireless System, Transmitter power 10 mW, Up to 8 systems simultaneously, Automatic frequency setup, Pilot tone,...

the t.bone TWS 16 HeadmiKeD 863 MHz Set

the t.bone TWS 16 PT 863 MHz


16 Channel UHF Wireless-System, 9.5" Diversity receiver, Bodypack (line/mic switchable) with 3-pin mini XLR connection (AKG compatible), 14...

Sennheiser Replacement Antenna 576131

Replacement Antenna


For EW EM receiver and SR transmitter G3 series as well as receiver of the XSW series, Successor of the antenna 522419

Shure GLXD16

Wireless System


Beta Instrument series, Digital 2.4 GHz wireless system, GLXD1 bodypack transmitter, GLXD6 Pedal receiver, Up to 8 systems in parallel, Automatic...

Sennheiser EW 112P G4 E-Band

UHF Wireless Camera System


Consists of SK 100 G4 bodypack transmitter, EK 100 G4 pocket receiver and ME 2 condenser lavalier microphone, 42 MHz switching bandwidth, 20...

Shure SB902

Battery Pack


Suitable for GLX-D wireless systems, Up to 16 hours of battery life, Expiry indicator on the display of the receiver, 1.5 hours of battery life...

the t.bone Tour Guide Set III

the t.bone Tour Guide TG C18


Charging Station, With 18 slots for TG 16 R and TG 16 T bodypacks, Power supply via included 15 V / 3.3 A adapter, Status LED, Black housing,...

Alto Stealth Wireless

Stereo Wireless System


Compatible with all active loudspeakers, Faster setups and teardowns, Eliminates bothersome cable runs, Dual-channel transmitter with two XLR / 6.3...

Line6 TBP 06

Single Pocket Transmitter


For Relay G30 Systems, 2.4GHz, 6 Switchable frequencies, Frequency response 10 - 20,000 Hz, Dynamic range 118 dB, Range up to 30 meters (depending...

LD Systems LDWS100DA Directional Antenna

Directional Antenna


BNC connector, 3/8" threaded connector for microphone stands, 50 Ohms, 1 Pair!!!


Bodypack Transmitter


From Perception Wireless series, Operated with 1x AA battery or standard NiMH rechargeable battery


Pocket Transmitter


2.4 GHz band, 128-bit encryption signal, One Button Pairing, Powered by microUSB connector or 2 AA batteries, Firmware update via MicroUSB...

Sennheiser XSW 1-825 Dual E-Band Vocal

Diversity UHF Wireless System


With antenna diversity, Set consisting of 2x SKM 825-XSW handheld transmitter with dynamic capsule (cardioid pattern) and 1x EM-XSW1 DUAL desktop...

Sennheiser ME 2-II EW-Series

Condenser lavalier microphone


Suitable for AVX evolution Wireless D1, XS Wireless 1, XS Wireless 2, Evolution Wireless, Integrated windshield

the t.bone free solo Antenna Splitter

4 Channel Antenna Splitter


UHF Wideband, 500 - 900 MHz, 2 BNC inputs (9V DC for remote active antennas / boosters), 8 BNC outputs, 4 DC outlets, 19" 1U, Power supply, antenna...

XVive Wireless System U2 Black

2.4 GHz Wireless System


Set with transmitter and receiver - both with battery and without power supply to operate, Built-in, rechargeable lithium battery, Frequency range...

Shure BLX188/CVL Combo T11

Dual UHF Wireless System


PG Presenter Combo, 2x BLX1 pocket transmitters, 2x CVL lavalier microphones, Pilot tone, Microprocessor controlled antenna diversity, QuickScan...

Shure GLXD-RE14/B98

Wireless Instrument Microphone Set


GLXD Advanced Instrument System, Digital 2.4 GHz wireless system consisting of 9.5" GLXD4RE receiver, GLXD1 pocket transmitter and Beta98...

the t.bone Tour Guide Mini Bundle

the t.bone Tour Guide Mini C12


Charger for up to 12 bodypacks, With red / green status LEDs, Including external power supply 5 V DC 4 A, Incl. nylon carrying bag with zipper and...

Denon DN-202 Bundle

Denon DN-202WT


Wireless Audio Transmitter, Transmitter unit for operation with DN-202WR, Wireless audio receiver with range up to 30 m, Transmisson to multiple...

XVive U3 Microphone Wireless System

Digital Wireless Microphone Transceiver System


Works without battery or mains power, For use with dynamic microphones, Integrated rechargeable lithium battery, Frequency bandwidth 20 Hz - 20...

Line6 TX75 Handheld

Dynamic handheld transmitter for XD-V75 System


2.4GHz, 14 Switchable frequencies, Frequency response 10 - 20.000 Hz, Dynamic range 118 dB, Microphone clip included

Line6 XD-AD8 Splitter

Antenna Splitter for Line6 19" Units


Suitable for up to 8 receivers, BNC Inputs and outputs, 19"/ 1U, Cascadable, Incl. BNC terminator connector and cable for power supply for receiver

Levys Wireless Holder MM4


Non-Diversity receiver with adjustable balanced jack output, Up to 30 hours of operation with one AA battery, HDAP Technology (High Definition...

the t.bone freeU Twin HT 863

2-Channel UHF Wireless System with Handheld Transmitter


Dynamic capsule, 4 Preprogrammed frequency groups, each with 4 channels, Auto squelch, Frequency scanning at the receiver, Adjustable AF out, 10 mW...

Sennheiser XSW 1-ME3 E-Band Headset

Diversity UHF Wireless System


With antenna diversity, Bodypack transmitter, ME 3-II condenser headset microphone with cardioid polar pattern, 24 MHz switching bandwidth, 8...

the t.bone free solo Twin PT823 HeadmiKeD

the t.bone free solo Twin PT 823 MHz


2-Channel UHF Wireless System, With 2 pocket transmitters, 8 Pre-programmed frequency groups with 8 available channels each, 1 User channel,...

Sennheiser A2003

Passive UHF directional antenna


BNC Connector, 3/8" Thread for mic stands, 460 - 960 MHz

Line6 Relay G30

2.4 GHz Guitar and Bass Wireless Transmitter


6 Switchable frequencies, LED chains for status and battery display, Switchable EQ settings for simulating various guitar cables, Compact and...

Sennheiser XSW-D XLR Base Set

Digital Radio Link


XSW-D Plug-on transmitter XLR female, XSW-D Receiver XLR male, Incl. charging cable USB-A to USB-C

the t.bone free solo Antenna Bundle

the t.bone free solo Paddle


UHF Wideband Directional Antenna Set, 500 - 900 MHz, +3 / +10 dB switchable amplification, -14 dB reverse attenuation, BNC antenna connection, 3/8"...

Shure BLX14/B98 S8

UHF Wireless-System


Beta instrument series, BLX1 pocket transmitter and Beta98 H/C clip microphone, Up to 7 systems simultaneously, Pilot tone,...

Shure GLXD1

Digital 2.4GHz Wireless Pocket Transmitter


Metal casing, Up to 16 hours of battery life, Up to 60 meters range, Incl. Shure lithium-ion battery

Sennheiser HDE-2020-D V2

6-Channel Stethoset Receiver


In narrowband technology, 6 Switchable channels (UHF-Band 863 - 865 MHz), Automatic start-up when put on, Volume control with the rotary wheel,...

Denon DN-202WR

Wireless Audio Receiver


For operation with DN-202WT, Wireless audio receiver with range up to 30 m, Multiple DN-202WR can be used in one system, Adjustable antennas ensure...

LD Systems LDWS100MH1

Aerobic Headset for WS100 Radio Systems


Non-Diversity receiver with adjustable balanced jack output, Up to 30 hours of operation with one AA battery, HDAP Technology (High Definition...

LD Systems MEI 100 G2 BPR

UHF Wireless InEar receiver


96 Switchable frequencies (8 groups & 12 channels), Frequency range 823 - 832 and 863 - 865 MHz, Integrated limiter up to +12 dB, Headphones out,...

the box MBA120W Handheld

Extension module for MBA 120 W


Includes 1 receiver module, 1 hand-held transmitter and 1 receiving antenna

AKG DSR 800 Band 1

Digital 2 channel true diversity receiver


Frequency band 1 (548,100 - 605,900 MHz + 614,100 - 697,900 MHz), Metal housing, 512 bit AKG signal encryption, 150 MHz switching bandwidth, Quick...

AKG CU 400

Quick Charging Station


For WMS 40/420/450/470 transmitters, 2 Load compartments for hand or pocket transmitters, Including 2 x battery AA and power supply

Neutrik NXPA-14-40-35

Xirium X


5 GHz antenna 14 dBi 40° H 35° V

Line6 XD-V75HS Tan

Wireless System


2.4 GHz Wireless system with bodypack and condenser headset microphone, Omnidirectional, With TA4F MiniXLR connector, Beige, 14 Switchable channels...

the t.bone freeU Twin PT 863 Hm-D Bundle

the t.bone freeU Twin PT 863


2-Channel UHF Wireless System, With bodypack transmitter and guitar cable for instrument applications, 4 Pre-programmed frequency groups each with...

Sennheiser XSW 1-825 E-Band Vocal Set

Diversity UHF Wireless System


With antenna diversity, Dynamic E825 capsule, 24 MHz Bandwidth, 8 Frequency banks with up to 10 presets for each, Integrated antennae, Scan...

Sennheiser ASA 214

Active Antenna Splitter for the UHF Range from 470 - 865 MHz


Cascadable, With 4-fold voltage distribution, Supplies up to four diversity receivers and two antenna amplifiers, Includes NT1-1 power supply,...

AKG PW45 Presenter Set ISM

UHF Wireless System


With pocket transmitter and CK 99 L Lavalier microphone, 4 switchable frequencies in the frequency range ISM 863.100 to 864.900 MHz, 9.5" Diversity...

the t.bone TWS 600 Ovid Sax Bundle

the t.bone TWS 16 PT 600 MHz


UHF Wireless System, 9.5" Diversity receiver, Bodypack transmitter (line/mic switchable) with 3-pin mini XLR connection (AKG compatible), 16...