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Sennheiser E 906

Dynamic Instrument Microphone


"Evolution" series, Especially suitable for electric guitar, snare drum, brass, Incl. microphone holder MZQ 100 and pocket

Sennheiser E 904

Dynamic Tom Microphone


Especially for tom and snare recording, Robust metal chassis, Incl. special tom holder, Bag included

the t.bone CD 55

Dynamic Drum Microphone


Special drum microphone for toms and snare with special rim clamp, Massive housing

Sennheiser E604

Dynamic Instrument Microphone


Ideal e.g. for toms, snare, percussion, Glass-fibre reinforced, robust plastic housing, Insensitive to impact and structure borne sound, Highest...

Audix D2

Special Microphone for Toms


Professional dynamic microphone, Hypercardioid, 44 - 18 kHz, 250 Ω, Suitable for congas etc.!

Sennheiser E608

Dynamic Clip On Microphone


E.g. for winds recording, Gooseneck, XLR Plug, Bag included

EV PL 35

Dynamic Microphone


For drums, Supercardioid, Metal body, Incl. integrated swivel, and DRC-1 drum rim clamp

Audix i-5

Special Micro for Snare DrumThe Audix I-5 is a dynamic microphone for stage and studio instrument micing. It is particularly suitable for loud instruments such as Snare or electric guitar etc and due to its absolutely professional processing is particularl


Micing from above and below possible, Professional dynamic microphone, Frequency response 50 - 16 kHz, Impedance 150 ohms, Max. SPL 140 dB, Also...

Shure Beta 98 D/S

Condenser Miniature Microphone


Especially for snare and toms, Rim holder A98D, Microphone case, RPM626 Preamplifier, TQG Connection cable (460 cm) C98, Windscreen, Optional...

DPA d:vote Core 4099 Drum

Condenser Clip-On Microphone


Especially for drums, Gooseneck length 140 mm (suitable extension to 220 mm available under Art.294624), Removable cable, Cable length 1.8 meters,...

Audix D2-Trio

Microphone Set


Set of 3 pieces, Dynamic microphones specifically for toms, Suitable for conga, bongo, guitar, woodwinds/ brass, percussion etc., Max. SPL 144 dB

the t.bone CD 56 beta

Instrument Microphone


Dynamic, For snare/ tom, Fixed microphone holder with 3/8" thread

Audio-Technica ATM230

Dynamic Instrument Microphone


Specifically for toms, snare and other percussion instruments, Incl. AT8665 drum holder and pocket

SE Electronics V Beat

Dynamic Instrument Microphone


Ideal for Toms, Snare and Percussion, The integrated shock-mount decouples the capsule from vibrations and shocks, Integrated draft shield, Robust...

Audix F9


"Evolution" series, Especially suitable for electric guitar, snare drum, brass, Incl. microphone holder MZQ 100 and pocket

Telefunken M81 SH

Microphone for tom's


Dynamic, Boundary sound pressure level:> 135 dB, Includes microphone clip holder, 2 drum mounts, pocket, 5 m XLR cable with angled plug


Large-diaphragm Dynamic Instrument Microphone


Specifically for toms and snare drum, Tiltable microphone head, 2.4 mV/Pa, Black zinc die-cast housing, ABS Polycarbonate, Incl. DRX-2 rim clamp...

Audio-Technica ATM350D

Condenser Clip Microphone with Drum Mount


Modular design for high flexibility with various available brackets and capsules, Switchable low-cut filter at 80 Hz, 200 Ohms, -49 dB (3.5 mV) re...