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Roland V-02HD Micro Video Switcher

Multi-Format Video Mixer


Compact dimensions, fits in most equipment cases and camera bags, Thread for standard video tripod allows convenient mounting on a tripod, Allows...

Roland V-1HD

Video Switcher


Transportable and simple, With 4 ports of HDMI audio / video sources up to 1080p, Compositing effects and video switching options, Ideal for live...

Roland XS-1HD

Matrix Switcher


With four HDMI Type A inputs and outputs each, Ideal for live productions, permanent installations, conferences etc., Each input has a high-quality...

Roland V-4EX

Roland V-4EX Video Mixer


HDMI In / Out, Audio embedding, USB Streaming and integrated touch screen makes the device ideal tool for video and audio editing, USB Streaming...

Roland V-60HD

HD Video Switcher


Versatile applications such as e.g. live events and streaming applications, Combines SDI inputs with scalable HDMI inputs, Powerful audio features...

Roland VR-1HD

AV Streaming Mixer


Interaction in real time, Plug-and-play broadcast studio, Editing software offers impressive layering options for upload videos, Integrated...

Roland V-40HD Multi-Format Switcher

Multi-Format Live Video Switcher


Full support - not only for video signals from cameras, but also for computer outputs - in a large number of resolutions, 4 Inputs (HDMI / RGB /...

Roland V-1 SDI

Video Switcher


Support for SDI and HDMI cameras, smartphones, tablets and PCs etc., Easy to use, Supports up to Full HD 1080p, 3x 3G-SDI and 2x HDMI inputs, 2x...

Roland VP-42H Video Processor

Video Processor


Combines up to 4 HDMI video sources on a single output, Simultaneous connection and switching of different resolutions, Motion scene switching for...

Roland VR-3EX

All-in-One AV Mixer


With integrated USB port for web streaming and recording., The next generation AV mixer that combines SD Performance, HDMI inputs / outputs, USB...