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Manikin-Electronic Berlin School Collection

Sample CD


Multisamples for memotron, 24 different sounds / instruments

Manikin-Electronic Harrys Collection

Sample CD for MemotronIncludes:


Violin, Saxophone, Accordion, Bass clarinet, Electric guitar, Hawaiian guitar, Male voice, Muted trombone

Manikin-Electronic Memotron Vintage Collection 5

Sample CD


For Memotron, M2D and M2K

Manikin-Electronic Streetly Tron CD 50th Annivers

Soundset with 24 sounds for the memotron


50th Anniversary Collection, CD

Manikin-Electronic Memotron Vintage Collection 4

Sample CD


The VINTAGE Collection 4 for the manikin MEMOTRON

Manikin-Electronic Memotron Vintage Collection 2

Sample CDTronexpert Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock opened his huge library of more than a hundred different tape frames, which he carefully transferred tone by tone directly from 43 well maintained different trons in original length.


Vintage Collection 2, Offers the lover 12 "new old" sounds in the style of e.g. GENESIS, YES, KING CRIMSON or LED ZEPPELIN