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Make Noise Morphagene

Eurorack Module


Sample and microsound module for recording, manipulating and reproducing sounds, Up to 87 seconds sample time can be divided into up to 99 single...

Strymon Magneto

Tape Delay and Looper


Eurorack module, 4 Playback heads and 1 recording head, Varispeed algorithm, Self-oscillating for sound generation, Independent spring reverb,...

Erica Synths Sample Drum

Eurorack module


Sampler / Sample Player for live performances, Two identical channels (A / B) allow recording, playback and editing of samples, 6 Encoder knobs for...

1010music bitbox

Eurorack Module


Sampler and Looper, Simultaneous playback of up to 16 samples from the internal memory, Direct stream of up to 4 samples in real time from Micro SD...

Tiptop Audio One

Mono Sample Player for Eurorack systems


Offers different trigger and gate modes, Minimal latency for analogue feel in normal trigger mode (0.25 milliseconds), Free and chromatic pitch...