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Yamaha PA-150 Power Adapter

Switching Power Supply


Suitable for Yamaha P140, PSR-420, PSR-620, P 60, RM1X, NP-V80 NP-V60, NP-31/32 DGX-650/660, PSR-500, MDF2, MOX 6, PSR 420, PSR-E453, 12 V DC / 1.5...

Yamaha PA-130 B Power Adapter

Switched-mode power supply


Successor to the Yamaha PA-3, PSR-E263, PSR-E333, PSR-E343, PSR-E353, PSR-E433, PSR-E423, PSR-A300 Oriental, PSR-F50, PSR-F51, NP-11, NP-12,...

Korg Power Supply KA 320

Power Adapter


For Korg Krome, PA 500, PA 500 Musikant, PA 588, Korg M50, EMX-1 SD, Hollow plug with internal rod, Power cable included

Yamaha PA-300 C

Power Adapter


Replaces the power supply PA300 / 301 power supply, P 120 piano, Steinberg UR-824

Casio AD-A12150LW

Power supply unit


12 Volts DC, 1.5 A, Plus (+) inside

Schroeter - Yamaha FW8060/12

Central power supply for max. 7 PSR keyboards


Successor to the PA 10S and FW7405, Incl. european standard mains cord, Additional suitable connection cable available under Art. 172499

Kawai PS-129 Power Supply

Power supply


Suitable for the Kawai ES-100 / ES-110, 1500 mA, Polarity + on the inside

Casio AD-E24250LW

Power Supply


For Casio CT-X 5000, MZ-X300, MZ-X500, AP-460, AP-470, PX-860, PX-870

Korg KA-360 Power Supply

Power adapter


19 V / 3.42A, For SP-280, LP-380, Havian 30

Korg KA-380 Power Supply

Power adapter


For Korg PA-300, 15 V / 3000 mA, Including power cable

Crumar MOJO MJ-PS01 Power Supply

Replacement Power Adapter for Crumar Mojo


12 V DC Class II

Roland PSB-Adapterkabel

Adapter Cable


For older Roland keyboard models with ACJ, ACO, ACN and PSB-4U power supplies