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Millenium KB-2008 Red

Keyboard Bench


Height adjustable from 470 to 580 mm, Artificial leather cover

Malekko Varigate 8+


For iPhone, iPod touch, iPad as well as Mac / PC and Android devices (compatible with devices where Android 5.0 or later is installed and Samsung...

Verbos Electronics Multi-Envelope

Eurorack Module


Dual envelope with phase tap in different configurations at multiple outputs, Gate and trigger inputs, Order of the envelope parameters can be...

Industrial Music Electronics Stillson Hammer MKII

Eurorack Module


4-Channel CV / Gate Performance sequencer, 4 Separate channels, Each with pitch CV and gate track (2-16 steps), Per channel Quantizer with 14...

Yamaha b2 PE



Solid soundboard made of spruce, Black polished, Incl. piano bench, piano lamp and nationwide delivery, 5 Year warranty

Yamaha CVP-701 PE

Digital piano


Graded hammer 3X (GH3X) keyboard with 88 keys, escapement simulation and synthetic ivory keytops, Smooth release, Key off samples and virtual...

Ketron FS6

Foot switch


6-Way, Suitable for Ketron keyboards and arranger module (MS-40, MS-50, MS-60, MS-100, X series, XD series, SD series and Audya)

Yamaha CVP-701 PE Set

Yamaha CVP-701 PE


Digital piano, Graded hammer 3X (GH3X) keyboard with 88 keys, escapement simulation and synthetic ivory keytops, Smooth release, Key off samples...

Tiptop Audio SD909

Drum Module


TR-909 Snare Drum clone, Analog sound generator consisting of a binary noise generator and two modulated oscillators with triangular waveform,...

Casio AD-E24250LW

Power Supply


For Casio CT-X 5000, MZ-X300, MZ-X500, AP-460, AP-470, PX-860, PX-870

Korg KA-360 Power Supply

Power adapter


19 V / 3.42A, For SP-280, LP-380, Havian 30

Doepfer CTM 64

Contact to MIDI


Universal MIDI Out-retrofit, Including power adapter

Malekko Performance Buffered Mult


For iPhone, iPod touch, iPad as well as Mac / PC and Android devices (compatible with devices where Android 5.0 or later is installed and Samsung...

Intellijel Designs Mult

Multiple module


2x 4-Way passive

Moog Etherwave Theremin Powersupply

Power Supply


Suitable for the Theremin series

Doepfer A-174-2



With two modulation wheels, The factory setting is a spring loaded wheel on the left side with bipolar voltage output (i.e. 0V in the centre...

Dexibell DX STDL3

Wooden Stand


Suitable for Dexibell Classico L3

Doepfer A-198 (Module only)

Trautonium Controller


For connecting with the Doepfer ribbon controller, Produces a control voltage for the pitch of the oscillators

Roland System-500 Complete Set

Modular Synthesizer


Completely analog modular synthesizer with multiple oscillators, filters and effects, Vintage analogue sound in a high quality, modern instrument,...

Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Foundation Evo

Fully populated modular analog synthesizer


DUOPHON, Completely assembled in the 208 TE of the Heavy Duty Pittsburgh Modular Move Black (208 Eurorack) Case (modules can be rearranged),...

Steinway & Sons O-180

Grand Piano


Extremely precise and unique touch, Meets the highest demands and all technical requirements with a maximum of inspiration, Sound culture in its...

Yamaha PSR-E263



61 Standard keys, 384 Sounds + 16 Drum / SFX kits, 130 Preset styles, 102 Internal songs, 32-Voice polyphony, One Touch Setting, Metronome,...

Roland GO:KEYS



61 Ivory-touch box-shaped keys with velocity response, 128 Voice polyphony, Bluetooth 4.2, MIDI format compliant with GM2, Over 500 sounds, Multi...

Roli Seaboard Rise 49

USB MIDI controller with 49 Keywaves Buttons / Pads


New type of touch interaction, Customisable sensitivity for optimal experience, Shapes of sound colours in a surprisingly direct and intuitive way,...

IK Multimedia iRig Keys Pro

37-Key USB Controller Keyboard


For iPhone, iPod touch, iPad as well as Mac / PC and Android devices (compatible with devices where Android 5.0 or later is installed and Samsung...

Nektar Impact LX25+

USB MIDI Controller Keyboard


With 25 velocity-sensitive keys, Extensive DAW integration incl. Track volume and select, patch selection and much more, Adaptations to all common...

Jomox Alpha Base

Analog drum synthesizer


Analog Jomox kick, Analog Jomox MBrane voice with 2 connectable F-OSC for complex analog snare, percussion and tom sounds from 16 to 20,000 Hz, 2...

Arturia DrumBrute

Analogue Drum Machine


Steiner-Parker filter with two modes (Highpass and Lowpass) and direct bypass button, Individual control for each drum instrument, Up to 64 steps...

Roland A-800 Pro

MIDI Keyboard Controller


61 Velocity-Sensitive keys, 9 Knobs, 9 sliders and 13 buttons, all programmable, Transport control section, Active controller technology (ACT),...

Novation 61SL MKIII

Controller Keyboard with Sequencer


61 Semi-weighted and touch-sensitive keys with aftertouch, Pitch and modulation wheel, 16 Velocity-sensitive and illuminated RGB drum pads, 8...

Laney AH80

3-Channel multi function combo


For keyboard, vocals and acoustic guitar, 3 Channels, Graphic 5-band master EQ, Digital delay with feedback, time and level controls, Line out, 2...

Hammond Leslie 2101 MkII

Active Lesliebox


For XK-3, XK-2, XE-Serie, B-3 (each with 11-PIN connector), XK-3, XB-1, XM-1 (each with 8-PIN DIN connector), Authentic, original mechanical...

Gravity KSX 2 T

Tiltable Additional Shelf for GKSX Keyboard Stands


Simple and installation and adjustment, Variable tilt angle, Max. Support depth 400 mm, Max. Height 300 mm, Weight 1.8 kg, Includes black coding rings

Doepfer A-100PB PSU3

Substructure housing for modules


2x 84 HP, Removable lid with carrying handle, Steel ball corners

Korg DS1 H

Sustain Pedal


For SGproX piano, Enables half-damping with the SGproX, Infinitely adjustable (without fixed increments)

Haken Audio Continuum Full Size

Three Dimensional MIDI Controller


Integrated sound generation, Polyphonic sliding tones dynamically playable via pressure and in a vertical position, The fretboard simultaneously...

Doepfer A-119

External Input / Envelope Follower


For iPhone, iPod touch, iPad as well as Mac / PC and Android devices (compatible with devices where Android 5.0 or later is installed and Samsung...

Roland DK-01

Case and Tilt Stand for Roland Boutique Module


Easy docking station for Modules of Roland Boutique series, Modules can be docked quickly and easily, Two-position tilt stand for easy access to...

Erica Synths Black Wavetable VCO

Wavetable VCO MOdul


16 Banks of selected waveforms of classic synths, FM synths, Erica modular, vowels and more, Additional ROM chips with additional waveforms, Manual...

Intellijel Designs Shapeshifter

Dual Morphable Wavetable VCO


Preset sequencing and morphing, Each VCO can be selected from 128 banks of 8 individual waveforms each consisting of 512 samples, Morphs of...

Roland System-500 512

Module in Eurorack format


Module with two Voltage Controlled Oscillators (with sawtooth, sine and square waveforms), Both VCOs are independent and generate frequencies in a...

Yamaha MD-BT01 Wireless Midi Adapter

Wireless MIDI Adapter


For Bluetooth connection (version 4.0 and above) between MIDI in/out connectors (keyboard, digital piano, etc.) and iPad, iPhone, Mac

Doepfer A-183-1

Dual Attenuator


Passive attenuator, Level attenuation for voltage controls or audio signals for A-100 modules or modules from other manufacturers without attenuators

Tiptop Audio Stackcable Blue 70 cm

Stack Cable


Plug-in patch cable for modular synthesisers, Socket and plug on each end

Arturia RackBrute Travel Bag

Travel Bag


For Arturia RackBrute System, With shoulder strap

K&M 12297 White

LED Piano Lamp


12x LEDs, 2500 Lux, 415 mm Gooseneck for ideal positioning, Heavy base for stable stand, On/off switch on base, 3 m Long connection cable for power...

Make Noise ModDemix

Eurorack Module


Two identical, directly coupled balanced modulator circuits that can be used together or independently for ring modulation, VCA, mixer, signal...

Korg Volca Sample Bundle

Korg Volca Sample


Portable Sampler, Can be synchronised with other Korg Volca and Electribe models, Motion sequencer to record/playback up to 11 parameters, Active...

Boss FV-50L

Stereo volume pedal


2 Inputs + 2 Outputs (jack), Adjustable minimal volume, Tuner Out for guitars

Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythm

Performance Sequencer


8 Channel sequencer that features 8 gate outputs and multi-coloured LEDs, Up to 512 steps, 24 ppq Resolution for detailed programming,...

Korg PA-4X61 Oriental + Speaker

Korg PA-4X61 Oriental


Entertainer Keyboard, 61 Light-weight keys, Keyboard expression with Aftertouch, 128 voice polyphony, 1650 Sounds, Numerous oriental styles, More...

Doepfer A-111-6

Eurorack Synthesiser Voice


Classic layout with VCO, VCF, VCA and envelope generator, Modulation input for FM or PWM, Sub-octave or external signal can be mixed, 24 dB...

Erica Synths Bassline

Eurorack Module


Analog synthesizer voice for bass and lead sounds, VCO with three waveforms (sawtooth, rectangle, triangle), Suboscillator, Erica Synths Acidbox...


Eurorack Module


All algorithms are available at their respective outputs at the same time, 6 Octaves continuous 1V / oct. Pitch control, 4 octaves of quantized...

Erica Synths Modulator

Eurorack Module


2-Channel LFO and noise source, 8 Waveforms which are continuously faded into each other, Digital noise with adjustable pitch, High pass / low pass...

Tiptop Audio Z4000 NS

Voltage Controlled ADSR Envelope with CV Processor


The first 50% of the pots are designed for high-resolution settings in the millisecond range, The second 50% of the control path adjusts the time...

1010music synthbox

4-Note Polyphonic Synthesizer for Eurorack Systems


8 Wavetable oscillators (2 per voice), 4 Waveform oscillators (1 per voice), 2 Envelopes, 2 LFOs and 1 step sequencer per voice, 100 Wavetables,...

Doepfer A-160-5 VC Clock Multiplier

Voltage Controlled Clock Multiplier


Multiplication factor can be controlled by control voltage or a regulator

Make Noise Brains

Expansion module


For pressure points (item 414541, not included), Clocked sequential binary event machine;, Voltage controlled via direction, run / stop or reset,...

Doepfer MTC 64

Midi to Contact Interface


Including power adapter

Moog Mother Power Supply

Plug-in power supply


Replacement power supply for Moog Mother 32

Doepfer A-134-1 Vc Pan MKII

Voltage-Controlled Panning Module


For iPhone, iPod touch, iPad as well as Mac / PC and Android devices (compatible with devices where Android 5.0 or later is installed and Samsung...

Erica Synths Black Code Source

Eurorack Module


Digital noise and random generator, 9 Different noise types (stereo) with adjustable pitch, Dual CV random generator, CV Control for all...

Ketron USB Stick Styles 2016 Audya

USB Stick


"STYLES 2016" for Ketron AUDYA series, Ketron No. 9PDKA3

Roth & Junius RJP 118 E/P Piano

Piano with Console


With Röslau strings, Piano light included, 5 Years Thomann warranty

Steinway & Sons A-188 Makassar

Grand Piano Used instrument - by our Steinway specialist and piano builder general overhauled and refined.


This grand piano is a pure sound culture in the form of Steinway instruments, This grand piano is set up with you with a high-quality piano bench...

Marienberg Devices System 2

Complete Modular System


3 x Attenuator A, 4 x VC Oscillator B, 4 x multiples 4/6/4, 2 x VC Sample & Hold, 3 x VC Amplifier A, 6 x Mixer A, 4 x VC Low Frequency Oscillator...

Kawai ES-110 B

Digital Piano


Responsive Hammer Compact Action (RH-C) Keyboard with 88 weighted keys and Harmonic Imaging sounds, 8 Piano sounds + 11 more sounds (strings etc.),...

Roland FP-30 Bk Bundle

Roland FP-30 Bk


Digital Piano, 88 Keys, Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection, 35 Different sounds with a max. polyphony 128 voices, Transpose, Built-in...

Sequential Prophet 6



49 Semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keys with after-touch, 6 Voice polyphony, Analogue signal path, Two discrete VCOs and Filter per voice, Multi...

Casio SA 46



32 Mini keys, 8 Voice polyphony, 100 Sounds, 50 Styles, 10 Practice pieces, 5 Drum pads, LCD display, Headphone connector, Battery operation...

Elektron Analog Four MKII



Completely analog signal path, 4 x analog analog oscillator, 1x noise generator, 1x 4-pole analog lowpass filter, 1 x 2-pole analog multimode...

Clavia Nord Soft Case 76

Soft Case


With wheels and pockets for accessories

Expressive E Touché

Multi-dimensional MIDI controller


Integrated USB-class-compliant MIDI device, 4 ultrasensitive axes of movement with real haptic feedback, Individual adaptation of pressure...

Crumar Mojo 61

Single-Manual Organ and Electric Piano


61 Keys / 5 Octaves Waterfall keyboard, Integrated rotary speaker simulation (VB3-II only), Effects such as stereo digital reverb and tremolo /...