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K&M 18846

Carrying Bag for Baby Spider


Transport and storage bag for keyboard stand "Baby Spider" 18845 or "Baby Spider Pro" 18840, Made of tear-resistant nylon fabric, Black, with 2...

Bergerault Orchestra Chair B2012

Orchestra chair


Adjustable backrest, Adjustable seat inclination, Padded, Stackable (max 5 pieces), Successor of model B1012

Doepfer A-100LMB PSU3 Monster Base

Module Housing


Low Cost Monster Base made of untreated wood, 6 U / Two modular rows

Joranalogue Audio Design Select 2

Eurorack Module


2-Channel CV processor, Processes CV and audio signals, A / B switch, On / off switch, Offset generation and more

Intellijel Designs Octalink 1U

Patch module for Eurorack Cases


Connects up to 8 audio and CV-/Gate signals between two cases over an RJ45 ethernet cable, Passive design, Sold as a pair of modules, Includes 1m...

Intellijel Designs Mutamix

6 Channel CV / Audio Mixer


6 Audio / CV inputs, 6 Mute / function inputs, 3 Bus outputs with routing switch per channel, Per channel linear LED sliders

Doepfer A-183-3

DC amplifier module


Simple amplifier, Is suitable for control voltages and audio signals via DC coupling, Level controls, 2 Peak LEDs, Eurorack format

Yamaha TRS-MS05 Cable Kit

Cable Kit for Tyros TRS-MS05 Speaker set


To connect Tyros 5, RCA/8-Pin - RCA/jack combination cable

Ketron MidjPro/ Midjay/ SD40 Bag

Original Bag


For Ketron MidjPro, Midjay, Midjay Plus and SD40

Jahn Temperatur-Stimmrechen

Tempering Gang Mute


13 Connected rubber wedges

Soundwear Dust Cover Large Black

Elastic cover hood


Elastic cover adjustable all around, Washable at 30° C, Includes case

On-Stage KDA7061B

Cover for 61 and 76 key keyboards


Includes bag

Yamaha b1 OPDW Upright Piano

Upright Piano


Walnut-like dark open-pored, 88 Keys, 3 Pedals, Piano bench and light included, Shipping within Germany (other countries on request) by piano...

Kawai GL 10 E/P-SL Grand Piano



Millennium III action, ABS Styran mechanical components, Sostenuto pedal, Hammer heads with bottom felt, Slowly closing keyboard cover, Includes...

Waldorf Quantum

8-Voice Hybrid Synthesizer


61 Keys Fatar TP8 keyboard, 5 Master effects, each with a separate section, Compressor for main output, 3 Digital oscillators per voice, 6 LFOs in...

Kawai CS-11

Digital Piano


88 Wooden keys, Grandfeel II action with Let-Off and Ebony & Ivory Touch key surfaces, 80 sounds with Harmonic Imaging XL (HI-XL) technology,...

Hemingway DP-201 MKII AT Set

Hemingway DP-201 MKII AT


Digital Piano, 88 Weighted keys with hammer action keyboard, 64 Voice polyphony, Transpose, Split and Layer functions, 16 Sounds, Reverb and...

Sequential Prophet 6 Desktop



6 Voices, Poly chain function for cascading of two Prophet 6 Desktop for 12-voice polyphony, Analogue signal path, Two discrete VCOs and Filter per...

Yamaha DGX-660 B Set

Yamaha DGX-660 B


Keyboard, GHS keyboard with 88 keys, Pure CF Sound Engine, Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC), 192 Voice polyphony, 554 Sound types, 205 Preset...

Gator GK-76

Keyboard Bag


For 76-key keyboards, The interior is lined with tricot and soft foam, Adjustable padded straps to secure the keyboard during transportation,...

K&M 18882 Stacker B BK

Extension System for Keyboard Table


Extension table can be used with stacker A as well as micro tripod, accessory tray or sheet music stand, Adjustable in tilt, Height adjustable from...

Jaspers Strengthening Set 150B

Strengthening Set


Item # 533 on the Jaspers website, For Jaspers keyboard stands 150

Sherman Filterbank 2 Compact

Filter / Distortion


Analog Filter and Distortion Unit with Overdrive (Tube Characteristics), 2 independent low pass, band pass and high pass filters with Resonance,...

Elektron Model:Samples Cover Bundle

Elektron Model:Samples


6 Track Groovebox and Sampler, 6 Audio tracks (can also be used as MIDI tracks), 6 Velocity sensitive pads, 96 Projects, 96 Patterns per project,...

Vermona Kick Lancet

Analog desktop kick drum synthesizer


Based on the DRM1 MKIII kick channel, Oscillator with sine and square waves which can be continuously mixed and faded together, Incl. power supply

K&M 14061

Stool with Gas Pressure Spring


Seat height and inclination can be adjusted, Equalizer for easy stabilization of the standing aid on uneven surfaces, Height from 635 to 925 mm,...

Doepfer A-100MC Raw

Mini-Case raw


With external power adapter, Empty case, Suited for up to 4 A-100 modules, Usable width 32 HP (e.g. four modules with 8HP)

ACL Audio Interface

Audio interface for Eurorack systems


LED overload indicator, Soft-start function (prevents clicks / noise when switching on the modular system), Stereo AUX input 3.5 mm mini jack with...

Doepfer A-183-9

Eurorack Module


Quad USB Power Supply, 4 USB ports for powering external devices, Requires a housing with +5 V power supply (Doepfer A-100PSU3 recommended)

Kurzweil KP-3

Sustain Pedal


Switchable, Compatible with Kurzweil KP-3, and also for other manufacturers

Frap Tools 333

Buffered mixer and signal distributor


Three inputs each and three buffered outputs, Is equally suitable for audio material as well as control voltages thanks to DC coupling, -6 dB...

Jahn L4417 LED Piano Light

Piano light with LED technology


Round base with switch on lamp base, Arm tiltable, Reflector movable, Rocker switch, Socket power supply EU/CH

Yamaha Rubbercontact LC61

Rubber Contact Strip


Suitable for PSR 400, 5700, 6000, 6300, 7000, 8000, 9000, Not suitable for Tyros I and II, Runs the full length of the keys

NANO Modules Busboard

20 Slots for Eurorack modules


Developed for switching power supplies, Supply rails for +12 V, -12 V and +5 V, +5 V voltage can be generated by the bus board if required...

Erica Synths Black Double Bass


88 Keys Grand Feel mechanics with wooden keys, 3-sensor pressure point simulation and IvoryTouch keys, Shigeru Kawai SK-EX and SK-5 grand piano...

Tiptop Audio VCA

Eurorack module


High-quality analog VCA, Response behaviour continuously adjustable between logarithmic, linear and expotential, Controls for CV-Amount, Offset and...

Kawai K-500 AURES E/P Piano



Aures System, Soundboard system with 4 transducers, Features an acoustic muting feature with powerful digital audio components, Allows pianists to...

Roland Juno-DS 61



Tone enhancements through a virtual Wave Expansion Slot, Sounds are available free of charge on the ROLAND AXIAL website, 61 Velocity-Sensitive...

Korg Monologue BK

Analog Synthesizer


1 Voice, 25 Key keyboard, Monophonic 16-Step sequencer (notes and up to 4 parameters can be automated), Display with presets, sequencers and...

Moog Matriarch

4-Part Paraphonic Semi-Modular Synthesizer with Patch Option


Analog sound generation, 256 Step-sequencer, Arpeggiator, Stereo ladder filter and stereo analog delay, Based on the circuits of the...

Kawai MP-11 SE

Stage Piano


88 Keys Grand Feel mechanics with wooden keys, 3-sensor pressure point simulation and IvoryTouch keys, Shigeru Kawai SK-EX and SK-5 grand piano...

Black Corporation Deckard´s Dream

8-Voice Analog Synthesizer


Modern replica of the legendary CS-80 synthesizer, Analog signal path, 2 Layers per voice, VCO with sine, sawtooth and pulse waveforms, Pulse Width...

Millenium KS-1010 White

Keyboard Stand


Double braced construction, Quick release (X-Stand), Height of 50 cm (width 87 cm) to 92 cm (width 46 cm) adjustable

Yamaha PSR-EW300



76 Keys with touch response, 574 Voices, 48-Voice polyphony, 165 Styles, Reverb, Chorus and master EQ, 150 Arpeggio types, Learn function,...

Novation MiniNova Gigbag



Suitable for Novation Mininova, Padded travel bag with handle and shoulder strap, Additional pockets for notebook and cables

Ultimate AX-48 Pro Bag

Bag for Keyboard Stands


Durable, with zipper, Space for a stand + arm

Nektar Impact GX 49

49-key USB Keyboard


Velocity sensitive full size keys with "Synth Action", 4 Velocity curves, A Total of 14 assignable MIDI buttons, Backlit Octave and Transpose Shift...

M-Audio Code 49 Black - AIEP3 Bundle

Bundle offer comprising:


M-Audio Code 49 Black, AIR Music Technology AIEP3 Complete Upgrade BDL

Erica Synths Fusion Box

Analogue Effect Unit


BBD level for creating classic flanger, chorus, ensemble and delay effects, Passive low-pass filter, Tube distortion stage after the delay stage,...

Dtronics DT-01

Hardware Controller


For Roland Boutique D-05 Linear Synthesizer, Also compatible with Roland D-50 and D-550 vintage synthesizers, Direct access to all important...

Lounsberry Pedals OGO-1 Organ Grinder

Effects Pedal


Preamp / Overdrive - especially for Clone Wheels and Electric Pianos, Multi Stage analog FET overdrive with germanium diodes, Gain and Level...

Doepfer A-100 LC1 Low Cost Case VE

Empty Housing for Eurorack Modules


Integrated power supply A-100SSB (+ 12V/380 mA, -12V/380mA), 48 HP version of the A-100LC3, Built-in bus board with 8 module slots, IEC socket on...

Vermona Modular qMI2 - quad Midi interface

Module for Eurorack Modular System


MIDI to CV converter, 4x Output channels, each with one CV output with 1V / octave + one gate output and another two control voltage outputs for...

Doepfer A-190-4

MIDI / USB-to-CV / Sync Interface


With LED display, 3-Digit LED display, Eurorack format Grand Terminal

Eurorack module


Dual multi-function module for use as a VCO, LFO or as an envelope generator, 2 filter channels (with eight filter types each, routing- and mixing...

Intellijel Designs USB Power 1U

USB Power Module


Allows the supply of USB devices with 1A, Compatible with the TPS30 MAX, TPS80, and TPS30MINI bus boards

Fatar VFP2-15M

Piano Double Pedal


NC function, Wired, 2 x mono connectors

Kurzweil KP-1

Sustain Pedal


With 6.3 mm mono jack cable (normally open)

Doepfer A-120

24 dB Low Pass 1 (VCF1)


24 dB low pass 1 (VCF1), Voltage-controlled 24 dB low-pass filter

Roland KC-220

Keyboard amplifier


2 newly developed 6.5" woofers and 2 custom tweeters, Built-in mixer with 3 input channels and a master EQ, AUX input with stereo mini jack and RCA...

Yamaha TRS Sub Cable

Sub Cable


For the Tyros speaker system from keyboard to subwoofer, Attention! Only compatible with Tyros 1/2/3/4

Jahn Tuning Wedge Felt Wide

Tuning Wedge


Felt, Extra wide, For grand pianos

Jahn Brass Piano Coaster

Piano Caster Cup


With indentation to ensure central alignment of the caster wheel

On-Stage KDA7088G

Cover for 88 key keyboards


Includes bag

Pittsburgh Modular Dual VCA

Dual VCA


Eurorack module, Dual linear VCA / 2 channel Voltage Controlled Mixer

Jaspers 6D-105B

Keyboard Stand


For 6 keyboards, All shelves with 40 cm long holders, All supports are adjustable in height and tilt, Stand is foldable for transport and can be...

Vermona PERfourMER MkII

Desktop Analogue Synthesiser


Combines four discrete monophonic analogue synthesiser into one synth (arbitrary combinations possible), Monophonic or polyphonic operation, Build...

Moog Little Phatty Gig Bag

Gig Bag


Moog Little Phatty / Sub 37, Padded carrying bag, Removable shoulder strap, Additional outer compartments

K&M 18865 Add. Support Arms A BK

Support arm set A


For "Spider pro" keyboard stands, Extendable, with mounting brackets

Korg microKEY 37 MkII

37-key MIDI Keyboard


Compact Natural Touch mini keys, Pitch bend wheel, Modulation wheel, Octave shift button, Power via USB, Incl. KORG Software Bundle Code and USB cable

Novation Launchkey 25 MK2

Novation Launchkey 25 MK2


USB MIDI Keyboard with 25 Keys, 16 Velocity sensitive multi-colour launch pads with RGB-LEDs, 2 Launchpad control buttons, 8 Rotary knobs, 1...

Topstar TEC50

Swiveling Working Chair


With foot ring and casters, Special molded seat, Stable cross feet

Doepfer A-100MC BK



With external power adapter, Empty case suitable for up to 4 A-100 modules, Usable width 32 HP (e.g. three modules with 8HP and a module with 4HP)

Doepfer A-110-2 Vintage Edition

Basic VCO for the A-100 modular system


Vintage Edition with black front panel, Voltage controlled oscillator, 3-Position toggle switch, Linear FM input and soft-sync input, Tune control...

ACL Variable Sync VCO

Eurorack module


Oscillator core simultaneously produces five waveforms (ramp, sawtooth, pulse, triangle and sine), Linear FM, Three switchable speed ranges, Knob...