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Sequenz SonicBar

Stereo speaker system for keyboard players


Ideal for use with Sequenz keyboard stands, 4 x 80 mm Full-range speakers, Volume, bass and treble controls, 4 x Line inputs, 6.3 mm jack, 2 x Thru...

GSi DMC-122

Organ MIDI Controller


Two 61-Key waterfall keyboards with aftertouch, Flexible, freely programmable MIDI controller for studio and live applications, 20 Drawbars, 6...

Doepfer A-100 LC1 Low Cost Case

Case for Eurorack Modules


48 HP version of the A-100LC3, Built-in bus board with 8 module slots, Casing made of raw wood - subsequent painting possible by the user, IEC...

Studiologic SLP3-D

Triple Pedal


Especially suitable for the Studiologic SL series, Makes it possible to use 2 pedals as buttons (left and middle pedal) and 1 pedal for continuous...

Intellijel Designs Rubicon II

Oscillator Module


Thru-Zero VCO, Nine simultaneously available waveform outputs, Two suboscillators, Three variations of a sine wave, Exponential and linear FM, Gard...

Roland System-500 505


Kawai "Responsive Hammer" keyboard with triple sensor and "Ivory Touch", 3 Selectable dynamics curves, OLED display, 2 GB memory for Nord Piano...

Doepfer A-106-5 SEM Filter



12 dB Multi-mode filter, in which the circuit of the SEM module is used

Erica Synths Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vint. Ens

Delay / Flanger / Vintage Ensemble


An analog effect module combines BBD chip-based effects with an adjustable tube overdrive in the delay output and feedback path, Fully adjustable...

Jahn Temperature Tuning Felt



Temperament tuning felt

Intellijel Designs Jellysquasher

Analog Compressor Module


Completely analog signal path, Sidchain with SVF filter - LP, BP and HP, Edcor transformers in the output stage provide a very good saturation...

Befaco Crush Delay V3


Kawai "Responsive Hammer" keyboard with triple sensor and "Ivory Touch", 3 Selectable dynamics curves, OLED display, 2 GB memory for Nord Piano...

Waldorf dvca1

Eurorack Module


2 VCAs with many options, Musical colouring of the signal, Dry mode, Colour control to give the signal a warm and expressive timbre, Positive gain...

Rockbag DC RB 21718 B 122

Cover for Keyboard


Rubber cord on both sides

Studiologic VP-27

Volume / Expression pedal


TRS plug (balanced, 6.3 mm jack)

EMW 8 Step Trigger Sequencer

8-Step Trigger Sequencer


Completely handmade, 8 Different sequences, 8 Trigger outputs, 3.5 mm Jack connectors, Clock, reset and CV inputs, Additional trigger output...

Tiptop Audio RS808

Drum Module


TR-808 Based analogue Rimshot and Clave for Eurorack systems, Two extra percussive sounds in addition to the classic TR-808 sounds, Controls for...

Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Percussion Sequencer

Four-track programmable drum sequencer


32 step, 4 channel sequencer, 32 Sequence Non-Volatile Memory, 6 adjustable Pattern Effects (Shift, Glitch, Density, Morph, Swing, Add / Drop), 4...

EMW Sequential Voltage

Mini-Sequencer for Control Voltages


Completely handmade, 8 Channels, 2 CV Outputs, Reset input, 3.5 mm Jack connectors, 3 U Eurorack module, Made in Brazil

Erica Synths Pico Mult2


Kawai "Responsive Hammer" keyboard with triple sensor and "Ivory Touch", 3 Selectable dynamics curves, OLED display, 2 GB memory for Nord Piano...

NEO Instruments PSU 1 Power Supply

Power Supply for Ventilator


Spare part, Model NEO Instruments PSU 1, Suitable for Ventilator II and Mini Vent, Incl. Adapter for UK, USA and China

Doepfer Power Supply NT-AC LMK2/4

Switching Power Supply


With VDE and CE mark, Input 200 ... 240 V AC / 50-60 / 300 mA / Euro plug, Suitable for Doepfer LMK4 +, LMK2 +, PK88

Vermona Mono Lancet Modular Dock

Extension for the Mono Lancet for connecting to a modular system


Includes sub-D connection cable and mounting screws, FM VCO2, PWM VCO2, VCF IN, FM VCF, CV IN VCA, 1V / octave CV VCO1 & VCO2, GATE (VCO1 & VCO2),...

Yamaha GB1 K PWH

Grand The elegant and carefully crafted Yamaha baby grand fits into smaller rooms and does not break the bank. It's musical performance, however, is just as high quality as with all other Yamaha grands.


88 Keys, With piano bench, Including delivery nationwide via piano delivery and a talk service all over Germany

Moog Theremini



Variable quantization, Integrated tuner, 32 Memories for performance parameters such as basic tone and scaling, Integrated speaker, Adjustable...

Clavia Nord Grand

88-Key Stage Piano


Kawai "Responsive Hammer" keyboard with triple sensor and "Ivory Touch", 3 Selectable dynamics curves, OLED display, 2 GB memory for Nord Piano...

C.Giant LP-6210C Keyboard



61 Keys with velocity sensitivity, 162 Sounds, 200 Rhythms, 61 Percussion effects, 50 Demo songs, Multifunctional display, Fill in, Sync and...

Novation 49SL MKIII

Controller Keyboard with Sequencer


49 Semi-weighted and velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch, Pitch and modulation wheel, 16 Velocity-sensitive and illuminated RGB drum pads, 8...

Casio CTK-240



49 Standard keys, 12 Voice polyphony, 100 Sounds, 100 Styles, 50 Internal songs, Learning system (Melody Cut), LC-display, Battery operation...

Jaspers 6D-120B

Keyboard Stand


For 6 keyboards, All tiers are height adjustable and inclinable, Made in Germany

Moog Sirin

Analogue Desktop Synthesizer


Limited edition, Based on the Moog Taurus Sound Engine, Monophonic, 2 VCOs with sawtooth and rectangular waveforms, Oscillator sync, Mixer for VCO...

Casio SC-800P

Digital Piano Transport Bag


Suitable for Casio CDP-S100 / CDP-S350 and PX-S1000 / PX-S3000, With backpack function, Accessory compartments for (e.g.) SP-34 Sustain Pedal

Sherman Filterbank 2

Analogue Filter and Distortion Unit


With overdrive (tube characteristics), 2 Independent low pass, band pass and high pass filters, Resonance, frequency and ADSR (positive - negative)...

K&M Piano Bench 13901

Piano Bench


Threaded rod with double scissor mechanism

Mey Chair Systems AF-SR-KL4-AH BK



Saddle version, Seat and back made of artificial leather, Infinitely variable height adjustment for seat and back, With comfortable foot rest,...

Jaspers Holders 40S



With stoppers and two-piece tube clamps, For mounting at any location, without disassembling the stand

Yamaha LP-7A WH

Pedal Unit with 3 Pedals


For Yamaha DGX-650/660

Studiologic Numa Organ 2

Electronic organ with 73 keys


TP8O Waterfall organ keyboard, Physical modelling synthesis, Via the nine drawbars, the timbre can be set independently for the upper and lower...

Elektron Model:Samples Bag Bundle

Bundle offer comprising:


Elektron Carry Bag ECC-5, Elektron Model:Samples

Laney AH40

3-Channel multifunction combo


For keyboard, vocals and acoustic guitar, 3 Channels, Graphic 5-Band master EQ, Line out, 2 Kickback positions, Headphone output

Roland KC-80

Keyboard amplifier


Newly developed 2-way speaker system with 10" woofer and tweeter, Built-in mixer with 3 line input channels (jack) and master EQ, AUX input (stereo...

Midiplus X6 mini


Kawai "Responsive Hammer" keyboard with triple sensor and "Ivory Touch", 3 Selectable dynamics curves, OLED display, 2 GB memory for Nord Piano...

Moog Eurorack Case 104 HP 17"

Eurorack housing


With wooden side panels, For Eurorack modules with depths up to 4.82 cm, Requires separate power supply (not included), Compatible with the Moog...

M-Audio SP-1

Sustain/Hold Pedal



Make Noise Rosie

Master Volume Control Eurorack Module


Dual-channel audio output module with FX loop, crossfader and auto-cue system, Allows the artist to pre-listen and modify parts of a patch with the...

Cyclone Analogic TT-303 TT-606 Bundle

Cyclone Analogic TT-303 Bass Bot V2


Monophonic Analog Synthesizer, Low pass filter with resonance, Controls for tuning, cutoff, resonance, envelope modulation, decay, and accent, Step...

Jahn Piano-Lamp "Pianoforte"

Piano Lamp


From the "Pianoforte" series, With LED technology, Brass matt, Round base with switch on the lamp base

Polyend Anywhere


Kawai "Responsive Hammer" keyboard with triple sensor and "Ivory Touch", 3 Selectable dynamics curves, OLED display, 2 GB memory for Nord Piano...

Doepfer A-105

24 dB Low Pass Filter SSM


Based on the chip SSM2044

Jahn Soundboard Cleaning Rod

Cleaning Rod 120 cm


Handmade high quality from Sweden, Cleaning under the die-cast frame - through the holes, Cleaning the treble strings (under bass), No scratches...

Doepfer A-143-9

Quadrature LFO / VCO


Can simultaneously produce sine and cosine signals, 4 Outputs that are phase shifted by 90 degrees, Eurorack format

Make Noise 20hp Blank

Blank panel for Eurorack Modules


With Make Noise logo

Doepfer A-142-2

Eurorack Module


Dual Envelope Controlled VCA, CV input with attenuator to control any envelope parameter (selectable by jumper), Audio input level adjustable,...

Erica Synths Pico Drum Programmer

USB Adapter


Needed to load own samples onto the module, Sample transfer via Google Chrome web browser application

Clavia Nord Dust Cover Stage 76



Fits Clavia Stage 76

Hammond EXP20

Expression Pedal


Hammond SK1, SK2, XK1 & XM2

Kawai K-300 E/P Piano



Millennium III mechanics with incredibly sturdy and rigid ABS carbon parts, Mahogany hammer mouldings, Underfelted hammer heads, Extended keyboard,...

Doepfer LMK4+ 88 GH GR without Case

Master KeyboardBuilt-In Version Without Housing


88 Key hammer mechanism, Graduated Hammer Keyboard (TP / 40GH) with After-touch, 2-Line, 16-digit LC display, 24 Touch buttons, Pitchbend and...

Yamaha C3X SH2 PE Silent Grand Piano

Silent Grand Piano


Equipped with the new SH2 Silent System by Yamaha, 88 Keys, Includes Yamaha HPH-200P stereo headphones and piano bench, Includes delivery...

Behringer MS-1-RD

Analogue Synthesiser


Keyboard with 32 semi-weighted keys, Analogue VCO - 3340 based, Noise generator, Resonant low-pass filter, Filter FM possible via VCO waveforms,...

Kawai ES-8 B

Stage Piano


With Responsive Hammer III (RHIII) mechanism with pressure point simulation and triple sensor for 88 keys, Harmonic Imaging XL (HI-XL) with 88 key...

Alesis VI49

USB MIDI Controller Keyboard


49 Velocity sensitive piano keys, Semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch, Pitch bender- & modulation wheel, 16 Pads with multicolour LED...

Ferrofish B4000+

Organ Expander in Desktop Format


Drawbars, Three fully polyphonic keyboards can be played simultaneously (upper, lower and pedal), Effects processor with rotor (Leslie), Chorus,...

Millenium KS-4000

Universal Stand


For keyboards, mixers, amps etc., Height and length adjustable, Height adjustable from 610 - 850 mm, Powder coated steel

Roland SE-02

Analogue Synthesiser


3 Oscillators, 1 Voice, 128 Patterns, 16 Songs, 16-Step sequencer, Cooperation between Studio Electronics and Roland, Input for routing external...

Arturia MicroLab Black


Kawai "Responsive Hammer" keyboard with triple sensor and "Ivory Touch", 3 Selectable dynamics curves, OLED display, 2 GB memory for Nord Piano...

Gator GK-88 Slim

Keyboard Bag


With plastic castors, Made of nylon, With tricot and soft foam padding, Padded straps to fasten the keyboard during transport, Carrying and pulling...

Hammond XPK-200G

Universal MIDI Bass Pedal


With integrated tone generator and own bass sounds, 20-Tone bass pedal with touch response

Roli Seaboard Rise 25

USB MIDI Controller with 25 Keywaves keys


New dimension of the Touch Interaction, Customizable sensitivity for optimal experience, Touch and shape sound timbres in an astonishingly direct...

Jaspers Holders 30S



With stoppers and two-piece tube clamps, For mounting at any location, without disassembling the stand

Yamaha UD-WL01 Wireless LAN-Adapter

Wireless LAN Adapter


For wireless connection of Yamaha Tyros 5 and the Yamaha CLP-500 and CLP-600 series with iPad or iPhone

Roland FA-07

Music Workstation and Audio/MIDI Interface


76 Velocity sensitive keys, Guitar/mic and line inputs for sampling and live effects, Big colour LCD, Over 2000 sounds of the Integra 7 including...

Vox Continental 61 Keyboard

Stage Keyboard


61 Touch-sensitive keys - semi-weighted waterfall keyboard, Percussion ON / OFF, Split function, Vibrato / Chorus ON / OFF, Rotary Speaker ON /...

Arturia RackBrute 3U

Eurorack Housing


Can be set up at different angles, Built-in bus board for up to 20 modules, Arturia link compatible, Aluminium housing with wooden side panels

Roland DP 2

Foot Pedal / Sustain pedal


With 300 cm cable, Mono jack, NC (Normally Close) contact

Millenium Genos Tablet Holder 19790 Set

Millenium Genos XS Device Holder


Made of sandblasted aluminium, Hand-milled, Made in Germany