Zultan 19" Orchestra medium

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Name Sabian 19" Artisan Trad. Sym. MLBRZildjian 19" A' StadiumZultan 19" Orchestra heavyZultan 19" Orchestra mediumZildjian 19" K' SymphonicZildjian 19" Classic Orchestral Sel.Sabian 19" HH Viennese OrchestralMeinl 19" Symphonic MediumSabian 19" HHX Synergy Brilliant MSabian 19" Artisan Trad. Sym. MHBR
Description Marching and orchestra cymbalOrchestra cymbalsOrchestra cymbalsOrchestra cymbals19 "orchestra cymbalsConcert cymbalsOrchestra CymbalMarching and orchestra cymbal
Genre-Orchestral, for professional use (without hand straps and without felt pads)--Orchestral, for professional use (without hand straps and without felt pads)Orchestral, for professional use----
Packing unit-1 pair--1 pair--1 pair-1 pair

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