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Multi FX Pedal for Guitar

The Zoom G1Xon is a Multi FX Pedal for Guitar with a 75 Guitar effects, Includes distortion, dynamic and modulation effects, reverbs, delays, and many amp...

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Name Rocktron Hush Ultratc electronic G-Major 2Valeton Dapper Dark 4 Effect StripValeton Coral Mod 16Electro Harmonix Holy StainJoyo GEM BOX IIIValeton Coral Mod II Modulation FXValeton Dapper MDR Effect StripMooer Black Truck Multi-Effects UnitMooer PE 100 Portable Guitar EffectsValeton Dapper 4 Effect StripKeeley Super Mod WorkstionDigitech Element XPZoom G1 Four Multi-Effect-PedalCarl Martin QuattroMooer GE100 Box Guitar Multi FXBoss MD-500 ModulationVox amPhones AC 30tc electronic G-SystemTech 21 Fly Rig RK5 v2
Description Electric Guitar Multi EffectsMultieffects processor for guitarMulti EffectEffect pedal for guitar and bassMulti EffectsMulti-effect pedal for electric guitarEffects Pedal for Electric GuitarCompact 4-in-1 Effects Device for Electric Guitar and Electric BassMulti-effects device for electric guitarPortable multi-effect device for electric guitarUltra-compact 4-in-1 effects device for guitar and bass2 Bank Modulation Multi-Effects PedalMulti Effects Pedal for Electric GuitarMulti-Effect Pedal for Electric GuitarMulti-effects DeviceMultieffects device for electric guitarMulti-effect pedal for electric guitarHeadphones with Internal amPlug TechnologyMultieffects processor for electric guitarMulti Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar
Design19" / 1U19" / 1UFloorboardStompboxPedalFloorboardStompboxFloorboardFloorboardPocket FormatFloorboardPedalFloorboardPedalFloorboardFloorboardFloorboardPocket FormatFloorboardFloorboard
Amp Modeling
Incl. Tuner
Expression Pedal
Headphone Output
MIDI Interface
Line Out
Battery Powered
PSU included
Input and output--Jack----6.3 mm jack-----6.3 mm Jack------
Power consumption--112 mA---100 mA150 mA1000 mA300 mA85 mA---------
Dimensions (W x D x H)--65 x 320 x 42 mm---42 x 94 x 52 mm---320 x 65 x 42 mm--156 x 130 x 42 mm-----318 x 64 x 32 mm
Weight--650 g---150 g417 g1.2 kg230 g650 g425 g645 g340 g1.96 kg730 g1000 g--587 g
Controls---Rate, mode, mix and depth-Master, Value and 6 editing potentiometersLevel, Depth, Rate, FX Mode------Bass, Mid, Treble, Volume--Mode - rate / value - depth - effect level - parameter 1 - parameter 2--Boost Level - OMG
Switch-----Lift/GND-------Effect Up, Effect Down------
LED-----Effects On/Off-------Effect On-----Effect on
Foot-switch-----A (Tuner) / B , (Looper) / C (Rhythm)-------Looper, tuner------
Input-----6.3 mm jack6.3 mm Jack-------------
Current consumption-----1000 mA-----179 mA-500 mA-----200 mA
Dimensions (L x W x H)--------370 x 96 x 51 mm81 x 137 x 32 mm-99 x 120 x 53 mm--------
Dimensions--------------41 x 6.5 x 16 cm-(W x D x H) 170 x 138 x 62 mm---

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The Zoom G1Xon is a Multi FX Pedal for Guitar with a 75 Guitar effects, Includes distortion, dynamic and modulation effects, reverbs, delays, and many amp modellings, Expression pedal, 30 Second looper in CD quality, 5 Effects for simultaneous use, 100 Storage spaces, Built-in drum machine with 68 drum patterns, AUX in, USB port for firmware updates & Power supply via 4 AA batteries (approx. 20 hours operating time), or optional 9 V 500 mA mains adapter (not included in purchase). The retail price is 49.06 £.


Dimensions (D x W x H)155 x 237 x 50 mm
Weight640 g
Amp ModelingYes
Incl. TunerYes
Expression PedalYes
Headphone OutputYes
MIDI InterfaceNo
Line OutYes
Battery PoweredYes
PSU includedNo

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