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Insert Master Module for 500 Racks

The Zähl IM1 is an Insert Master Module for 500 Racks with a Can be used as a stereo (L / R) or M / S insert, Additional dry / wet controller for parallel...

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Name JHS Pedals Panther Cub 500JHS Pedals 500 Series Tremolo ModuleZähl IM1Phoenix Audio Gyrator-EQ-500Zähl Rack 500 QuadAPI Audio 565 Filter BankFredenstein Bento 10DSFredenstein F603 AFredenstein Artistic LevelerChandler Limited TG12345 MKIV EQ
Description Insert Master Module for 500 RacksEmpty Housing With 4 SlotsFilter Bank10-Slot Rack 19" Rack4-Band 500 Series EQ ModuleOpticalCompressorMono Equalizer in 500 Format
48 V Phantom power
Other processors
Power supply--+/- 15 ... 17 V,------+16 V / 110 mA (max.), -16 V / 80 mA (max.)
Type-----500 Module19" / 3 HE-500 module-

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The Zähl IM1 is an Insert Master Module for 500 Racks with a Can be used as a stereo (L / R) or M / S insert, Additional dry / wet controller for parallel processing, Listening matrix, which offers the best control for M / S editing, Stereo base control, with which the signal based on M / S technology can be influenced in its breadth, Input impedance:> 20 kOhm, 500 Zähl rack with at least 2 empty slots is additionally required & If you are using a standard 500 rack, you will need an extra slot for the included panel with 4 XLR slots. The retail price is 1520.67 £. Buy Zähl IM1 at Thomann UK.


Output impedance50 Ohms
Max. Level+26 dBu
Reference level+6 dBu / + 4 dBu
Power supply+/- 15 ... 17 V,
48 V Phantom powerNo
Other processorsYes

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