Yamaha Tuba Mouthpiece 66B review: specs & price

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Mouthpiece for Tuba

The Yamaha Tuba Mouthpiece 66B is a Mouthpiece for Tuba with a Standard Series Nr 66B & Inner diameter 31.37 mm.

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Name Prof. W. Hilgers WH 3 TubaAlliance WA91-4 Tuba Mouthpiece SPWarburton Kelly Thomas 2Prof. W. Hilgers WH 4 TubaCanadian Brass Heritage Model MB-50 Tuba GYamaha Tuba Mouthpiece 66BJK Exclusive Tuba 4DBrand Tuba Mouthpiece S4 GDenis Wick 4386 AT4U Tuba GPJK Exclusive Tuba 9D
Description Tuba MouthpieceMouthpiece for TubaMouthpiece for TubaTuba MouthpieceTuba MouthpieceMouthpiece for TubaMouthpiece for TubaBrand S4 T Tuba MouthpieceMouthpiece for TubaMouthpiece For Tuba
Internal cup diameter31.25 mm--31.25 mm------
External cup diameter47.50 mm--47.50 mm------
Bore8.30 mm-7.7 mm8.70 mm8.3 mm8.35 mm7.8 mm7.55 mm8.3 mm-
Cup depthDeep--Medium shallow-Semi shallow-34.9 mm--
Cup DepthDeepMediumFlatMedium flatDeepMedium flatMedium flatMedium deep-Medium flat
FinishSilver PlatedSilver PlatedSilver PlatedSilver PlatedGold PlatedSilver PlatedSilver PlatedPlexiglassGold PlatedSilver Plated
Cup Diameter-30,50 mm32,10 mm31,25 mm-31,37 mm32,50 mm31,50 mm32,80 mm-
Cup diameter------32.5 mm-32.80 mm-

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Yamaha Mouthpieces


The Yamaha Tuba Mouthpiece 66B is a Mouthpiece for Tuba with a Standard Series Nr 66B & Inner diameter 31.37 mm. The retail price is 57.57 £.


Rim contourStandard
Rim thicknessStandard
Cup depthSemi shallow
Bore8.35 mm
BackboreMedium wide
FinishSilver Plated
Cup DepthMedium flat
Cup Diameter31,37 mm

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