Yamaha CLP-695 GP WH Set

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Yamaha CLP-695 GP WH

The Yamaha CLP-695 GP WH Set is a Yamaha CLP-695 GP WH with a Digital Piano Clavinova, 88 Grand Touch wooden keys with escapement and synthetic ivory...

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Name Gewa UP 400G White SetDexibell Vivo Home H-3 WH SetYamaha N-2 Avant GrandYamaha NU-1X PBW Avant GrandYamaha N-3X Avant GrandGewa UP 380G White SetDexibell Vivo Home H-7 BKP SetYamaha CLP-695 GP WH SetCasio AP-710 BK CelvianoGewa UP 360G White Set
Description Gewa UP 400G WhiteDexibell Vivo Home H-3 WHDigital PianoHybrid-pianoGrand Electric PianoGewa UP 380G WhiteDexibell Vivo Home H-7 BKPYamaha CLP-695 GP WHGrand Hybrid Digital PianoGewa UP 360G White
Dimensions (W x H x D)1426 x 450 x 953 mm----1426 x 420 x 928 mm---1426 x 420 x 866 mm
Weight70 kg44 kg142 kg111 kg199 kg57 kg62.3 kg127 kg48 kg54 kg
ColourWhite matteWhite mattePolished ebonyWhite Polished-White matteBlack High-glossWhite, polishedMatte blackWhite matte
FinishMattSatinHigh GlossHigh GlossHigh GlossMattHigh GlossHigh GlossSatinMatt
Wooden Keys -
Ivory Feel Keyboard -
Speakers-2 x 35W-2 x 45 W--2 x 56W---
Dimensions (W x D x H)-1420 x 360 x 793 mm----1420 x 360 x 793 mm---
Arranger- - - -
Storage Medium-USB to DeviceUSB to DeviceUSB to Device, USB to HostHD, USB to Device-USB to DeviceUSB to Device, USB to HostUSB to Device, USB to Host-
Dimensions---1501 x 1024 x 463 mm1481 x 1195 x 1014 mm (lid placed upright 1734 mm)-----

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The Yamaha CLP-695 GP WH Set is a Yamaha CLP-695 GP WH with a Digital Piano Clavinova, 88 Grand Touch wooden keys with escapement and synthetic ivory overlays, Differentiated weighting - with counterweight, Yamaha CFX - Boesendorfer Imperial Piano Sound, CFX Binaural Sampling, VRM, Smooth release, Key-Off samples, 256-Note polyphony, 49 Voices + 480 XG Voices + 14 Drum + GM + GM2 + GS (for GS Song Playback), Dual, Duo and Split Voice Mode, Reverb, Brilliance, Chorus, 20 Rhythms, 16-Track recording (250 songs), Internal flash memory approx. 1.5 MB, Metronome, LC display (128 x 64), Transposer, 3 Pedals, GP response damper pedal, Bluetooth, USB to host, USB to device, 2 Headphone connections, MIDI in/out/thru, AUX pedal, AUX in (stereo mini), AUX OUT (L / L+R, R), AUX PEDAL, Speaker (50W + 50W + 50W) 2 x, Acoustic optimiser, Stereo optimiser, Intelligent acoustic control (IAC) & Music holder and headphone hook included. The retail price is 6425.98 £. Buy Yamaha CLP-695 GP WH Set at Thomann UK.


Preset songs21 (Voice demo), 50 (piano), 303 (learning functions)
USB audio recorder (playbackWAV / recording
Dimensions with music stand (W x D x H)1430 x 1237 x 1577 mm
Weight127 kg
ColourWhite, polished
Suitable practice book in German languageArticle no. 459076 (not included)
FinishHigh Gloss
Wooden KeysYes
Ivory Feel KeyboardYes
Storage MediumUSB to Device, USB to Host

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