WHD UP 14/2-T25

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2-Way (coaxial) Ceiling Speaker System

The WHD UP 14/2-T25 is a 2-Way (coaxial) Ceiling Speaker System with a Very good bass reproduction, 25 W-Toroidal core transformer, Water-Resistant cone,...

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Name Syrincs DE245NSyrincs WDR-245EV Evid C8.2 HCSyrincs WDR-130-NWHD UP 6-8 WhiteWHD HLS 51-20 WhiteWHD UPM 140-T6 WhiteWHD UP 26-T25-100VWHD UP 14/2-T25JBL Control 24 C
Description Ceiling SpeakerBroadband Built-in Ceiling Speaker SystemCeiling Installation Speaker SystemBroadband Ceiling Installation Speaker System2-Way (Coaxial) Ceiling Speaker System2-Way (coaxial) Ceiling Speaker System2-Way Coaxial Ceiling Speaker System
Cut-out Diameter in mm230 mm230 mm320 mm145 mm93 mm50 mm116 mm230 mm180 mm163 mm
Mounting Depth in mm82 mm82 mm328 mm-42 mm27 mm63 mm85 mm76 mm181 mm
Woofer in inch8"8"8"5"2,5"2"3"8"6,5"4"
IP Class X3
Power (Low Impedanz)30 W-75 W25 W6 W3 W0 W0 W0 W80 W
Impedance in Ohms8 Ohms-8 Ohms4 Ohms8 Ohms20 Ohms0 Ohms0 Ohms0 Ohms16 Ohms
100V Transformer
100V Taps (W) 6/3/1,560/30/15 6/3/1,525/12,5/6,2525/12,5/6,25
Outer diameter--350 mm-100 mm--260 mm196 mm195 mm
Installation depth--328 mm-42 mm--85 mm71 mm183 mm
Ceiling cutout--320 mm-93 mm--230 mm180 mm163 mm
Weight--6.0 kg-0.4 kg--2.1 kg2.4 kg2.7 kg
Colour--White---RAL 9003 white-RAL 9016 white-

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WHD - Einbau des WaveBreaker


The WHD UP 14/2-T25 is a 2-Way (coaxial) Ceiling Speaker System with a Very good bass reproduction, 25 W-Toroidal core transformer, Water-Resistant cone, Very light, tool-free installation via mounting ring & Installation kit included for ceiling thickness of 1 to 20 mm. The retail price is 116.48 £. Buy WHD UP 14/2-T25 at Thomann UK.


Diameter16 cm
Rated power25 W
Frequency range50 - 20,000 Hz
Outer diameter196 mm
Installation depth71 mm
Ceiling cutout180 mm
Weight2.4 kg
ColourRAL 9016 white
Cut-out Diameter in mm180 mm
Mounting Depth in mm76 mm
Woofer in inch6,5"
IP ClassNo
Power (Low Impedanz)0 W
Impedance in Ohms0 Ohms
100V TransformerYes
100V Taps (W)25/12,5/6,25

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