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Headphone amplifier

The Violectric HPA V220 black is a Headphone amplifier with a Balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs with XLR and RCA (gold-plated contacts), Optional...

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Name Sonifex Redbox RB-DHD6Sonifex Redbox RB-HD6Violectric HPA V220 blackSPL Pro-Fi Phonitor e blackRolls PS 16SPL Phonitor 2 Black + Exp. RackSPL Pro-Fi Phonitor e & 1670SPL Phonitor x + DAC768xsApogee Groove 30th Anniversary GoldLake People G111 SilverSPL Phonitor 2 SilverSPL Pro-Fi Phonitor x & 1670XVive GA-5 Delay Guitar Micro AmpUltrasone NaosXVive GA-1 Acoustic Guitar Micro AmpRolls PM 52XVive GA-4 Metal Guitar Micro AmpXVive GA-3 Classic Guitar Micro AmpRolls HA 204pSonifex Redbox RB-HD1
Description Headphone Distribution AmplifierHeadphone AmplifierHeadphone amplifier120 volt headphone amplifierPersonal Monitor Power CenterHeadphone AmplifierHeadphone amplifier and DA converterPreamp / Monitor ControllerUSB 2.0 DAC and headphone amplifierPreamp / Monitor ControllerPreamplifier / Monitor controllerHeadphone Amplifier for Electric GuitarMobile converter, DACHeadphone Amplifier for Acoustic GuitarHeadphone TapHeadphone Amplifier for electric guitarHeadphone Amplifier for Electric Guitar4-Channel Headphone AmplifierHeadphone amplifier
Format19", 1U----19" / 2 U--------------
Number of stereo channels6611111111111-111141
Output Level Adjustment Per Channel-
Amount Of Inputs1633433312331-111112
Rack format-
RCA input---Unbalanced--Unbalanced-------------
Mains voltage (switchable)---230 V AC / 50 Hz or 115 V AC / 60 Hz--230 V AC / 50 Hz or 115 V AC / 60 Hz-------------
Power consumption---Max 30 VA--Max. 30 VAMax 40 VA---Max. 40 VA--------
Dimensions (W x H x D)---278 x 57 x 335 mm (with foot and volume control)--278 x 57 x 335 mm (incl. feet and volume)----278 x 100 x 335 mm (incl. feet and volume)--------
Weight---3.3 kg-7.3 kg3.3 kg4.3 kg--4.6 kg4.3 kg40 g6 g40 g-40 g40 g--
Inputs----XLR + 6.3 mm jack, transformer-balanced XLR inputs-------------3.5 mm stereo jack and RCA LR-
Laterality-------Extreme fine balance control---Super-fine balance control--------
Maximum output power-------2 x 3.7 W (at 120 ohms)---2x 3.7 W (at 120 ohms)--------
Frequency range-------10 Hz to 300 kHz (-3 dB)---10 Hz up to 300 kHz (-3 dB)------15-35000 Hz-
Dynamic range-------135.5 dB (KH), 136.3 dB (line)---135.5 dB (KH), 136.3 dB (line)--------
Dimensions-------(W x H x D) 278 x 100 x 335 mm (with foot and volume controls)--325 x 275 x 92 mm (with foot and volume control)--------48 cm (W) x 10.8 cm (D) x 4.2 cm (H)
Dimensions (L x W x H)--------95 x 30 x 16 mm---79.5 x 75.5 x 15.5 mm-79.5 x 75.5 x 15.5 mm-79.5 x 75.5 x 15.5 mm79.5 x 75.5 x 15.5 mm--


The Violectric HPA V220 black is a Headphone amplifier with a Balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs with XLR and RCA (gold-plated contacts), Optional digital inputs can be retrofitted, 96 or 192 kHz, 3 individually selectable inputs on the front, Separate signal paths, ALPS RK27 high-grade volume and balance controls, High-quality op-amps in the signal path, Discrete-design power amp with 8 transistors per channel, 2 silver-plated Neutrik headphone connectors, Relay-based headphone output cut-off with delayed switch-on, Ground lift switchable, Thick-walled housing with Nextel coating, Solid, laser-engraved aluminium front panel & Various options available. The retail price is 1237.79 £.


Configurable line outputs, fixed / variablePre / post fader
Pre-gainInput gain in five steps
Output management via buttons on the front panel Active line outputs, active headphone outputs, both active, both off (mute)
Toroidal transformers25 W
Large filtering capacitors in the power supply18,000 uF
Colour on the frontBlack
Device feetSilver
Number of stereo channels1
Output Level Adjustment Per ChannelYes
Amount Of Inputs3
Rack formatNo

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