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Eurorack Module

The Vermona Modular quadroPOL is an Eurorack Module with a 4-Channel multi-function module, Each channel can be used as manual attenuator or as an inverter,...

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Name ACL OktaveEMW CV MonitorDoepfer A-168-1Joranalogue Audio Design Add 2Intellijel Designs Quad InverterVermona Modular quadroPOLFrap Tools SapelDoepfer T43Erica Synths Black CV Tools
Description Eurorack ModuleMonitor for control voltages (+/- 5 Volt)PWM generatorEurorack ModuleInverter ModuleEurorack ModuleRandom Generator for Control VoltagesBus Access Module (BAC)Eurorack ModuleEurorack Module
Power requirement7 mA (+12 V) / 3 mA (-12 V)--20 mA (+12 V / 20 mA (-12 V)+4 mA (+12 V) / -17 mA (-12 V)-+250 mA (+12 V) / -170 mA (-12 V)+30 mA (+12 V) / -20 mA (-12 V)20 mA (+12 V) / 10 mA (-12 V)-
Width6 TE / HP8 TE / HP4 TE / HP2 TE / HP2 TE / HP10 TE / HP18 TE / HP4 TE / HP4 TE / HP10 TE / HP
Depth20 mm50 mm20 mm40 mm29 mm-38 mm25 mm20 mm35 mm
Switch Modul
Power consumption-+12 volts (20 mA) / -12 volts (4 mA)----12V 35 mA, +12V 45 mA----
Current consumption--+20 mA (+12 V) / -20 mA (-12 V)------42 mA (+12 V) / 38 mA (-12 V)

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Vermona quadroPOL Voltage Controlled Polariser/Ring Modulator Module
  • QuadroPOL is a four-channel polarizer module. It can attenuate any incoming signal, in-phase or out of phase. - A channel's output signal will optionally be forwarded to the next one, which allows the use of quadroPOL as a mixer-module.
  • Item location: , GB

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The Vermona Modular quadroPOL is an Eurorack Module with a 4-Channel multi-function module, Each channel can be used as manual attenuator or as an inverter, Without signal an adjustable voltage is present at the output (-5V to + 5V), VCA functionality when using the CV input, whereby a positive voltage opens the attentuator into a positive direction, and an inversion causes negative voltages, Linear control characteristics of the CV inputs, Ring modulator functionality when using an audio signal at the CV input & Generate a voltage-controlled mixer with a maximum of four channels by interconnecting jumpers on the PCB (normalisation of the outputs of adjacent channels to the input of the one below). The retail price is 203.09 £. Buy Vermona Modular quadroPOL at Thomann UK.


Power consumption-12V 35 mA, +12V 45 mA
Dimensions (W x D)10 HP x 30 mm
Switch ModulNo
Width10 TE / HP

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