Vandoren V12 Eb-Clarinet 3.5 review: specs & price

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The Vandoren V12 Eb-Clarinet 3.5 is a Reed with a For Bohm system Eb-clarinets.

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Name Legere European Sign. Eb-Clar. 4-1/2Legere European Sign. Eb-Clar. 4-1/4Silverstein Ambipoly Eb-Clarinet 2.5+Silverstein Ambipoly Eb-Clarinet 3Silverstein Ambipoly Eb-Clarinet 3+Silverstein Ambipoly Eb-Clarinet 4+Silverstein Ambipoly Eb-Clarinet 3.5Legere Eb-Clarinet 4 1/2AW Reeds 511 Boehm Eb-Clarinet 2Vandoren V21 Eb-Clarinet 4,5
Description Plastic Eb Clarinet ReedReed for Boehm Eb ClarinetReed for Boehm Clarinet
Thickness-------4 1/2-4.5

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Vandoren V12 Eb Clarinet Reeds 3.5. Box of 9.
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Vandoren V12 Eb Clarinet Reed
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Vandoren V12 3 Eb Clarinet Reed
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The Vandoren V12 Eb-Clarinet 3.5 is a Reed with a For Bohm system Eb-clarinets. The retail price is 3.13 £.



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