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Studio Headphones

The Ultrasone Signature Studio is a Studio Headphones with a S-Logic Plus technology, Titanium-coated 40 mm driver, NdFeB (neodymium) magnet, Closed,...

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Description Wireless In-Ear HeadphonesDenon AH-D7200Package of Headphones and Software for 3D MixingBluetooth Headset Audeze Mobius BlueHigh-Res HeadphonesNeckband headphonesHeadphonesIn-Ear HeadphonesStudio HeadphonesHeadphonesIn-Ear Headphones
Frequency response20 - 20,000 Hz------8-40000 Hz10 - 26,000 Hz-
SystemCLosed BackCLosed Back-CLosed Back-CLosed Back-CLosed BackCLosed BackCLosed Back
Frequency range20 Hz5 Hz – 55000 Hz10 - 50000 Hz20 Hz – 20000 Hz20 Hz – 20000 Hz5 Hz – 46000 Hz17 Hz – 21000 Hz8 Hz – 40000 Hz10 Hz – 26000 Hz17 Hz – 21000 Hz
Replacable Cable -
Impedance-25 Ohms-32 Ohms32 Ohms38 Ohms20 Ohms32 Ohms35 Ohms10 Ohms
Sensitivity-105 dB / mW120 dB / 1mw94 dB / mW------
Weight---380 g54g-10 g (without cable)-295g10 g (without cable)
Sound pressure level-----96 dB-98 dB--
Weight without cable-----330 g-290 g--
2-Way hybrid technology------High-BA-driver + 8 mm dynamic driver--High-BA-driver 8 mm dynamic driver

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Ultrasone Signature Studio+Wall Bracket
  • The patented Ultrasone S-Logic® Plus technology reveals two essential advantages: One of them is the wide stereo stage, which, in combination with the excellent low gradation, gives the user the feeling of not listening through headphones, but through high-quality studio monitors. In addition, thanks to S-Logic®, 3 to 4 dB less sound pressure level is required to achieve the same volume perception. You can thus enjoy long listening sessions without signs of fatigue and at the same time protect your hearing. The tonal properties of the Ultrasone Signature STUDIO are also reflected in its design, which is professional elegance excellent. It is deliberately kept simple and robust, thanks to the practical PRO design, it can cope with Allen situations in demanding everyday life, whether in t.
  • Item location: , DE
Earpads Cushion Pillow for Ultrasone Signature DJ/Spro/DXP/Studio HiFi Headphone
  • Compatible for Ultrasone Signature DJ/Spro/DXP/Studio HiFi Headphone. Durable and soft for comfortable listening. Will try our best to resolve your problem until you are satisfied.
  • Item location: , CN

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The Ultrasone Signature Studio is a Studio Headphones with a S-Logic Plus technology, Titanium-coated 40 mm driver, NdFeB (neodymium) magnet, Closed, Circumaural, Dynamic, ULE technology (ultra low emission), Detachable cable with B-Lock connection, 3 m spiral cable with gold-plated 6.3 mm jack, 1.2 m straight cable with gold-plated 3.5 mm jack & 5 Years manufacturer's guarantee. The retail price is 416.03 £. Buy Ultrasone Signature Studio at Thomann UK.


Impedance32 Ohms
Sound pressure level98 dB
Frequency response8-40000 Hz
Weight without cable290 g
SystemCLosed Back
Frequency range8 Hz – 40000 Hz

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