Ultralite ULFLU1 Flood Light

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The Ultralite ULFLU1 Flood Light is a Floodlight with a Inexpensive simple floodlight with housing made of sheet steel, Colour filter frame included, Weight...

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Name Showtec Floodlight HQ-150 Black ASYMARRI Arrilite 750 PlusShowtec Floodlight HQ-150 Black SYMUltralite ULCY10S Cyclo 1000W symetricalUltralite ULFLU1 Flood LightEurolite PLL-360 3200K PanelShowtec Floodlight HQ-400 Black SYMUltralite ULCY10A Cyclo 1000WShowtec Vintage Blaze `33Eurolite ML-600 ABL
Description FloodlightParabolic SpotlightFloodlightFloodlightFloodlightFloodlightAsymmetrical FloodlightHead LampSpotlight with halogen lamp and LED ambient lighting
Lamp typeHQI-HQI---HQI---
Lumens @ 100Hr (lm)11,500-11,500---44,000---
DE/SEDouble-ended-Double-ended---One-sided base---
Power supplyAC 230 V 50 Hz-AC 230 V 50 Hz---AC 230 V 50 Hz--230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption70/150 Watt-70/150 Watt---400 W-620 W-
Housing materialCast aluminium-Cast aluminium---Cast aluminium---
IP protection classIP65-IP65---IP65---
Dimensions360 x 315 x 140 mm-360 x 315 x 140 mm---450 x 465 x 170 mm320 x 320 x 205 mm--
Weight5.5 kg-5.5 kg4.5 kg--6.5 kg4.5 kg6.1 kg15 kg
Housing colourBlack-Black---Black---
TypeFloodlightCamera LightFloodlightFloodlightFloodlight-FloodlightFloodlightFloodlightFloodlight
Beam typeAsymmetricalSymmetricalSymmetricalSymmetricalSymmetrical-SymmetricalAsymmetricalSymmetricalSymmetrical
Max. power [W]150 W750 W150 W1000 W500 W-400 W1000 W750 W600 W
Flood type--Symmetrical---Symmetrical---

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The Ultralite ULFLU1 Flood Light is a Floodlight with a Inexpensive simple floodlight with housing made of sheet steel, Colour filter frame included, Weight 1.5 kg & Delivery without power plug and lamp. The retail price is 44.75 £. Buy Ultralite ULFLU1 Flood Light at Thomann UK.


Lamp300/500 W R7S
Dimensions (LxDxH)19 x 19 x 15 (with bracket
Beam typeSymmetrical
Max. power [W]500 W

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