UFIP 12" FX Traditional Spl. Medium review: specs & price

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Splash Cymbal

The UFIP 12" FX Traditional Spl. Medium is a Splash Cymbal with a Medium splash.

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Name Istanbul Mehmet 12" X-Rubbish CrashPUR 12" Hand CrashIstanbul Mehmet 12" Splash Turk SeriesUfip 12" FX Power SplashSabian 12" XSR SplashIstanbul Mehmet 12" Splash Traditional SeriesPaiste 12" 900 Color Sound Splash PRPMeinl 12" Byzance Splash TraditionalUFIP 12" FX Traditional Spl. MediumMeinl 12" Classics Splash
Description 12" CrashCajon CrashSplash CymbalSplash CymbalSplash Cymbal12" SplashSplash CymbalSplash CymbalSplash CymbalSplash
Hand Hammered Cymbal
FinishRegular / TraditionalBrushed SteelRegular / TraditionalBrilliantBrilliant & RegularRegular / TraditionalPurpleRegular / TraditionalBrilliantRegular / Traditional
AlloyB20 BronzeB20 BronzeB20 BronzeB20 BronzeB20 BronzeB20 BronzeB8 BronzeB20 BronzeB20 BronzeB8 Bronze
Material-B20 bronze-B20 BronzeB20 bronze--B20 Bronze, hand-hammered-B8 bronze


The UFIP 12" FX Traditional Spl. Medium is a Splash Cymbal with a Medium splash. The retail price is 102.76 £.


The UFIP Class series always has something more to offerMore volume, assertiveness on stage, warm timbre and a complete dynamic range
These cymbals are very flexibleApplicable in pop, jazz, rock or metal
Hand Hammered CymbalYes
AlloyB20 Bronze

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