TritonAudio FetHead

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Microphone Preamp

The TritonAudio FetHead is a Microphone Preamp with a For dynamic and ribbon microphones, Extremely low-noise Class A JFet amplifier, 27 dB gain (@3 kOhm...

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Name Sonifex Redbox RB-MA1 Mic PreampUK Sound 1073 Mic Pre EQTrident Audio A-RangeFredenstein F676Phoenix Audio Ascent One EQAMS Neve 4081 QuadMic PreampHeritage Audio DMA-73SPL Goldmike Studioset 3Grace Design M201Avalon U5 Vovox Bundle
Description Professional Microphone Preamp2-Channel Channel Strip1-Channel Microphone Tube PreamplifierMono channel strip with preamp and EQ4-Channel Microphone PreampMicrophone PreamplifierSPL Goldmike 98442-Channel Microphone PreampAvalon U5
Number of microphone inputs1-21142220
Instrument input -
Tubes -
Compressor/Limiter -
Equalizer -
De-Esser -
Phantom power -
Phase Reverse -
External effect loops -
Analogue OutputsXLR-XLR, jackXLRJackXLRXLRXLR, jackXLRXLR, jack
Digitale OutputsNone-0None-Optional-None0None
Headphone connection -
Level Meter -
2 Microphone inputs--XLR-----XLR-
Format---9.5" / 2 U19"/ 1 RU---19"/ 2 HU-

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Triton Audio FetHead In-Line Microphone Preamp for Ribbon and Dynamic Mics
  • The Triton Audio FetHead is the perfect solution for enhancing the sound quality of ribbon and dynamic microphones. With a powerful signal gain of 27dB and phantom power feature, this preamp is ideal for recording studios and live performances.
  • Item location: LUTON, GB
Triton Audio - FetHead Germanium, Extremely low-noise hybrid JFET germanium prea
  • Triton Audio’s ‘FetHead Germanium’ is a professional in-line mic preamp. Recording Triton Audio, FetHead Germanium In-line germanium microphone preamp. Triton Audio, FetHead Germanium In-line germanium microphone preamp.
  • Item location: BOLTON, GB
Triton Audio FetHead Phantom, Preamp for condenser microphones, 18dB's of clean
  • Triton Audio’s ‘FetHead Phantom is a super low-noise, in-line microphone preamplifier which provides condenser microphones with phantom power for an overall improved sound. Just attach FetHead to a balanced microphone cable and plug it straight into the microphone, simple!
  • Item location: BOLTON, GB
Triton Audio - FetHead Filter, Mic Preamp for Ribbon & Dynamic Microphones, Low-
  • Triton Audio’s ‘FetHead Filter’ is just like a regular FetHead, but instead features a 6dB/octave high pass filter with a corner frequency of 220Hz. FetHead Filter was specifically designed for mics which can often exhibit an excessive proximity effect / low frequency response, such as long motor ribbon mics.
  • Item location: BOLTON, GB
Triton Audio FetHead In-Line Preamp Microphone Musical Instrument
  • (The Item has beenfully tested and is fully working. But overall great fully working condition). 100% Official and Genuine UK product.
  • Item location: EDGWARE, GB
Triton Audio - FetHead Broadcast, Preamp for Live & Broadcast Application, 25dB'
  • It’s heavily based on technology seen in Triton’s popular ‘FetHead’. During live performances microphone signals are likely to travel through long cables. • 25dB amplification. Connectivity (Input) 1 x XLR.
  • Item location: BOLTON, GB
Triton Audio FetHead Germanium Preamp
  • Is high quality in-line microphone preamplifier. It provides a punchy and direct, ‘larger than life’ germanium sound for dynamic and ribbon microphones. Our FetHead Germanium. FetHead Germanium. Preamp with germanium harmonics.
  • Item location: STOCKPORT, GB
TritonAudio FetHead silver
  • The information that P24 or P48 is required is present. A FetHead will work with all types of dynamic balanced microphones 3. A FetHead can be applied to either end of the mic cable, apply where best suited.
  • Item location: , GB

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The TritonAudio FetHead is a Microphone Preamp with a For dynamic and ribbon microphones, Extremely low-noise Class A JFet amplifier, 27 dB gain (@3 kOhm load), XLR 3-pin female to XLR 3-pin male & 4 Coordinated JFets. The retail price is 58.43 £. Buy TritonAudio FetHead at Thomann UK.


Number of microphone inputs1
Instrument inputNo
Phantom powerNo
Phase ReverseNo
External effect loopsNo
Analogue OutputsXLR
Digitale Outputs0
Headphone connectionNo
Level MeterNo

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