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Microphone Boom Extension - 2-Arm Boom

The Triad-Orbit Orbit O2 is a Microphone Boom Extension - 2-Arm Boom with a A TRIAD stand with an ORBIT dual boom fulfills the functions of two stands, which...

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Name Triad-Orbit Orbit O2On-Stage MS8312On-Stage MS7325On-Stage MS7613beyerdynamic ST 99Yellowtec MiKA System Pole StingOn-Stage MS8301Yellowtec MiKA Mikrofonarm YT3208On-Stage MS7801WYellowtec MiKA MMS Wall Adapter YT3295On-Stage MS7701TBTriad-Orbit Triad T-ESK&M 211 Boom Arm verchromtOn-Stage MS7255PGMillenium MS 2007 YellowOn-Stage SB96+Triad-Orbit IO-A1AUltimate Pro-SBOn-Stage DS7200QRBOn-Stage DS6213
Description Microphone Boom Extension - 2-Arm BoomAdjustable Microphone StandMicrophone StandSpecial Bass Drum Micro Tripod StandJointAdjustable Microphone StandMicrophoneMicrophone Stand with Boom ArmWall AdapterMicrophone Stand with Telescopic Boom Arm1-Meter ExtensionBoom ArmOne-Hand StandProfessional Microphone StandMicrophone Studio Stand with CastersShort Telescopic ArmMicrophone StandDesktop Microphone StandTable Stand with Gooseneck
Weight2.2 kg-----2.2 kg-2.5 kg-2.6 kg0.5 kg0.8 kgCirca 4 kg2.14 kg--6.2 kg--
Height in mm0 mm1041 mm – 1752 mm864 mm – 1549 mm910 mm – 1650 mm150 mm0 mm990 mm – 1600 mm200 mm – 670 mm940 mm – 1626 mm0 mm813 mm – 1562 mm0 mm0 mm965 mm – 1550 mm1050 mm – 1600 mm1143 mm – 1930 mm0 mm950 mm – 1470 mm241 mm – 406 mm355 mm
Boom Arm Length in mm430 mm – 610 mm--0 mm0 mm0 mm-0 mm0 mm – 787 mm0 mm510 mm – 914 mm0 mm840 mm-435 mm – 700 mm1092 mm – 2006 mm241 mm – 318 mm0 mm--
ColourBlackBlackBlackBlackBlackChrome PlatedBlackBlackWhite-BlackBlackNickel PlatetBlackYellowBlackBlackBlackBlackBlack
BaseNoneRound BaseStack BaseBaseTripodMounting PlateTripodNoneTripodBaseTripodNoneNoneRound BaseTripodFour legs with wheelsTripodStack BaseRound BaseU-form
Height adjustable-104-175 cm87-155 cm---99-160 cm-94-162 cm-81-156 cm----114-193 cm----
Length-------Max. 67 cm---100 cm----24.1 - 31.75 cm---
Thread----------5/8" (tpi 27)----5/8" (tpi 27)----
Height--------------1050 - 1600 mm--Adjustable from 950 to 1470 mm--

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Triad-Orbit - O2x

250£ 01d


The Triad-Orbit Orbit O2 is a Microphone Boom Extension - 2-Arm Boom with a A TRIAD stand with an ORBIT dual boom fulfills the functions of two stands, which is especially useful for situations in which there are several mics and a limited space, Perfect for picking up pianos, double basses, snares (batter and resonance heads), singers with acoustic guitars, choirs, big bands, orchestras, Each boom arm is extendable and equipped with the ball-and-socket casing (stainless steel) (360 °x 220 °), The central joint provides additional 150° adjustment possibilities for the left / right placement of the two boom arms, Extremely light, silent and stable, Solid metal coupling, Quick coupler IO-Quick-Change Coupler on the shaft, IO-H quick-coupler Quick-Change Coupler Head at every boom end, Compatible with Triad-Orbit System & 2 Solid reducer adapters (brass, black) from 5/8" to 3/8" (for European microphone holders) are included. The retail price is 194.13 £.


Boom length43 cm - 61 cm
Rotation possibilities360° x 220°
Weight2.2 kg
Height in mm0 mm
Boom Arm Length in mm430 mm – 610 mm

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