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Micro SD Card

The Tiptop Audio Bent is a Micro SD Card with a One Shots.

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Name Marienberg Devices Connection Cable 20cmMarienberg Devices Connection Cable 90cmMarienberg Devices Connection Cable 50cmTiptop Audio BentTiptop Audio HybrdArt for the Ears 12U Hexy Side Panels WalnutTiptop Audio SbstrtArt for the Ears 6U Liberty Side Panels WalnutArt for the Ears 9U Goo Side Panels WalnutDoepfer A-100 Rotary Knob Brown
Description Connection CableConnector CableConnection CableMicro SD CardMicro SD Card HybrdWood Side PanelsMicro SD Card SbstrtWood Side PanelsWood side panelsKnob
Length20 cm90 cm50 cm-------
Blank Panel
Bus Cable
Characteristics of the samples---Digital percussion samplesPercussion samples and textures-Natural percussion samples and textures---

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Tiptop Audio One BENT Card by Glitchmachines EURORACK - NEW - PERFECT CIRCUIT
  • All Glitchmachines cards include the entire sound set sampled at 48kHz, 64 kHz and 96kHz. © 2018 Perfect Circuit. If you experience a problem with a unit:do not attempt to open or repair the unit yourself.
  • Item location: Burbank, US
TipTop Audio ONE Sample Content Card - BENT (Glitchmachines)
  • BENT features 256 sounds harvested from a variety of customized circuit bent instruments. We recorded an exhaustive collection of bent vintage educational toys and toy keyboards that were all hand-built by sound designer Ivo Ivanov over the course of five years. The lo-fi character of this sample pack is perfectly at home in the modular synth domain and compliments its already vastly diverse sonic landscape by injecting it with a highly nuanced and rare set of sounds that can be integrated as percussive effects along with existing modules.
  • Item location: GLASGOW, GB
Tiptop Audio/Glitchmachines BENT Card For One Sample Player Module
  • Design by: Glitchmachines. Micro SD Card with 256 fresh sounds for the One sample player. Sound & vision. Type: One Shot. Options for 48kHz, 64 kHz and 96kHz playback. 9am-6pm, Mon-Sat.
  • Item location: , GB

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TIPTOP ONE - Glitchmachines BENT

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The Tiptop Audio Bent is a Micro SD Card with a One Shots. The retail price is 21.7 £. Buy Tiptop Audio Bent at Thomann UK.


Characteristics of the samplesDigital percussion samples
Blank PanelNo
Bus CableNo

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