Thon Rack Tray 2U review: specs & price

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Extra deep 19" rack shelf

The Thon Rack Tray 2U is an Extra deep 19" rack shelf with a 2 U, For devices up to 375 mm deep, Flanged 10 mm at the front and rear edge for more stability...

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Name K&M 28483Flyht Pro Rack Tray 3U 9,5"Golden Age Project Unite BIG Rack-KitGator GRW-SHELF2K&M 28482 19" Rack Tray 2UMillenium Rack Tray VesaVarytec Rack Tray MP-1K&M 28482-070-55 19" Rack Shelf 2USKB AV8 Rackmount HousingThon Rack Adapter 4U 30Adam Hall 8756 Rack Tray / RackwanneThon Rack Adapter 3U 30Adam Hall 87303 Rackbox 3UGolden Age Project Rack-KitAdam Hall 87553 Rack CradleAdam Hall 87409 19" Housing 3UThon Rack Tray 4UAdam Hall 87302 Rackbox 2UThon Rack Adapter 2U 30Adam Hall 87408 Rack Housing 2U
Description 19 "/ 3 U rack slot9.5" Rack TubRack Kit2U rack shelfRack TrayRack TrayUniversal Rack Tray 1HEUniversal 19 " Shelf19 " Rack MountRack Adapter 4 U19" Rack trayRack Adapter 3 URackboxProject Rack-Kit19" Rack cradle19" / 3 U HousingExtra Deep 19" Rack TrayRackbox with snap locksRack Adapter 2 U19" Rack Housing 2 U
Height3 U---------2 U------2 U--
Depth300 mm------380 mm-30 cm38 cm-20 cm--250 mm-20 cm-25 cm
ColourBlack--Black---Black----Black-Black, powder coatedBlack-Black-Black
Material-1.5 mm Steel-Steel----------1.6 mm steel-1.6 mm steel---
Weight-1.92 kg-1.2 kg--1.72 kg2.79 kg--0.8 kg--------2.88 kg
Inner width---------Approx. 43.5 cm-Approx. 43.5 cm------Approx. 43.5 cm-


The Thon Rack Tray 2U is an Extra deep 19" rack shelf with a 2 U, For devices up to 375 mm deep, Flanged 10 mm at the front and rear edge for more stability & Ventilation slots in the sides. The retail price is 12.62 £.


Usable inside width435 mm
Material1.6 mm steel
SurfaceBlack powder-coated

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