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Turkish Oud

The Thomann Turkish Oud De Luxe is a Turkish Oud with a De Luxe model, Spruce top, Body made of lacewood, Maple neck, Width of the upper nut approx. 3.8 cm,...

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Name Saz AS175P Arabic Silent Oud 13 S.Saz TS170 Turkish Silent Oud MapleThomann Turkish Oud De LuxeSaz TG2C Arabic Oud WalnutSaz AS175 Arabic Silent Oud MapleSaz AU1-MA Arabic OudSaz TG4K Arabic Oud ChestnutThomann Arabian Oud Deluxe ProThomann Arabian Oud De LuxeSaz 166-AK Turkish Oud Apricot
Description Arabic Silent OudTurkish Silent OudTurkish OudArabian OudArabic Silent OudArabic OudArabian OudArabic OudArabic OudTurkish Oud
Neck width at the upper nut4.3 cm3.8 cm--------
Body length51.5 cm49.5 cm-51.5 cm51.5 cm51.5 cm51.5 cm--49.5 cm
Body width37 -37.5 cm36 -37 cm-37-38 cm37 -37.5 cm37 - 37.5 cm37-38 cm--36-37 cm
Body depth2.5 cm2.5 cm-19 cm2.5 cm19 cm19 cm--18 cm
Scale600 mm585 mm580 mm600 mm600 mm605 mm600 mm618 mm617 mm585 mm
Arabic oud
Turkish oud
Comes with pickup-system
TuningG - C - F - A - d - g - c‘E - A - H - e - a - d'E - A - H - e - a - d'TuningTuningTuningTuningTuningTuningE - A - H - e - a - d`
Number of strings13111112121212111111
Material TopSpruceSpruceSpruceSpruceSpruceSpruceFirSpruceSpruceFir
Body MaterialMapleMaplePlaneWalnutMaple-ChestnutPlane Tree / WalnutPlaneApricot / Linden
Comes with bag
Neck length---20 cm--20 cm--19.5 cm

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The Thomann Turkish Oud De Luxe is a Turkish Oud with a De Luxe model, Spruce top, Body made of lacewood, Maple neck, Width of the upper nut approx. 3.8 cm, Scale approx. 58.5 cm, Lower width approx. 35.5 cm, Body length approx. 48.5 cm, Total length approx. 77.5 cm, Height incl. bridge approx. 19 cm, 11 strings in 6 courses & Incl. bag. The retail price is 223.03 £. Buy Thomann Turkish Oud De Luxe at Thomann UK.


TuningE - A - H - e - a - d'
Scale580 mm
Arabic oudNo
Turkish oudYes
Comes with pickup-systemNo
Number of strings11
Material TopSpruce
Body MaterialPlane
Comes with bagYes

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