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Name Thomann Panflute GThomann Solist Panpipes Alto A'-E"' 12Thomann Solist Panpipes Alto H'-G"" 20Gewa Panpipes Bb- Major 15 PipesThomann Solist Panpipe Soprano C'-C"'8Plaschke S22 C Pan FlutePlaschke S18 C Pan FluteThomann Panpipes 15CPlaschke S20 G Pan FluteGewa Panpipes G- Major 15 Pipes
Description Alto PanpipeAlt-PanpipePan FluteSoprano Pan FlutePan FlutePan FlutePan Flute with 15 PipesPan FlutePan Flute
Number of tubes2212201582218152015
TuningG majorG majorG majorBb MajorC MajorC MajorC MajorC MajorG majorG major
Range-A '- E' ''-G' - G'''C '' - E '' 'G' - G''''-G'- G'''F#' - D''''G' - G '''
Pitch--B '- G' '' '---G '- C' '' '---

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Can You Hear the Difference Between a Cheap and Expensive Flute?


. The retail price is 589.35 £. Buy Thomann Panflute G at Thomann UK.


Number of tubes22
TuningG major

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