the t.racks DS2418 review: specs & price

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Audio splitter

The the t.racks DS2418 is an Audio splitter with a 2 in 4 or 1 in 8, Each output can be controlled separately & XLR inputs/outputs.

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Name Sound Tools Mic SwitcherRadial Engineering PS4 Cherry PickerRadial Engineering Relay XoLindy Audiosplitter Toslink SPDIFRadial Engineering LX-3Palmer PMBLAART Splitcom ProRadial Engineering OX8ART ProsplitRadial Engineering LX-2Sonifex RB-AES 4X3Millenium SMM 21Palmer PMS-02 Mikrofon SplitterPalmer PAN 05Millenium SML 21Palmer PGA 03 Y-Box Guitar SplitterKlark Teknik DS 50Radial Engineering ProMS2Millenium MS8ART SplitMix4
Description 3-on-1 Microphone SwitchPassive 3-Channel Preamp SelectorRadial Engineering Relay XoS / PDIF Audio SplitterPassive Line Splitter with adjustable trimLine Summing / MergerMicrophone Merger / Splitter8 x Mic / Line SplitterMicrophone SplitterPassive line splitter with adjustable trimPassive 4-way 3-way AES/EBU splitterSignal merge boxMicrophone split box2 Channel merge box for microphonesSignal merge boxY-Box Guitar SplitterPassive Line Level SplitterPassive microphone splitter8-Channel Microphone SplitterSplitter / Mixer
Number Of Channels33111228114222211184
Outputs Per Channel13223212223121125321
+48 V Phantom power
Grd Lift Switch
Pad Switch
Headphone Outputs
DesignCable-FootswitchDesktopDesktop9,5"Desktop19" / 1UDesktopDesktop19" / 1UDesktopDesktopDesktopDesktopDesktop-Desktop19" / 1UDesktop
Connections---1 x TosLink optical input, 2x TosLink optical output---XLR inputs, D-Sub outputs, in addition the inputs and outputs are available as "Phoenix" installation terminals------------
Frequency range----20 - 20,000 Hz----20 - 20,000 Hz----------
Dimensions----84 x 127 x 48 mm----84 x 127 x 48 mm--115 x 46 x 140 mm------47 x 117 x 104 mm
Format-----9.5"/ 1U-19"/ 1U----------19"/ 1U-
Weight------------0.67 kg---0.43 kg--380 g


The the t.racks DS2418 is an Audio splitter with a 2 in 4 or 1 in 8, Each output can be controlled separately & XLR inputs/outputs. The retail price is 53.91 £.


Design19" / 1U
Installation depth12 cm
Number Of Channels4
Outputs Per Channel8
+48 V Phantom powerNo
Grd Lift SwitchNo
Pad SwitchNo
Headphone OutputsNo

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