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Dynamic microphone

The the t.bone MB 55 is a Dynamic microphone with a Especially suitable for capturing vocals, speech and guitar, Neodymium, Includes a switch and a hard...

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Name Heil Sound The Fin Black/BlueAKG D5 CSSamson Q4Audix F50SHeil Sound The Fin BlueBlue enCORE 100Heil Sound The Fin Black/WhiteTelefunken M80 OakAudio-Technica AE 4100Audio-Technica Pro 61Audio-Technica Pro 41Heil Sound The Fin Black/RedSE Electronics V3Audix OM2Audix OM 2SEV PL 80cAudio-Technica MB 1kJZ Microphones HH-1Blue enCORE 200Audix OM11
Description Dynamic Vocals MicrophoneDynamic Vocal MicrophoneDynamic Handheld MicrophoneSpeech and vocal microphoneDynamic Vocal MicrophoneDynamic Vocal MicrophoneVocals microphoneDynamic MicrophoneDynamic Vocal MicrophoneDynamic Vocals MicrophoneDynamic Vocals MicrophoneVocal MicrophoneVocal microphoneDynamic Vocal MicrophoneDynamic Vocal MicrophoneDynamic Vocal MicrophoneDynamic Vocals MicrophoneProfessional dynamic vocals microphoneDynamic Vocal MicrophoneDynamic Voice and Vocal Microphone
Directional characteristicCardioidCardioid--Cardioid---Cardioid--Cardioid--------
Frequency range50 - 18,000 Hz20 - 17000 Hz-50 - 16,000 Hz50 Hz - 18 kHz50 Hz - 15 kHz50 - 18,000 Hz50 - 18,000 Hz90 / 18,000 Hz--50 / 18000 Hz50-16,000 Hz--80 / 16000 Hz80 - 12,000 Hz50 Hz - 18 kHz50 Hz - 16 kHz-
Impedance600 Ohm600 Ohm-250 Ohm600 Ω-600 Ohm325 Ohm250 Ω300 Ohm300 Ohm600 Ω-250 Ω250 Ω600 Ω600 Ohm300 Ohm--
On/Off Switch
Polar PatternCardioidCardioidSupercardioidCardioidCardioidCardioidCardioidSupercardioidCardioidHypercardioidCardioidCardioidCardioidHypercardioidHypercardioidSupercardioidCardioidCardioidCardioidHypercardioid
Sensitivity-2.6 mV/Pa---1.55 mV/PA------2.5 mV / Pa (-52 dB)-----2.25 mV/PA-
Weight-320 g---400 g-387 g310 g---295 g--333 g337 g280 g-370 g
Polar pattern---Cardioid-CardioidCardioid--Hyper cardioidCardioid-----Cardioid-Cardioid-
Peak SPL----142 dB147 dB SPL-----142 dB------147 dB SPL-
Dimensions-----185 mm length and 28 mm diameter (50 mm max.)--177 mm x 33-22 mm---52 x 181 mm----58 x 172 mm185 mm length and 28 mm diameter (50 mm max.)-
Frequency response---------70 - 16,000 Hz90 - 16,000 Hz---------
Output impedance------------600 Ohm-----25 Ohm-


The the t.bone MB 55 is a Dynamic microphone with a Especially suitable for capturing vocals, speech and guitar, Neodymium, Includes a switch and a hard rubber holder & Incl. 5 m XLR female to jack cable. The retail price is 15.22 £.


Polar patternSupercardioid
Maximum sound pressure level (SPL)138 dB
Frequency response20-12,000 Hz
On/Off SwitchYes
Polar PatternSupercardioid

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