the t.amp TSA 4-1300 review: specs & price

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Amplifier with power supply

The the t.amp TSA 4-1300 is an Amplifier with power supply with a 4 x 1670 W / 4 ohm, 4 x 1220 W / 8 ohm, 2 x 4000 W / 8 ohm & Power Twist connector.

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Name Crown I-Tech 4x3500HDCrown I-Tech 9000HDMackie MX2500Audac EPA 152Avantone CLA-100dB Technologies HPA3100 LExtron MPA 152 PlusdB Technologies HPA 2800ART SLA-2dB Technologies HPA 1400
Description 4-Channel High-Performance Power Amplifier2-Channel High-Performance Power AmplifierPower AmplifierDigital Power AmplifierStudio power amplifierProfessional 19 " Power AmplifierStereo AmplifierProfessional 19 " Power AmplifierStudio Linear AmplifierProfessional 19" Power Amplifier
InputsAnalog/digital via XLRAnalogue/digital XLRXLRBalanced XLR2x XLR female-RCA, 3.5 mm stereo jack, terminal balanced---
OutputsSpeaker TwistSpeaker twist, binding postsNL4Speaker twist and terminal blocks2x XLR male Link, 2x screw terminals-----
Height2 RU2 RU--------
Installation depth43.1 cm41.1 cm--------
Weight13.2 kg12.7 kg13.8 kg4.34 kg6.7 kg14 kg-21 kg9 kg17 kg
Power (4 Ohms) per Channel2400 W3000 W750 W150 W140 W1200 W15 W1050 W280 W740 W
Rack Units2 U2 U2 U1 U1 U2 U1 U2 U1 U2 U
Amp ClassClass IClass IClass HClass DClass ABClass DClass DClass HClass ABClass H
2 Ohm stable
Convection cooling
Power--500 W continuous power @ 8 Ohm per channel, 750 W continuous power @ 4 Ohm per channel, 1500 W continuous power bridged at 8 Ohm2x 150 W / 4 Ohm, 2x 80 W / 8 Ohm100 W RMS at 8 Ohm-----
Dimensions--483 x 88 x 303 mm482 x 44 x 330 mm-482 x 89 x 402 mm-482 x 89 x 402 mm-482 x 89 x 402 mm
Frequency range---20 - 20000 Hz----10 Hz to 40 kHz +/- 0.5 dB-
Connections-----2x XLR input with 2x XLR parallel out, 2x speaker twist out-2x XLR input with 2x XLR parallel out, 2x speaker twist out--
Format-----19"/ 2 RU-19"/ 2 RU--

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The t.amp TSA 4-700 & the t.racks DS 2/4, Amp and Controller
  • The t.amp TSA 4-700 & the t.racks DS 2/4, Amp and Controller. For sale is this amp and digital crossover from thomann. Used but in good condition, never abused and lived in a case all it’s life. The amp specs are as follows -x 490 W/ 8 Ohm4x 810 W/ 4 Ohm4x 930 W/ 2 Ohm2x 1600 W/ 8 Ohm (bridge mode)2x 1800 W/ 4 Ohm (bridge mode)Upgraded my amps so these are for sale.Links for both units are below questions just ask I can post be will be about £25 to send both, collection welcome.
  • Item location: RUGBY, GB
the t.amp TSA 2200. BLACK. (Used) Very Good Condition. Class H 
  • The t.amp TSA 2200. (Used) Very Good Condition. Weight: 10.4 Kg. 1x 1800 W/ 8 ohm (bridge mode). 2400/ 4 Ohm (bridge mode). XLR Input and output.
  • Item location: LONDON, GB
The T.AMP TSA 2200
  • The T.AMP TSA 2200, No wires.
  • Item location: LONDON, GB

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The T.AMP TSA 4-1300 is a compact and powerful amplifier designed for car stereos. It has an output power of 1300 watts peak and 750 watts RMS. The T.AMP TSA 4-1300 is a great choice to replace your old or worn out car stereo amplifier.

The T.AMP TSA 4-1300 is equipped with Class AB technology, which makes it very efficient in terms of power consumption and heat dissipation. This means that the amp will not consume too much energy from your car battery and will not heat up too much either, making it ideal for use in hot weather conditions such as summer or if you live in an area where temperatures rise greatly during summer months.

The T.AMP TSA 4-1300 also comes with an adjustable bass boost switch so you can boost your bass response if you are using an external subwoofer or if you simply want more bass from your music system while listening to music at low volumes (the bass boost will only work at low volumes). It has four channels which can be used simultaneously or individually depending on your needs (for example, if you only want to use two speakers. 

The amplifier features a USB charging port so you can charge your smartphone while listening to music through your headphones or Bluetooth speaker. The built-in USB port provides 5V/1A USB power output which is enough to charge most smartphones, but may not be sufficient for some tablets or other devices with higher power requirements (see below). This amplifier has an internal battery that allows you to use it in your car or at home without having to plug it into an outlet. It's also lightweight and compact, so it's easy to take with you when traveling.

The retail price is 421.41 £.


OutputSpeaker Twist
Dimensions(W x D x H)
Weight12.5 kg
Power (4 Ohms) per Channel1670 W
Rack Units2 U
Amp ClassClass D
2 Ohm stableNo
Convection coolingNo

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