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Active stage monitor

The the box pro Mon A15 is an Active stage monitor with a Dual limiter, XLR Combi input and XLR link out & Built-in stand/tripod flange mount.

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Name RCF NX 10-SMABehringer B105DdB Technologies LVX XM 15dB Technologies LVX XM 12Proel WD15AV2Line6 StageSource L2mLaney CXP-110FBT Ventis 115MALaney CXP-112Kustom KPX5M Mini MonitorSolton MF 300ALFBT Ventis 112MARCF ST 12-SMAProel WD12AV2RCF ST 15-SMAKS audio CPD 1Mthe box MA Pro 12Proel WD10AV2FBT StageMaxX 12MAthe box MA 205
Description Active Coax Full Range MonitorActive PA/monitor loudspeakerActive 2-Way Coax Monitor SystemActive 2-Way Coax Monitor SystemActive 2-Way Floor MonitorMultifunctional SpeakerActive MonitorActive 2-Way Coaxial Monitor SpeakerActive MonitorActive MonitorFullrange/MonitorboxActive 2-Way Coaxial Monitor SpeakerActive 12" Stage MonitorActive 2-way Floor MonitorActive 15" Stage MonitorActive 2-Way Compact MonitorActive MonitorActive 2-way Floor MonitorActive 2-way coaxial monitor speakerCompact Active Monitor
Equipped with10" and 1"-----10" + Horn-12" + Horn1x 5" speaker--12" RCF woofer with 1.5" VC, 1" high frequency driver with 1.5" VC-15" RCF woofer with 1.5" VC, 1" high frequency driver with 1.5" VC----2x 5" speakers
Power400 Watt Bi Amp-600 W RMS600 W RMS--65 Watts RMS, 120 watts peak--320 W peak300/600 W----440 W RMS450W-400 W + 100 W Class D100 W
Dimensions324 x 450 x 417 mm-640 x 370 x 460 mm515 x 370 x 460 mm-603 x 312 x 312 mm468 x 274 x 347 mm(W x H x D)330 x 591 x 437 mm-390 x 540 x 350 mm(W x H x D)318 x 594 x 400 mm-362 x 673 x 473 mm280 x 500 x 370 mm468 x 430 x 442 mm---
Weight14.5 kg-22.3 kg20.1 kg21 kg17.7 kg13 kg21.3 kg19 kg3.9 kg21 kg17.5 kg18 kg15 kg21 kg15.0 kg20 kg12 kg13.6 kg5.5 kg
Multifunctional Housing
Woofer size1x 10"1x 5"1x 15"1x 12"1x 15"1x 10"1x 10"1x 15"1x 12"1x 5"1x 12"1x 12"1x 12"1x 12"1x 15"1x 10"1x 12"1x 10"1x 12"2x 5"
Tweeter, 1" and Larger
Microphone Input
Line Inputs
Frequency range-80 - 18,000 Hz58 / 17800 Hz69 - 17800 Hz50 - 20,000 Hz--55 Hz - 20.000 Hz (-6 dB)--55 - 18,000 Hz55 Hz - 20.000 Hz (-6 dB)45 - 20,000 Hz50 - 20,000 Hz45 - 20,000 Hz68 - 19,000 Hz55 - 20000 Hz60 - 20,000 Hz60 - 20,000 kHz (-6 dB)-
Dimensions (H x W x D)-284.5 x 209.5 x 176.5 mm-----------------32 x 20 x 20 cm
Loudspeakers--1x 15" and 1x 2.5" voice coil1x 12" and 1x 2.5" voice coil15"/ 1" coaxial--------12"/ 1" coaxial--12", 1.5" coax10"/ 1" coaxial--
Dispersion pattern--70° x 90°70° x 90°------------Approx. 80° x 80°---
Power amplifier--Digipro G3, class DDigipro G3, class D----------------
Peak SPL--128 dB127 dB124 dB-------129 dB124 dB---123 dB--
Coverage pattern----60°-----60° x 40°--80°---80°--
Input----XLR / jack combo--------XLR / jack combo---XLR / jack comboXLR-
Frequency response------78 - 20000 Hz-65Hz - 18KHz-----------
Speakers equipped-------15" Woofer and 1" tweeter---12" Woofer and 1" tweeter--------
Performance-------700 W Class D (LF) and 200 W Class H (HF)---700 W Class D (LF) and 200 W Class H (HF)--------
Housing material-------15 mm birch plywood---15 mm birch plywood--------
Coverage pattern (nominal)-------90° conical---90° conical--------
Max SPL-------133 dB---133 dB--------
Inputs-------XLR / Jack combined input and RCA ("Cinch" stereo)---XLR / Jack combined input and RCA ("Cinch" stereo)--------
Left output-------XLR male---XLR male--------
SPL---------117 dB99 dB (127 dB SPL max)---------

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The the box pro Mon A15 is an Active stage monitor with a Dual limiter, XLR Combi input and XLR link out & Built-in stand/tripod flange mount. The retail price is 251.28 £.


Equipped with15" and 1.35" coaxial
Power450 W RMS, 900 W peak
Tweeter50 W class AB
Woofer400 W class D
Coverage pattern60° x 60°
Maximum output levelMax. 126 dB
Frequency range45 - 20,000 Hz
Dimensions610 x 365 x 545 mm
Weight19.5 kg
Multifunctional HousingYes
Woofer size1x 15"
Tweeter, 1" and LargerYes
Microphone InputYes
Line InputsYes

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