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Active Subwoofer

The the box pro DSP 18 Sub is an Active Subwoofer with a Groundlift shape and phase switch, Switchable low-pass filter 90/120 Hz & M20 screw thread for...

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Name Syrincs S4WAdB Technologies Sub 915FBT HIMaxX 100SARCF HDL18-ASTurbosound IP15BJBL PRX815XLFWJBL SRX828SPYamaha DXS12 MKIIYamaha DXS15 MKIIMackie SRM 1850FBT X-Sub 15SATurbosound IP12BHK Audio L SUB 4000 AHK Audio LINEAR SUB 1800 Athe box Pyrit 112 Sub AdB Technologies Sub18 HRCF Sub 702-AS IIthe box pro A 121 LA SubwooferQSC KS212CJBL SRX818SP
Description Active SubwooferActive 15" Bass reflex subwoofer with 4" voice coilSubwooferActive SubwooferActive 15" SubwooferActive Bass LoudspeakerActive 2x 18" SubwooferActive SubwooferActive SubwooferActive SubwooferActive SubwooferActive 12" SubwooferActive SubwooferActive 18" Bass Reflex SpeakerActive High Power SubwooferActive SubwooferActive 12" Bass Reflex SubwooferActive 21" Bandpass Sub-WooferActive Cardioid SubwooferActive 18" Subwoofer
Power1000 W900 W900 W2000 W1000 W1500 W2000 W1020 W1020 W800 W1200 W1000 W1200 W1200 W500 W1000 W700 W2000 W3600 W1000 W
Dimensions (W x H x D)550 x 360 x 438 mm620 x 457 x 620 mm--------455 x 586 x 570 mm-90.8 x 50.8 x 80.7 cm----754 x 511 x 770 mm--
Weight23 kg-43 kg-26.3 kg25.4 kg65.9 kg30 kg36 kg29 kg30 kg22.3 kg59 kg42 kg24 kg41.4 kg17.5 kg-40.1 kg39.5 kg
DesignBandpassBassreflexBandpassBassreflexFront LoadedBassreflexFront LoadedBandpassBandpassBandpassBandpassFront LoadedBandpassBandpassBandpassHornBassreflexBandpassBandpassFront Loaded
Pole Mount
Woofer size1x 12"1x 15"1x 18"1x 18"1x 15"1x 15"2x 18"1x 12"1x 15"1x 18"1x 15"1x 12"1x 18"1x 18"1x 12"1x 18"1x 12"1x 21"2x 12"1x 18"
Max. SPL-134 db----141 dB------------135 dB
Frequency range-(-10dB)---36-113 Hz29 Hz -150 Hz (-10 dB)--35 - 150 Hz---38 Hz - X-Over45 - 150 Hz----29 - 150 Hz (-10 dB)
Dimensions--530 x 605 x 655 mm-----478 x 618 x 624 mm----510 x 670 x 720 mm460 x 520 x 400 mm524 x 711 x 695 mm487 x 354 x 498 mm-622 x 394 x 851 mm-
Maximum level----120 dB------120 dB-----141 dB @ 1m--
Dimensions (H x W x D)----570 x 460 x 545 mm548 x 446 x 572 mm574 x 1,205 x 681 mm----485 x 420 x 500 mm-------683 x 684 x 575 mm
Frequency response-------42 Hz40-150 Hz-42-120 Hz------35 - 100 Hz (+- 3dB, depending on processor settings)--
Maximum SPL (sound pressure level)-------134 dB135 dB-----------
Housing-------Black plywood with continuous loudspeaker coverBlack plywood with continuous loudspeaker cover-----------
Stand flange mount-------35 mm35 mm-----------
Frequency range (-3 dB)-----------45 Hz - 150 Hz39 Hz X-Over-------
Equipped with--------------12" Speakers with 4" Voice coil18" woofer with 4" voice coil--2x 12" woofers-
Peak SPL--------------126 dB-129 dB---
Frequency range (-10 dB)---------------28 Hz - 150 Hz--39 - 118 Hz-


The the box pro DSP 18 Sub is an Active Subwoofer with a Groundlift shape and phase switch, Switchable low-pass filter 90/120 Hz & M20 screw thread for spacing rod.


Equipped with18"
Power800 W
Maximum level128 dB
Frequency range30 - 150 Hz
ConnectorsXLR (L+R) in, XLR (L+R) through and XLR (L+R) crossover out
Dimensions610 x 680 x 745 mm
Weight39 kg
Suitable protective coverArticle number 451970 (not included)
Pole MountYes
Woofer size1x 18"

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