Tesa 4348 30mm review: specs & price

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Masking Tape

The Tesa 4348 30mm is a Masking Tape with a .

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Name Gerband Tape 252 / 50mmStairville Alu Tape 100mmTesa 4348 30mmShowtec Markertape PVC " 25 mtr." greeTesa 4348 38mmGerband PVC Tape 565 OrangeShowtec Markertape PVC " 15 mtr." whitShowtec Markertape PVC " 20 mtr." yellGerband Tape 252 / 19mmStairville ISO Band Brown
Description Cellulose Fabric Tape with PE CoatingPure aluminium foilMasking TapePVC Marker TapeMasking TapePVC TapePVC Marker TapePVC Marker TapeRayon Cloth Tape with PE CoatingSoft PVC Insulating Tape
Length50 m50 m50 m33 m50 m33 m33 m33 m50 m25 m
Width50 mm100 mm30 mm25 mm38 mm50 mm25 mm25 mm19 mm19 mm
Total thickness0.31 mm-------0.31 mm-
Sticking strength10 N / 25 mm-------10 N / 25 mm-
ColourOlive-Green (RAL 6031)-Light beige-Light beigeOrange 565--Olive-Green (RAL 6031)Brown
Fabric tape
Labeling Tape
Double-sided Tape
Material--Lightly masked paper backing with natural rubber adhesive-Lightly masked paper backing with natural rubber adhesive-----
Thickness--140 µm-140 µm-----
Tear force--36 N/cm-36 N/cm-----
Label---"25 mtr"--15 m---
Colour code---Green--WhiteYellow--

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The Tesa 4348 30mm is a Masking Tape with a . The retail price is 5.3 £.


MaterialLightly masked paper backing with natural rubber adhesive
Length50 m
Width30 mm
Thickness140 µm
Tear force36 N/cm
ColourLight beige
Fabric tapeNo
Labeling TapeNo
Double-sided TapeNo

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