Telefunken M80 SH Standard review: specs & price

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Microphone for Snare Drum

The Telefunken M80 SH Standard is a Microphone for Snare Drum with a Dynamic, Supercardioid, Frequency range 50 - 18,000 Hz, Weight 340 g & Incl. microphone...

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Name Miktek PM10Audix Micro-DShure PGA98DGranelli Audio Labs G5790Telefunken M80 SH StandardShure Beta 98 Amp/Cbeyerdynamic TG D35Earthworks Audio DM20Shure PGA56Audio-Technica AE 3000
Description Dynamic Snare/Tom MicrophoneClip-On Condenser MicrophoneCondenser Clip MicrophoneModified Shure SM57 MicrophoneMicrophone for Snare DrumMiniature Condenser MicrophoneDynamic Instrumental MicrophoneDynamic Instrumental MicrophoneCondenser Instrument Microphone
Polar patternSupercardioid-Cardioid--CardioidSuper-cardioid--Cardioid
Frequency range50 Hz - 16 kHz-20 - 20,000 Hz--20 - 20,000 Hz50 - 14,000 Hz--20 - 20,000 Hz
Impedance300 Ohm-850 Ohm-325 Ω-600 Ohm--100 Ohm
Clip-On Microphone
Dynamic Microphone
Condenser Microphone
Included-Audix D-Vice rim clamp, optional mount for various acoustic instruments---Microphone holder A57M, wind protector and transport bag--4.5 m XLR cable, drum clip and bag-
Weight-370 g210 g-----287 g170 g
Sensitivity----56.0 dBV/Pa--2.2 mV/Pa (-53 dBV) ±3 dB---
Dimensions---157 x 32 mm125 x 48 mm (length x diameter)----115.5 x 48 mm

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Telefunken M80 Dynamic Microphone Overview


The Telefunken M80 SH Standard is a Microphone for Snare Drum with a Dynamic, Supercardioid, Frequency range 50 - 18,000 Hz, Weight 340 g & Incl. microphone clip holder, 2 drum holders, bag, 5m XLR cable with angled plug. The retail price is 250.95 £.


Impedance325 Ω
SPL max.>135 dB
Dimensions125 x 48 mm (length x diameter)
Clip-On MicrophoneYes
Dynamic MicrophoneYes
Condenser MicrophoneNo

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