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Multi-Tap Rhythm Delay

The tc electronic D-Two is a Multi-Tap Rhythm Delay with a Based on the TC 2290, Up to 10 second delay, With different Delay types like Spatial, Ping Pong,...

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Name Yamaha SPX 2000Eventide 2016Eventide H9000Vermona ReTubeVerbLexicon PCM96 Surround Dtc electronic M-One XLVermona Retroverb LancetTegeler Audio Manufaktur RaumzeitmaschineLexicon PCM92Eventide Eclipse
Description Digital Multi-Effects ProcessorEffects Processor for Stereo RoomMulti-Effect ProcessorAll Tube Spring ReverbProfessional Surround ProcessorDual Effects ProcessorElectromechanical effects deviceTube Reverb UnitMulti-EffectHarmonizer Effects Processor
19" Rack Unit
Saveable Effects
Footswitch connection
Microphone Input
Weight--6.4 kg7.25 kg--0.75 kg-3.5 Kg-
Dimensions---455 x 340 x 95 mm---483 x 88.1 x 250 mm--
Construction type----1U, 19"---19", 1U-

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Tc Electronic D-two Multitap Rhythm Delay Processor - Very Good Condition
  • For sale is aTC ELECTRONIC D-TWO MULTITAP RHYTHM DELAY PROCESSOR. The item is in very good condition and fully working order.
  • Item location: SHEFFIELD, GB
TC Electronic D-Two Multi-Tap Delay Effect Processor - Read Description #2
  • The user has a choice of three delay modes. "Traditional" is the standard setup used by any delay unit. Both of these last functions were originally introduced in the classic TC 2290. 1/4" TRS balanced inputs and outputs are provided, with 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, as well as S/PDIF digital input and output.
  • Item location: Brooklyn, US
TC Electronic-m1, m1 XL, D-Two, Reverb Processor-New Date encoder
  • Voiceworks Processor. DATA ENCODER. T C Electronic M1 - M1 XL - D-TWO.
  • Item location: Roma, IT
TC Electronics D-TWO Dual Effects Processor multi tap delay works intermittently
  •    The shipping rates for the lower 48 States.  Unit worked great for years.  It now will work then the screen will freeze or change to a different frozen screen.  Then when you turn on off again it starts working again.  I'm guessing it needs cap job.  But I'm too busy to fool with it.  Sold as is
  • Item location: Natchitoches, US

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The tc electronic D-Two is a Multi-Tap Rhythm Delay with a Based on the TC 2290, Up to 10 second delay, With different Delay types like Spatial, Ping Pong, Reverse, Dynamic Delay, Chorus and Filter, LC-Display, Bypass switch, 24 Bit AD/DA converter, 50 Factory presets, 100 Storable user presets & Internal 100 - 240 V power supply. The retail price is 161.89 £.


Dimensions (W x H x D)483 x 44 x 195 mm
Design19" / 1 U
Weight1.85 kg
19" Rack UnitYes
Saveable EffectsYes
Footswitch connectionYes
Microphone InputNo

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