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Bass Head

The tc electronic BH250 is a Bass Head with a 250 W, Toneprint capability for selecting effects and artist presets, Built in tuner, TC Bass chorus (loaded),...

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Name Genzler Magellan MG350 Bundle 3Darkglass Alpha·Omega 900 Bass He BundleAshdown Toneman 300 Evo III BundleAshdown Toneman 600 Evo IIIAguilar Tone Hammer 700Markbass Evo 1Ashdown Toneman 300 Evo IIIMarkbass Marcus 1000 Ltd. GoldPhil Jones Bass Amp Head BP-800Warwick LWA 1000 blk BundleAshdown Toneman 600 Evo III BundleMarkbass Nano Mark 300 HeadLaney R500HQuilter Interbass 45Ashdown RM-500-EVO IIHarley Benton Block-800B Bundle 2Markbass Marcus 500 Ltd. GoldOrange OB1-300 Bass HeadHartke 2500 Bass HeadMarkbass Casa Head Michael League
Description Genzler Magellan MG350Darkglass Alpha·Omega 900 Bass HeadAshdown Toneman 300 Evo IIIBass Amp HeadAmp Head for BassAmp Head for BassBass Amp HeadBass HeadLightweight Amp Head for BassWarwick LWA 1000 blkAshdown Toneman 600 Evo IIIAmp Head for BassAmplifier Head for Electric BassCompact 45 Watt guitar amplifierAmp Head for Electric BassHarley Benton Block-800BBass HeadElectric Bass HeadBass Amp HeadAmp Head for Electric Bass
Power350 W900 W300 W600 W700 W500 W300 W1000 W800 W1000 W600 W300 W500 W45 watts @ 4 ohms, 33 watts @ 8 ohms, 17 watts @ 16 ohms500 W800 W500 W300 W250 W500 W
Dimensions (W x D x H)228.6 x 249.8 x 67 mm267 x 254 x 70 mm-470 x 310 x 150 mm30 x 23 x 8 cm360 x 25.4 x 80 mm----470 x 310 x 150 mm-410 x 211 x 74 mm----48.2 x 26.5 x 10 cm--
Weight1.75 kg2.9 kg8.5 kg10 kg2.22 kg3.2 kg8.5 kg3.2 kg2.7 kg1.9 kg10 kg1.6 kg4.1 kg300 g2.6 kg2.9 kg2.5 kg9.5 kg15.2 kg6.4 kg
Effects Processor
External effect loops
Speaker ConnectorSpeakonJack, SpeakonJackJackSpeakonJack, SpeakonJackJack, SpeakonSpeakonSpeakonJackSpeakonSpeakonJackJack, SpeakonSpeakonJack, SpeakonSpeakonJackJack, Speakon
Headphone Output
DI Output
Tuner Out
Rack mount
Controls-Comp, Drive, Level, Mod, Blend, Gain, Master, Headphone Volume-----Gain, master volume----Gain, Enhance (compressor), Bass, Treble, VolumeMaster, Depth, Woof, Snap, Gain--Gain, master volume---
Switches-Input Passive/Active, Distortion, Bite, Growl, Mute, Impedance----------Compressor On / Off, DI Pre / Post EqLine Out / Headphone, Bass Type, FR / VINT------
Switchable balanced DI--Pre/post EQPre/post EQ--Pre/post EQ---Pre/post EQ---------
Dimensions (H x W x D)--150 x 470 x 310 mm---150 x 470 x 310 mm-------78 x 313 x 225 mm-----
Controller EQ1-------Ultra bass, bass, low and high mids, highs--------Ultra bass, bass, low and high mids, highs---
Controller EQ2-------Parametric EQ, Oldschool (Vintage)--------Parametric EQ, Oldschool (Vintage)---
Speaker output-------Combo jack (speaker twist / jack)Neutrik Speaker Twist 2-pin----6.3 mm jackJack / Speaker Twist-Combo jack (speaker twist / jack)---
Dimensions (W x H x D)-------Approx. 27.6 x 8.3 x 25 cm---20.5 x 5.5 x 23.5 cm----Approx. 27.6 x 8.3 x 25 cm--Approx. 48.2 x 20.4 x 27.5 cm
Dimensions---------25 x 15 x 18.5 mm---(W x D x H)-240 x 255 x 88 mm--44 x 9 x 33 cm-

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TC Electronic TC055 BH250 Bass Head

359.99£ 469.99£ 02d


Tc Electronic Bh250

303.18£ 1 05d


The tc electronic BH250 is a Bass Head with a 250 W, Toneprint capability for selecting effects and artist presets, Built in tuner, TC Bass chorus (loaded), 3-Band tone control, 1 Speaker twist output (4 Ω min), Balanced XLR DI output, 3.5 mm Mini jack headphone output, 3.5 mm Mini jack input for MP3/ CD Player & Optional switching via footswitch of tubetone - tuner - toneprint (using optional footswitch Art. 160188). The retail price is 180.09 £.


Power250 W
Effects ProcessorYes
External effect loopsNo
Speaker ConnectorSpeakon
Headphone OutputYes
DI OutputYes
Tuner OutNo
Rack mountNo

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